Just Loving You ch9

I’m Just Loving this novel. Keep cheering on Risa and Yumi! Thank you 9 and our hardworking editors!

Just Loving You


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Risa – My Desiring Heart Is

Just as I thought, she probably hadn’t slept much last night.

Once the plane departed and began cruising, Yumi started sleeping soundly on the seat next to mine. Her head leaned towards me more and more until it fell on my shoulder. I felt a tender warmth and, out of nowhere, a sweet scent stimulated my nose. After I noticed it was Yumi’s, my face got so hot and I couldn’t hold it back.

Before I noticed, I became conscious of Yumi and could think of nothing else. I took out my music player from my bag and stuck the earphones in my ears. The flight was about 3 hours; it was short yet long. I was ignoring it but before I noticed, a bitter-sweet love song was playing.

Putting away the feelings that I couldn’t say in my heart

Walking along the dim path

The coward me who fears being hurt

Moving on without even saying the four lettered 「Love」…..


—The song from a faraway world abruptly struck a chord in my heart. I yet again became aware of Yumi who was napping on my shoulder and my heart throbbed once more. Looking out the window, I thought the pure blue was like love.

I put the earphones on again and entrusted my body to the world of songs. Yumi was still sleeping beside me. I thought that I should wake her up since the landing was soon but now, after seeing her sleeping face, I changed my mind and decided to let her sleep some more. However, all of my concern was for nothing. The seatbelt light had lit up and an announcement from the air stewardess came. 「This aircraft is now preparing to land.-

I faced towards Yumi and lightly tapped her shoulder.

「Nn….? Ah, good morning……

「Morning, we’re going to arrive soon

「So we’re already close…

As I looked out the window, I could clearly see the outlines of the same island from the map above the deep blue ocean.

「Ah, look at that!

Yumi pointed outside the window while I raised my voice in a 「whoa~. Even though she usually wouldn’t be this excited, it seemed like she was really looking forward to it; it’s kind of cute. Yumi took a photo with her camera.

「Ah, show it to me later~


The small island had gotten so big that I couldn’t see the ocean anymore. Just a bit more and we would be arriving in Okinawa.

The inside of the plane had gotten noisy and the landing impact shook the plane. While I didn’t particularly feel it, I was secretly relieved that we were already here.

While getting off the plane, I looked at the goods in the airport’s souvenir shops. The feeling of “it’s really Okinawa” welled up. Yumi too, said 「There’s finally the feeling of,『It’s Okinawa~!』to which I replied, 「I know right」.

After this we would be eating lunch with our separate groups, was it? I thought about the details from the guidebook. It was obvious that I would be going to the same places with Yumi. Be it from coincidence, on the bus, in the hotel room, and in the places we would visit: I would be together with Yumi in all of them. In short, I would always be with Yumi during this whole field trip.

I hope the both of us can make lots of memories. I daydreamed about it while looking outside the window along with Yumi.





The Goddess loves you.

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  1. Im sorry to ask if you has so many project but maybe you can take a look at my Sister the heroine and my the villainess Originally, I Was A Delinquent, But Now I’m A Serious Girl! or Being Recognized as an Evil God, I Changed My Job to Guardian Deity of the Beastmen Country. Those are Gold yuris and my Sister the heroine is extrem cute :) and thanks for the translation of me and my cat


      1. Well except my Sister the heroine and my the villainess who i really thought it was yuri. Being Recognized as an Evil God, I Changed My Job to Guardian Deity of the Beastmen Country is listet as Yuri and I Was A Delinquent, But Now I’m A Serious Girl! is listed as Yuri and Gender Bender at Novelupdate. i would undestand if you say that gender Bender or Gender Change is not “really” yuri


        1. You are correct in that Gender Bender is NOT yuri. Job change gets a yuri ending, but that’s about it. One of our editors is actually trying to pick Job Change back up. All the novels you’ve suggested 9 has already read them before, so don’t worry Good Yuri doesn’t actually pass by him without him knowing.


  2. Every time, I feel like I’m dying of sweetness. This is the kind of romance I like. I am so glad I found this ;-; now if only it was fantasy it would be the perfect novel to me

    Liked by 1 person

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