Just Loving You ch15

Thanks to 9 and our Hardworking editors, ch15. Only two chapters to go. Enjoy the fluff.

JLY chapter 15
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Risa – The Warmth in My Hands

I didn’t know if this rapidly beating heart was because it had been awhile since I’d last seen the sea or because Yumi was beside me.

I changed and wore a wetsuit over my clothes. As I was inserted my arms through the sleeves—

Risa, if I don’t have my glasses, I can’t see very well….. Furthermore, everyone is wearing the same clothes, so I won’t know who is who….

Said Yumi, as she timidly took off her glasses.

I will always be holding your hands, so it’s fine.(9: so lewd)

Yumi’s face turned red, and mine as well became warmer; the both of us were probably blushing.

Eh…..you sure?

Weren’t we holding hands up until now?

Not wanting her to see my red face, I lowered my head as I said that. Yumi’s face increasingly became redder; it was so cute I couldn’t do anything about it.

After changing our clothes, we put away our belongings, and Yumi tied up her hair in a pony tail. With Yumi’s round face, it suited her even more so than her usual straight hairstyle.

It’s rare for you to tie up your hair.

But if I don’t tie it up, my hair might turn out weird.

For some reason, I kind of wanted to tease Yumi, who still had a red face.

You’re cuter that way you know?

I said it casually, and Yumi suddenly covered up her face with her hands. From the gaps, her skin was as red as a cherry.

That was my bad, or so I thought, but she was so cute, my desperate efforts to hold back were futile.

The beginning portion was free time, so with Yumi, we accomplished manythings we wanted to do.

The sand was quite soft, so we could easily dig a hole we would fit in. Yumi laid down inside and I gathered sand and buried her. From Yumi’s head that was exposed, came Waah, it’s so wa~rm!and I saw her as if she was glittering.

Yumi got out of the sand and we entered the sea. Several steps in, we were submerged up till our waists. The hand that was holding mine left and returned in a different way. Entangling our fingers— a lover’s patch. As I noticed it, my face got so hot, even putting it in the water wouldn’t cool it down.

Sorry, but it’s kind of embarrassing….

I couldn’t bear with anything further so I had to raise the white flag. She then said,

Sure, then, should I stop?

She unexpectedly easily replied and began to remove her hand, but for some reason, I thought I didn’t want her to stop.

I don’t mind …it like this.

I put more strength into my fingers. The warmth from our hands that were still linked could be felt even under the water.

We aren’t justfriendsanymore after all.

I finally found the answer. Yumi’s face suddenly became red. She intertwined her other arm with mine, and her face came towards mine.

Risa, I love you.

It was so hot inside my body; it felt like I was about to melt. Ever since Yumi became my Lover, she already became an irresistible existence. I knew a lot about Yumi, but I didn’t think it was anywhere near enough; I was drowning in Yumi.

Our turn for the banana boat came and I rode behind Yumi. The acceleration was faster than I expected. It was like a roller coaster and I wanted to shout. From the meandering and sharp turns to the buffeting winds, no one fell off into the sea and the ride safely ended.

As we got off the boat,It was scary~!and I was hugged. I patted Yumi who was nearly going to cry. When I felt she had calmed down, I separated my hand and said Come here. She grabbed my hand, and we drifted deeper into the sea. We were in an area where our feet could barely reach the sand, and there was no one else. Yumi’s face got closer, — ah, I closed my eyes. Even though it was cold inside the sea, our embracing bodies warmed each other. Even when our lips separated, our bodies stayed touching.

Risa….so warm….

Somehow even more than before, my cheeks became red.

I’m glad. If we stay in the ocean too long, we’ll become cold.

Yeah, that’s why I am happy.

My heart was going to melt. Yumi was gently wrapping around me, warming me up. I felt that I already couldn’t bear separating from Yumi anymore.

Should we return already? It’s almost our turn to go snorkeling.


Our lover’s grasp, we were pretty much used to it, I thought. Even after this, I wanted to forever and ever, grow the pile of memories with Yumi.


The Goddess Loves you.

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