Just Loving You ch16

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JLY Chapter 16
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Yumi – Warmer Than Anything


It felt short and yet was very long, this field trip filled with many things is already coming to an end.
The inspection of our luggage is already complete, and I am chatting with Risa in the airport’s departure lounge. It’s only been a few days since I have become closer to Risa.「Cute」, ever since she said that, I’ve put my hair that was left straight down into a ponytail. When I return home, I have to buy some hair ties and have Risa decide which suits me. Saying that without delay,

「Sure, then let’s do that!」

「So, when will we go?」

「Why not go during the school day off, since there aren’t many people?」(9: the day she is talking about is compensatory holiday)

「Yeah, let’s go with that!」

To that decided promise, my heart became lively; moreover, we both get to go out together again. I wonder if we can hold hands, I started thinking of such fluffy stuff. Noticing that the teacher was saying “We are leaving soon”, we went to the place where our classmates were gathering. My hands naturally joined Risa’s and, as one of our classmates secretly pointed it out, both of our faces became bright red. We didn’t let go of each other’s hands, though.

On the plane, Risa’s seat was once again besides mine and, remembering the time I fell asleep during the flight, I wanted to be together with her.

After taking off, the seatbelt light turned off and Risa asked,

「Want to listen together?」


She offered one side of the earphones that were connected to her music player. I looked at it as I received it and noticed it was for the right ear while Risa’s was for the left. As we put them on our heads naturally stuck together. Risa operated the music player and then, a sweet sweet love song flowed out.


Just by being by your side
I am wrapped in 「Happiness」
I feel I could even soar into the skies
Thank You for staying by my side
Until the time I can stay with you
Comes to an end someday
This「Happiness」, I will share with you
The two of us will always
Be walking together


I wonder why I feel like it’s Risa singing. Just like in the lyrics of this song, if I could be beside Risa smiling and laughing, forever and ever, then there could not be a greater happiness. As I continued listening, concentrating my ears on the flowing love song, I began to remember the time ever since I met Risa. It was fun, and it was sad; all of them, they are memories I have walked with Risa. And I’m sure that after this too, I will be piling up, even more, memories with Risa. Just by thinking about it, I feel that the depths of my heart become warmer and beat faster.


Because of the flight attendant’s voice, I realized that we would be landing soon. From the windows, I could properly see that particular shape of Tokyo Bay. I would be able to go home soon and then, together with Risa, I would begin creating a new 「Everyday」.

After arriving in Hata, Risa and I decided to look around a bit for unusual things before riding the train, since we don’t usually come to places like this. We were walking with the heavy luggage hanging from our shoulders, but chatting with her was so fun that I couldn’t care less about it, to the point that I kept checking if I had left my luggage behind.

We got on the train and as we sat in the seats that had just opened up, the fatigue suddenly surged forward and I leaned on Risa. And towards me, Risa embraced me tightly and pet my head gently. It felt good, so I stayed in that position for a while. Before I knew it, we were at the transfer station and I realized that I had fallen asleep.

「Geez, Yumi.」

She teased me, and I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t hide it even when I covered my face. But, hearing Risa whisper 「This part of you is cute.」, I really was about to soar.
The way home is on the opposite route so Risa will be getting off first but right now the only ones aboard are just us. As the train stopped and the door opened, 「See ya」, I lightly raised my hand. Risa grabbed her luggage and headed towards the door ―――when I had thought that, Risa turned around and softly pushed her lips onto my cheek. 「See you」, she said. My face felt hot enough that steam could leak out. I didn’t want to show that kind of face so I looked downwards.

Inside the train that had started to move once again, Risa was no longer there.
Risa, that’s cheating.

I can’t help but love Risa even more, after all.



The Goddess Loves you.

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