Just Loving You ch17(END)

Here it is! Our first completed wn! Thank 9 and our editors for this meal! Oh, and don’t worry I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Risa and Yumi. Remember to hop on the discord if you enjoyed this series plenty of people to talk to about it.
JLY chapter 17

rawr: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n9377df/17/

Epilogue: Risa – The Happiness of the Two

Author:  it has been 2 weeks since this novel has started but this chapter is the final chapter


I wonder how many years it has been since that time?

From then on, those kinds of days piled up. I could even remember them now vividly and happily. They all passed by in the blink of an eye just like we were on a rollercoaster. We entered the same women’s university and lived together since then. Then, when we graduated from the university, we decided, “Let’s have a marriage ceremony for just the two of us.”


「Yumi, wake up.」


No matter how much I shake her, she just won’t wake up. She was never an early riser, but because she was up late finishing preparations last night, she didn’t wake up from my words.

It can’t be helped. Tap tap, I lightly tap her arm. Her snores got a bit disturbed, but


「If Risa kisses me, I’ll wake up~…..」


Or so she said, but she was still half-asleep. She surprised me by saying, “You’re like the prince in 「Snow White」 we saw a long time ago.” But now, I think I love that part of her. Every time I get spoiled by Yumi, my heart skips a beat.

I softly kissed Yumi’s lips. Every time I do it with Yumi, something deep inside my chest squeezes tightly, yet sweetly. If I stay kissing her, I might continue doing it until I can’t stop anymore; it always seemed like that. Quietly separating from her, Yumi’s face was just right in front of mine.


「Risa, mornin’.」


When Yumi smiled and said that, for some reason, I felt relieved.


「Geez, weren’t you the one that said that we should have a wedding ceremony….」


Yumi makes my heart beat so much, that there’s no way I could get mad at her.


「Ah, You’re right……It looks like we already had our wedding kiss.」


How could she say such cute things? With just a word, my heart became flustered like when we started 「going out with each other」.


「D-don’t say weird things……You’ll make me want to assault you….」 (Kryo: Whoa there lol)


Or more like, if today wasn’t the wedding day, I might have already attacked her.


「Then, should we do it next week?」


Yumi said it with blushing cheeks. I wanted to agree with her suggestion, but our room had already been decorated. Looking the paper decorations we did just for today made me want to quickly get 『married』.


「Eh, let’s get married today. Yesterday, didn’t we work hard to decorate?」


「Okay, wait a minute. I’m going to make some food.」


Even though at the start, Yumi was scared of holding a knife, before I noticed it, she had already become good at cooking, and recently, Yumi has been the one in charge of cooking all the time. Chop chop chop, the quiet sound of the knife echoed. The meal was ham and eggs with a cucumber and lettuce salad and rice. Even though it was such a simple meal, I feel that it was way more delicious than anything off the menu of any chef.

After that, we changed our clothes, went shopping, and finally……our modest ceremony began.


「Do you promise to find happiness with me?」


「I-I do.」


Neither of us had been to a wedding, so the sequence is a mess. But the two of us truly like each other, and if we love one another, then the rest doesn’t matter at all.

Half a cake for each of us, we sat and ate it together. It was the smallest, whole cake we could find, so we were somehow able to finish it, but it seems our stomachs got heavy.


「Risa―, my stomach’s full.」


「Same here.」


When I looked towards Yumi, there was some cream on the side of her mouth, so I licked it off.




「Because there was cream on you.」


「Thanks, but…」


As if to pay me back, Yumi did the same thing to me.


「Risa had some too, you know?」


「Eh, r-really!?」


「Hahaha, Oh Risa.」


Yumi laughed like that, so I also got pulled along and laughed. What a sweet, special, and joyful time.


「Hey, Yumi?」




It’s something that’s obvious, but I wanted to make sure of one thing.


「Let’s always be together.」




Once more we had it―our kiss. It felt like this place was filled with sweet things.

I’m sure that it was our feelings of happiness.

And what made me become used to this feeling……is Yumi being beside me.



This is the first wn our group has finished.

(Maddy : They got married)

Goddess Loves you

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