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Chapter 53 – Dungeon Diving

◎Rock Hold Caveside – Golem Cottage


「As expected I want it, this child(want to make Kazane a part of her family)(Colsane: I don’t think Louise want her as just a family though…)(…kinky…)」

 Louise grumbled/muttered with a mix of seriousness in her tone.

 In the end, without staying in an inn everyone had slept in the Golem Cottage that Kazane prepared. If it was the case of a temporary tent, Kazane’s Golem Cottage which is much prefered was made at Tiara’s request, Louise also showed much interest and approval.

 Compared to before, Kazane’s “Golem Cottage” had undergone several levels of improvement. A bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom and a lavatory were added and each place is now lit by an “Immortal Flame(undying flame?) Crystal Lamp”. A roof was also added…

「I slept in the castle for such a long time. The arrangement rubbed off on me a little.」

「No, wouldn’t anyone like convenience?(or could be said as ‘how can anything be so convenient?’)」

 Yumika is also amazed, but usually there should be a drawback to such convenience. By the way Golem Maker has become Lv 2 this time. The effect was that the shape was maintained even after release of the Golem and the duration was extended slightly. How much more convenient can it get?

 Moreover, Kazane had passed Louise a robe made with an immortal futon. With the extra comforters taken from the temple and the futons, five bed sets were created, this is enough for the whole party, though because Tiara insists on sleeping with Kazane in fact four were enough.


「Truly the magical costs are significant, but since we are going to sleep and will regain the magical power while sleeping it’s not a problem.」

「Ah I see. Though in the dungeon this won’t work, since you are the main fighter (tank?) of the group in the first place.」

 Zinray repsonds to Kazane’s words. Kazane’s fighting technique has gradually become all about combination air kicking and jumping. Far away from magic, it is a magical swordsman who does not use much of the sword. It seems like a false occupation because magic and the sword are not being used in combination to begin with.

「Alright, I’m fired up!」

 Punching the palm of her hand with her fist, Kazane stood and headed for the kitchen.

「Today I’m making pasta. It will be Tarasupa! (TL: Think western style pasta noodles with sauce and parmesan)」

「Ganbare-/You can do it~」

 Yumika supports this dish. Here, one of the staple foods is kneaded wheat.

 Kazane takes out frozen bags from her mysterious pouch purchased in the Tsuara Kingdom (Tiara’s home). This is an enchanted item that can store frozen items for a long time.

(In such a respect it is more excellent that the previous world(TL: Portable fridges!).Three cheers for Magic!(Lit: Magical Banzai!))

 Although the difficult point being that they were extremely expensive, almost all of the money Kazane had from rescuing Tiara and Tiaras investments into the party had been spent on this pouch and equipment. Incidentally, the price money from saving Winlard was invested in a master crafter to make the Berserk Ogre Greaves. Therefore Kazane had very little money on hand, but on the other hand, Yumika had not used much, so she was quite rich. So Kazane had the dangerous idea of trying to borrow money from Yumika if something happened.


 Kazane takes out the Cod Roe that she bought back in the hotspring town out of the freezer(lit is frozen, but freezer sounds cooler – get it… cooler….) bag.

 Set up the pot, add water, a pinch of salt and boil the pasta. A little bit of butter, mix mayonnaise and Cod roe, stir olive oil into the pan and mix with boiled pasta.

 There seems to be no combination of cod roe and pasta in this region, as expected it was extremely popular.

 Later, as she was going to bed, sleeping on the indestructible futon Louise once again repeated 「Her…Kazane…I want to keep her…」, Tiara woke up a little and hugged Kazane before falling asleep.


 Thus, the day was over.


◎Rock Hold Cave – Entrance – Morning



 Zinray stretches while asking Kazane.

「Have you recovered your magical power?」

「Un, there’s no problems. The Cottage’s consumption is not too high.」

 I just built the building using the golem creation process without using magical manipulation. Normally you would have to fully envision it in your head, although it should be difficult to make complex things, the creator mode of Golem Maker easily performs such complicated processing.

「I feel great today. I should be able to shoot crazy magic without problems.」

 The magical power of the Crimson Saint Coffin is also full. The conditions were excellent.


「Heeey! Did you wait long?」

 Yumika, Tiara and Louise came along to the entrance.

「No, we’re just warming up. Did something happen?」

「Well, the fact that Tiara is F rank was forgotten.」

 At the entrance of each dungeon there is a manager of the adventurer guild. Their purpose is to monitor the dungeon for monsters coming out and adventurers going in.

 The operation of the dungeon is handled by the state, and the guild is hired to maintain operations as a sub-contractor. To enter the dungeon, registration at the guild is essential, the required rank is D or above, however you can still enter the dungeon if your party consists of D or higher members.

「Eh, it shouldn’t matter since we’re partying together right?」

 Kazane recalls the dungeon guide information, Tiara nods to this.

「That said, it was difficult. They were passionate people.」

 Tiara answers with a wry smile.

「I had to force the issue that it shouldn’t be dangerous at my level.」

「So, I finally had to intervene at tell them there would be no problem with me there.」

 Louise said that with a laugh.

『Those people, they will exhaust you!』

「Grandfather, they were just worried about my body.」

 Tiara says so, but the flames of Mefirs were furious.

「By the way, an intermediate summoner should be rank C, is Tiara’s rapier considered different?」

「No, it is certainly a summoning of the intermediate level, but it seems that rank D qualification is necessary to promote to rank C.」

「Ah I see, it was like that.」

 Kazane remembered that she had been told this.

「Nn, it’s easy to rank up with you have rare materials huh?」

「However, ranking early is not always a good thing.」

 Zinray replies to Kazane.

「Are we hunting for a core stone?」

 Yumika asks, guessing Kazane’s intentions. The talk of core stone hunting seems like a long time ago, but it was only a month ago.

「Unn, we’ll decide after the situation is seen. Tiara did not receive the request alone, so there is no problem the way it is now.」

「Let’s enter. It looks like an ordinary cave from the outside, you wouldn’t think there’s a different world inside(or something closer to: ‘It’s hard to imagine that it’s anything out of the ordinary’?).」

(Entering World Boundary nee)

 Kazane had still not been able to pin-down/understand the difference of the internal structure being ‘vast’, it is said that seeing is believing, and that you’ll understand once you proceed. There are rumors that there may be connections to other worlds at the deepest parts, in fact calling it a different world would be correct, it seems that Kazane was confused and had created a misconception about the dungeons.


 Then the party started walking into the cave.

「With grandfather here we don’t need a lamp.」

『That’s right. That’s right.』

 The light is being provided by Kazane’s undying crystal lamp and Mefirs flaming body.

「There’s the smell of several monsters.」


 Kazane shook her head to Yumika’s question.

「It wont be a problem until we advance further. Somewhere there is a party fighting one.」

 Today [Dog’s Sense of Smell] was in top form. However Zinray provides some advice.

「Do not rely on your nose alone so much. In the dungeon there is also the possibility of astral type monsters coming out at a short distance and surprise attacking.」

「Roger that.」

 Kazane obediently listens to the voice of experience.

「That does not mean that you should never rely on it. Use what you can use. It’s about the right way of thinking.」

「Got it, Zinray-san. By the way, something seems to have [generated] to the left side?」

 Kazane asks while staring at the left side.

「A really good nose. There is no mistake. Would you come over here?」

 Zinray and everyone prepare for battle.

「Un. Come on. Oh, it got even more. Together there’s eight now.」

「At this depth? That’s rare.」

 Zinray complains about the difficulty being higher than it should in a low level place.

「The smell is unknown. I wonder what it is?」

 While Kazane is wondering, black objects come rustling out of the dark. Kazane readied/thrust out her cane while being inwardly shaken by the presence approaching at a moderate speed.

「Eeto, Ants?」 

 What showed up was Worker Ants, a group of huge monster ants.

「Kazane~, you ready?」

 Louise holds a cane.

「Anytime please.」

 Kazane responds so.

「Thunder. Run through the clouds!」

 Louise chanted the spell and lightning struck out from the cane.

 Lightning makes sense: it was a section 3 magic that was perfect for hitting a group.


「2…3 it looks like you killed a few?」

 Kazane recognized it with smell, then gives instructions to Tiara.

「Tiara, can you bring out a summoned knight?」

「Please leave it to me!」

 Tiara hold out the rapier that was pulled out and (Col: there wasn’t a full stop here)

「Come out, Flame Knight!」

 A pillar of flame grew and a knight of fire formed on the spot.

(Somehow it has an embarrassing sound.)

 It was a summoned knight that looked quite powerful. With a lance and a big shield you could see its emphasis on attack and defense.

「Is the remainder five? (Is there five remaining?)」

「Let’s clean up, 1 to 2 a person. Don’t leave any over.」

「I heard ants use acid, I wonder if it’s true na.」

 Yumika pretends to ignore Kazane’s question, and says “Shall we?” then start’s running forward.

 Zinray and Yumika followed behind the flame knight.

 Each worker ant is settled with almost one blow, the last one was killed instantly by Kazane’s killing leg, and 『Wall Walking』was added to Kazane’s skill list.

Name: Yuihama Kazane

Occupation: Magic Swordswoman

Title: Ogre Killer Princess

Equipment: Cane [[White Blaze]], Two Handed Sword [[Black Fang]], Silver Breastplate, Silver gauntlets, Silver sheep Clothing, Carapace Bull trousers, Berserk Ogre Greaves, Indestructible Cloak (and Futons), Mystery Pouch, Crimson Saint Casket, Legendary Spirit Summoning Ring

Level: 20

Vitality: 70

Magic Power : 114+300
Strength : 27
Agility : 22
Endurance : 16
Wisdom : 27
Dexterity : 19
Spell : [[Fly]] [[Torch]] [[Fire]] [[Heal]]

Skill : [[Goblin Language]] [[Night Vision]] [[Crushing Blow]] [[Dog’s Sense of Smell]] [[Golem Maker: Lv2]] [[Rush]] [[Fire Principle: Second Chapter]] [[Healing Principle: Second chapter]] [[Air Jump]] [[Killing Leg]] [[Fear Voice]] [[Invisible]] [[Tiger Eye]]『Wall Walking

Kazane「Although a long time ago ‘skill hand’ entered (as in got the ‘skill hand’?, I think), it was very convenient」

Yumika「It’s like a spider ne (/It’s spider like ne)」

Kazane「By the way although it’s a magic incantation, originally Louise-san’s way of spell chanting shoots normally, but as spells itself are in respect to each person (each to their own) my ways of (using) spells・Fire and such however are not strange because of that」

Yumika「It seems it is the easiest way of words that is spoken which matches the image of the person themselves ne」

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