Manowa 52

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Chapter 52 – Let’s go to the dungeon!

◎Toruda Hot Spring District/Town – Louise hotel – Small Classroom



Kazane who found her face buried in Tiara’s breasts, managed to pull herself out with much effort.

「I wonder how the weather is today.」

Looking out the window and seeing the blue sky spread across. A little while looking out and nodding somewhat.

「Un. Alright, I have sorted out about Tatsuyoshi-kun」

Yes I conclude my feelings.

「Yoshi/Well then, if you have decide so, want to go to the hot springs again?」

It’s something Tatsuyoshi-kun prepared with great pains/especially. As it will be a loss to not enter it, Kazane left the room.


「Mu, morning」

As she got there, Zinray was just coming out of the bath.

「Nn morning. Zinray-san」

As Kazane replies, Zinray tries to nervously keep his distance.

「W, well then I will be joining morning lessons/training.」(Colsane: Zinray is talking in oldman speech washi)

「Aah, after『night lessons/training/practice (TL: She means sex)』is morning lessons/training. That’s difficult/tough ne」

Kazane left Zinray standing in a cold sweat, without waiting for a reply and headed towards the large bath.

((He tried to) get rid of the odor and desperately washed as I thought naa. But it’exposed (in the end) ne)

However, the affairs of adults(what adults choose to do with their time) has nothing to do with Kazane, as far as she thought this was fine.


◎Toruda Hot Spring District – Large Public Bath


「Ara, isn’t it Kazane」

Though it’s still early in the morning, a period of time where there’s few people, there was Louise soaking alone (in the bath).

「Morning Louise-san」

Kazane stiffled a yawn (as she) enter the bath.

「Fumu, yesterday you had an awful face when returning, but it seems today’s alright ne」

「There’s a refreshing feeling from getting up after lying down」

「It’s easy to sleep with such a pillow. Of course you’re refreshed ne」

「Uhn, it seems so ne」

There’s the Tiara breast pillow situation. Louise had checked in on Kazane last night and saw her snuggled up to Tiara, Kazane likes to sleep while hugging something soft, so does not deny it. By the way, according to Kazanes evaluation the quality of Tiaras boobs are quite high, and there is the feeling of Tatsuyoshi-kun within. (TL: Tatsuyoshi is Tiaras ancestor)

「You got to try for free what men would pay a large sum of money for.」

Kazane ignored the connotation/implication of why men would be paying for it.

「Woman’s friendship is priceless.」

「Maa, remember not to take it for granted.」


Maa, it’s a good conversation.

「By the way, are Kazane’s nose fine as well?」

「If it’s about the male sleeping/lying down from last night, I figured it out before I came here you know」

Louise laughs at Kazanes response.

「Zinray-kun would be exposed sooner or later」

To Louise who laugh with ‘ketaketa’, Kazane laughed back with ‘ahahaha’。

「Maa, once it came time to follow up, they also resisted. But anyway, looking smug and saying “You’ll understand when you see”, what a cheeky thing to say. Well, I listen to my body.」

That was Zinray’s response to the question of Louise that came out during the Ogre suppression previously. Louise was not convinced by that, eventually she sneaked in near midnight and Zinray was made to talk. While doing it.

「Ah, is that so」

Kazane smiles wryly while blushing. After all, while she may not be an innocent young girl, there is still a point of too much detail.

「Fufu, Keep it silent for Zinray-kun’s wife as well.」


Louise who saw Kazane’s limit does not pursue it anymore and only asks that she keep it quiet.

(Probably, you could have just said this.)

I question if my nose is good for confirming whether I know about the relationship last night.

(How terrifying. Louise-san)

She is a woman who holds power over the men through love. A strong woman in various ways. Kazane decided to change the topic.

「Incidentally, Louise-san from today on will join our party ne. What are you going to do about the hotel?」

「Ahh, well, I own the hotel, but it can be left to the management(staff?).」

「Is that so. But yesterday, it was always (you who) were guiding us around the rooms and such ne」

「This is (that) ne. When Mefirs comes, I (must) be the one to take charge (everything) by myself」

Lover’s are work’s latter/Relationship before work (So she puts her lovers before her work).

「Besides that I’m, leaving here to go on a wonderful adventure! Since the name ‘Louise of the crystal boundary’ is quite famous」

Unfortunately despite other adventurer’s reports et cetera, because Kazane had not heard much, she naturally didn’t know about it.

「Kazane who’s called (by names) like Ogre Killing Princess is undefeatable however ne」

「(I’ve) also heard about that nee」

By the way, Yumika has no title in particular. If you dared to say it, maybe the Monster Killing Princesses side-kick.

「That reminds me. I was wondering what caused you guys such a shock yesterday.」

「Ah, that’s」

Kazane was trying to think about how to dodge that straightball like bomb.

「You are a player, are not you?」

Louise’s’ words startled Kazane.

「Why do you say that?」

No matter what Zexiahart’s official …… Louise replies as Kazane thought.

「Oh,  don’t make such a face. Zinray-kun hasn’t noticed you, but even though your subtle you should still know what I’m talking about right?」

Kazane replies in surprise「Ah, is that so?」.

「There are famous stories of abnormally strong foreigners (Aliens/Beings) called players. Well, there are few people who dare to speak about their circumstances, and I only know because I know someone who actually met a player.」

「Do you know their name?」

「Ayumi Nishimura I was told, someone you know?」

Because I never heard it, I shake my head sideways.

(In the case of famous players, it’s understood that the player character and their real name will be different.)

「It’s been about 80 years, so I’d almost forgotten. Declaring that they were searching for a way home. After getting acquainted with this town, when they saw the stone monuments they were stunned like you」

「That so…」

Certainly that person was also shocked. 600 years…80 years ago it was 520 years. Finding out that there was another person who was blown into another world and died without being able to return. And that means that 600 years have elapsed at the moment since someone was first skipped.

「That person was also unable to return?」

After 520 years, it would no longer be the same world anymore.

「I do not know. I have never met her since.」

「That so.」

「Well, try not to seriously worry over it. I know how nostalgic my hometown is, but this is not a bad thing, is it?」

「Uhn, I understand that」


Kazane sank/submerged deep into the bath as she said so. (She) can’t help but think/ponder/reflect about it.


And then exiting the bath and preparing the equipment, the party headed towards the Dungeon before noon.


◎C-Grade Dungeon – Caravan before Rock Hold cave/caverns


「Hippo-kun’s amazing ne. (Our) bottoms doesn’t get sore quickly」

When Hippo-kun was created outside of the Hot Spring Distric, Louise was surprised but, that comfort of riding (Hippo-kun) was heavily praised (by her) the same as the others.

「The woods in this forest is easy to pass through quickly. However, (when we) go around it this time, it’s (actually pretty) big na」

To Zinray’s remark, Kazane returned with ‘It seems like it ne’.

「It was enlarged a little for three people.」

Even though the normal Hippo-kun can fit three people, I felt that I wanted some extra room in case we had to battle.

Two Hippo-kuns were prepared with Kazane, Tiara, Yumika on one and Zinray and Louise on the other, only two people were on Zinray’s even though it was made for three people because the magical power consumption is the same regardless.

「Amazing Kazane. You’re a person a family desires no?」

「I will not share.」

Tiara hugged Kazane and defended her from Louise’s line of sight.


Louise shrugs her shoulders.

「Well then, shall we look for accommodations now?」

「Yeah. But where?」

Kazane looked around. Temporary buildings were chaotically arranged and muddy. It had a feeling something close to the market of Conrad and Winlard。

「So this is a C-grade dungeon (*masculine sounding). It’s a dungeon that’s already been completed.」

Zinray answers Kazane’s question.

「When there’s a dungeon that can be done, the adventurers gather. Following that the merchants gather to do business with the adventurers. If a Dungeon is established, people increase, and the equipment of surroundings is straightened, It becomes the shape of a tidy town before long. Actually I hear that Winlard was also like that.」

Both Kazane and Yumika heard about Winlard’s formation for the first time.

「But if you capture the dungeon it will end, doesn’t it?」

Zinray nodded his head.

「However, it is quite a difficult story to end. I heard that the dungeon cores “Heart Orb” is in the deepest part, but you have to destroy the child stone to get to it.」


「That’s a sub-core. It will open the way to the “Heart Orb” if it is destroyed. The inside of a dungeon is extensive and it is already hard to just look for it」


Kazane shows a face that she does not understand the meaning of Louise’s word. It was a part that was not able to be understood when dungeon was examined before.

「It will become clear when you enter. Because anyhow even if you find it, a Heart Orb of C class shouldn’t be taken basically.」

「Certainly, when the dungeon was activated it suppressed the surrounding monsters?」

「Yeah like that.」

The generation of the surrounding monsters decreases because the dungeon makes the flow of surrounding magic flow into it. By focusing on the Dungeon, the Dungeon has been effectively used as a public peace maintenance device by the country.

「There are even countries that are able to leave A class dungeons active. S-Class on the other hand is difficult because it seals the land, so it needs to be captured.」

It is said that the name of the world’s largest dungeon is the “corrosion area/territory/domain” of the northern part of the Aldonagar continent. Thousands of years have passed and it has never been captured because most people cannot even enter the seal.

Name: Yuihama Kazane

Occupation: Magic Swordswoman

Title: Ogre Killer Princess

Equipment: Cane [[White Blaze]], Two Handed Sword [[Black Fang]], Silver Breastplate, Silver gauntlets, Silver sheep Clothing, Carapace Bull trousers, Berserk Ogre Greaves, Indestructible Cloak (and Futons), Mystery Pouch, Crimson Saint Casket, Legendary Spirit Summoning Ring

Level: 20

Vitality: 70

Magic Power : 114+300
Strength : 27
Agility : 22
Endurance : 16
Wisdom : 27
Dexterity : 19
Spell : [[Fly]] [[Torch]] [[Fire]] [[Heal]]

Skill : [[Goblin Language]] [[Night Vision]] [[Crushing Blow]] [[Dog’s Sense of Smell]] [[Golem Maker]] [[Rush]] [[Fire Principle: Second Chapter]] [[Healing Principle: Second chapter]] [[Air Jump]] [[Killing Leg]] [[Fear Voice]] [[Invisible]] [[Tiger Eye]]


Kazane「The Corrosion Territory that come out a bit in the end was not planned to appear in Manowa you know」

Yumika「Now then, I wonder how the middle of the dungeon’s going to be ne!」

Kazane「You’re really getting into the spirit ne!」

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