Manowa 51


Surprised? Me to! Maddy’s here to post some Manowa Chapters that are pretty backed up. Get ready for chapters 51-57 (some are somewhat unedited.)

Anyway Banzai to FencaR for his hard work!

(Colsane: NOTICE! The translation for ‘district’ can be interchanged with ‘street’ and ‘town’, so please be mindful of these three words when checking and edit them so it’s all the same if it means the same thing depending on the context. Thank you.)


Chapter 51 Let’s eat hot spring manjuus(stream buns)!

◎Toruda Hot Spring District/Town – Louise hotel – Courtyard



Kazane was shaking in laughter.

「How, how are you (what are you doing) Kazane?」(Yumika)

Yumika who is beside (her) saw where (she was) and was really worried.

「Gugu、I was (just) laughing Yumika」(Kazane)

Kazane smiles at Yumika, and tells her that shes okay.

「Shoulders, lower back, feet. I’m making an improvement around it and am adjusting the degree.  Originally it was a golem for restraint, but it works for this. Ah, ahhhhh.」(Kazane)

What Kazane is working on now is an improved version of the default restraint Golem – Maiden, named Masa the massage chair.

「What? Kazane?」(Yumika)

Kazane’s face is slightly warped for a moment.

「Mu, it is too strong, guh, ow ow ow, ouch!」(Kazane)

「Ummm Kazane, are you alright?」(Yumika)

「Ouch ow ow ow, ka! Release!」(Kazane)

Kazane releases the golem. At once, the chair on which Kazane sat collapsed and crumbled.

「Waah, a failure! As expected Yumika, it’s difficult to adjust!」(Kazane)

Kazane with quite tearful eyes, says to Yumika.

「Well, the real thing is improving all the time, as expected it’s not possible to get it perfect the first time.」(Yumika)

Yumika also gives the collapsed chair a look of disappointment.


『I say, what are those two girls up to?』(Mefirs)

「Well, though it’s tough to understand, they seem to have tried to make a golem which rubs the body artificially.」(Zinray)

Zinray and Mefirs were watching from a distance away.

『What a queer thing to think about.』(Mefirs)

「Indeed. That high flexibility of thought, though, may be their strongest trait.(Fen: Originally Secret, but trait fits better)」(Zinray)

『I see…』(Mefirs)

「However, even if they can make it, making it in my hotels garden is troublesome, okay?」(Louise)

『Ah well…』(Zinray)

While the three people were talking about it, Kazane moved the golem and returned the collapsed rock to its original position. The remaining shape crumbled away as well.

In the meantime, Tiara was going to the hot spring by herself. It seems that she really came to like the hot spring.


◎Toruda Hot Spring District –  Louise hotel – Small classroom – The next day.


「And so, let the 6th party meeting commence! (And so begins the 6th party meeting!)」

Kazane announced. Circling/around her was Yumika, Tiara, Zinray and furthermore Louise who’s holding/hugging Mefirs(small beast)(<–Col: this is from the author, Mefirs’ current title haha). By the way, we had the 5th (party meeting) the night before we split up into two groups when we were heading towards the capital. At the time, because Zinray was raging mad about the Hanabi matter, Kazane became the ‘master of ceremonies’ with teary eyes.

「Ehh~ Since last time, our members have also increased. Those that became an official member, (we have:) Tiara and observer Oji-chan and」

Tiara whose name was called out was smiling with her whole face happy (smiling with a happy face). (col: it’s written and translated like that)

「Moreover, Louise-san is also a new participant from today onwards. So, (will you) really/honestly come (with us)?」

The reason for the meeting was that Louise would be joining from here on, and to decide the next part of their travels.

「Of course. With me going, Zinray and Mefirs wont be able to do anything sneaky!」

By the way, the ages are: Kazane 15, Yumika 15, Tiara 17, Zinray 58, Mefirs 62; it’s a considerably high average age with (our) experienced party’s average being 33, which jumps to an average of 49 when including Louise’s 126 years. The mood was a veteran party.

「Louise-san is mainly based on defense magic and recovery magic, you can also summon for support.」

「Coaching Tiara in summoning is also perfect.」

『If it’s summoning, only one person is enough. Ruby Griffon can handle the remainder best.』

「If it is your teaching, it will be biased by the importance of power. If it is a girl, the summoned beast should be more delicate.」

While saying that, Louise ‘s hands are strangely glittering.

「I wont say no more.」

Said Zinray.

「To be honest, the Ruby Griffon was used defensively in the war many times.」

Having imagined it at that time, it was Louise. Zinray thought that a person who could support the recklessness of Kazane was necessary.

「Well then, it’s decided.」

Kazane concluded that.

「I’m talking about what to do on the way back to Winlord. Today is the hot spring holiday according to our schedule.Tomorrow we want to take a detour to try out a Dungeon.」

While say that Kazane looks at Zinray. Since it was related to battle, Kazane wanted Zinrays opinion.

「This has come up because of Louise-nee’s instigation I’ll bet.」

「That’s cruel. It’s because it’s handy and nearby right? I just told you.」

「Separately it is fine. Kazane, how long are you going to dive in the dungeon?」

As a matter of fact, a reminder for the Ogre subjugation has arrived from the guild.

「Two days I think. I’d just want to experience what it’s like, enter on the first day, rest on the second, after that we can depart.」

「There is a good hot spring district on the way to Winlard.」

Zinray thought that it might be aimed at, but it wasn’t mentioned. Mefirs thought so too.

「Understood. But (when we) return, I want to hunt ogres.」

The Ogre Killer title……Rather than thinking about the duty and consideration for the guild, I want to add it.

「Un. Understood.」

Kazane didn’t disagree and returned with an immediate answer.

「Un? Kazane is targeting the Orges?」

Louise interrupts there.

「Ah I see, Louise-nee did not know.」

Zinray nods to Louise’s reaction.

What? …. Louise tilts her head, but Zinray says “You’ll understand when you see” and the conversation was finished.


◎Toruda Hot Spring District – Central Plaza/Town square – Front of the Stone Monument


「Hot Spring manjuus, (it’s) delicious ne」

「Un, it is ne」

Kazane and Yumika was tasting the specialties sold throughout the town.

Kazane just happens to notice it on the way towards the hotel, that growing/reaching Manjuu atmosphere (aroma), and so with Yumika the two (of us) bought and ate manjuus. Tiara still went to the hot spring again.

「Otoo-san (father) likes the hot springs sa. He often receives souvenirs nee.」

「Sometimes/at times, you share what you received/get (taught) from the classroom」

Yumika said so like she’s reminacing (the past).

「Honestly isn’t it a big deal to create something similar(/like this) over here na?」

「-isn’t it because it was considerably and persistently made ne? When eating the finished products, what face will be made (I wonder what face are we making)」

「I think surely we have the same face」

「Seems that way na」

Yumika was crying. Kazane was also crying. Seeing the stone monument in the central plaza of this town, two people was crying (the two were crying). (Colsane: I re-translated this part because I realised what it meant afterwards… Damn)


Toruda Hot Spring District.


This district was built about 600 years ago.

Up till then, this locality’s hot spring culture was nonexistent to say (the least).

Because normal people that was able to enjoy themselves didn’t exist due to having to be vigilant of the surrounding monsters, there was even a situation where, towards the thing(/place) which hot water gushes out from, a party of adventures willingly dived into the water.

Then from a distant country came a foreigner,

「If that’s the case, isn’t it fine to build a town at the place where the hot water gushes out?」and with that the constructions began. The foreigner was a high rank adventurer with various knowledge from the midst of his travels and used the millions of wealth he got his hands on to construct the town.

At first, people who don’t know of things like hot springs and such avoided those places, but despite this, the visitors that came were people like heros and royalties who had personal connections with the foreigner as well, so it was a success in raising recognition (for the hot springs).

And then, the foreigner fell in love at first sight with this country’s queen soon after, becoming this country’s king with the achievements from his journey. The Ruby Beast’s ring was originally from this foreigner.


The king’s name was『Tatsuyoshi・Tsurug・Tsuwara』. King Tatsuyoshi established a stone monument in this district/town, leaving a legend in his own language.


『A day might come that I’m to become known by a fellow countryman. Countrymen of the same birthplace.


I accomplished various (achievements) here, obtained various things(/treasures).

I’m sorry to say that I can’t return to the previous world, however I can (still) say I lived a life without regrets.


And thus perhaps I could hear the god’s words. This is our world, right?


If so then we hold our right to survive here (this is where/when we should hold on to our right to live on).


It might be difficult right now. Perhaps I might return to the original world when I die. However, I want to say it was fun with you all.


I know about Zexiahart (Colsane: was it the name of this world? I forgot perotehe :P). I am here. I am alive. This is not a game. It’s real.


Enjoy the world, enjoy life. We are not joking.


(I’ve) finally reached here about struggling!』(Colsane: I’m gonna be honest, after translating this part, I got a bit teary. I seriously don’t even know why, perhaps I just feel a bit emotional today.)


Thus, it was written (as such). This significant passage was a text that’s unknown to this world’s people, but its extent of pain was understood by Kazane’s group (by Kazane and Yumika). Furthermore, under this text on the stone monument was (also) carved in letters not of this world.


P.S To the people that knows TATSU☆YOSHI (TL: <-original text)


To Yuuko-onee, Kazane, Yasu-kun, JINJIN.

Whoever’s around that sees this, please write down the thing you desire.


Sorry, you cannot return (returning’s impossible).

Do whatever but it’s useless.

The previous(/first) dungeon wasn’t connected to our world.


I was happy however. I hope for you all to also be as such.


It’s (a bit) modest of me but I’ll leave (some) gifts (here).


BY 剣井 (剣 = Keni/Tsurugi, 井 = i/sei; it should be Keni or Kensei) Tatsuyoshi


Tears were falling while Kazane show her feelings, those writings were read in Japanese. Those words were confirmed to be the text of someone well known by(/very familiar to) Kazane. It was that timed, plump he(/person).


And then after finish reading everything, Kazane stood there alone and muttered.


「600 years is too distant Tatsuyoshi-kun」(Colsane: (T^T)7 )

Name: Yuihama Kazane

Occupation: Magic Swordswoman

Title: Ogre Killer Princess

Equipment: Cane [[White Blaze]], Two Handed Sword [[Black Fang]], Silver Breastplate, Silver Breastplate, Silver gauntlets, Silver sheep Clothing, Carapace Bull trousers, Berserk Ogre Greaves, Indestructible Cloak (and Futons), Mystery Pouch, Crimson Saint Casket, Legendary Spirit Summoning Ring

Level: 20

Vitality: 70

Magic Power : 114+300
Strength : 27
Agility : 22
Endurance : 16
Wisdom : 27
Dexterity : 19
Spell : [[Fly]] [[Torch]] [[Fire]] [[Heal]]

Skill : [[Goblin Language]] [[Night Vision]] [[Crushing Blow]] [[Dog’s Sense of Smell]] [[Golem Maker]] [[Rush]] [[Fire Principle: Second Chapter]] [[Healing Principle: Second chapter]] [[Air Jump]] [[Killing Leg]] [[Fear Voice]] [[Invisible]] [[Tiger Eye]]

Kazane「……And that’s why second prince-san resembles (him) ne.」

Yumika「So Tatsuyoshi’s gene survived 600 years. It’s like something similar to a curse.」

Kazane「Yumika, you really disliked Tatsuyoshi-kun huh ne?」

Yumika「Yeah- to say it’s (more) that (I’m) hesitant nee. Maa today I’m not however (today I don’t dislike him).」


Past Colsane: when you translate a story, you’ll either get annoyed from reading it repeatedly, or get too attached to the story. Right now, I’m the latter and crying on the inside.


Future Colsane: I’m sorry if there were too many notes from me. I don’t usually speak out loud much less speak at all, so I must have been very emotional at the time of translation. My apologies.

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