Manowa Ch50

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Chapter 50

Let’s enter the Hot Spring


「Kukukuku. What a joke this is.」(A Female)

『Shut up!』(Mefirs)

In front of them was the scene of an onee-san who had exploded into laughter and a gununu-faced chibi griffon, the original king Mefirs. (Tea: fuck if i knew what gununu means)

Long ears! It’s an elf! Kazane and Yumika was thrilled to see this onee-san.

「Ano, are you grandfather’s previous lover, Louise-sama?」Tiara was in disbelief of her youthfulness.

「Yes, that’s right princess-sama, Tiara Tsurug Tsuwara.」(Louise)

Louise Counser. Adventurer from the elf race. Louise Hotel’s Owner. Mefirs’ lover. Those were the titles of the woman in front of them.

「It is Tiara Elmar, Louise-sama. As for today, I am not here as an member of the royal family.」(Tiara)

Also within the royal traditions, during training, one is temporarily allowed outside of the royal family in order to not use the country. (Colsane – not abusing their power for leisure or pleasure etc.)

「I understand, nee. Jyaa, let’s not talk to each other with such excessive formalities, okay?」(Louise)

「Yes, please do.」(Tiara)

Louise laughed again as she turned back from Tiara to smack the chibi griffon’s head.

「What. You didn’t raise your grandchild to be an uncooperative person like you?」(Louise)

『What did you say! How am I uncooperative!?』(Mefirs)

「I wonder if that’s fine for you to say. Zinray-kun?」(Louise)

「Long time no see, Louise onee-san.」(Zinray)

「Onee-san!?」Yumika was surprised at these words.

「Ah no, that does not particularly mean she’s my real sister.」Zinray corrected as so.

「It’s Zinray, nee. He was a party member when he travelled. I was as well, nee.」(Louise)

「Heh… I see, so that’s it.」(Yumika)

It’s clear that Zinray had accidentally met an old acquaintance here then.

「Well in the old times, Zinray-kun was so cute, you know. I wanted to eat him already. Ahh, I did eat him. For real.」(Louise)

「Uuu-……」Zinray made a painful expression. He then tried to avert his eyes from Louise — his apprentice made curious expression, looking at Louise with high expectations for the story’s continuation.

「It’s not that interesting……r-right?」Zinray is sweating profusely.

「Ya hadn’t piled up on the skins day after day, hadn’t you — right, Zinray-kun> There’s one – two – three, no, four interesting stories.」

「Ano, was Louise-oneesan grandpa’s past lover?」Similarly immensely curious, Kazane, with a look of “*mufuu*” on her face, raised her hand to ask.

By the way, Tiara had covered her ears and right now, her face was already bright red from too much stimulation.

「That is so. Mefirs, at that time, was just a scatterbrained show off. I was not interested, actually.」(Louise)


「But Zinray-kun’s wife at the time, Cindy, was pregnant and expecting a child, nee.」(Louise)

「Master? Even though he went out with Louise-san, he had unexpected pregnancies with other women, kaa?!」(Yumika)

Zinray hurriedly responded to Yumika’s critisising voice,「Muu. Wasn’t Oneesan saying “like an eagle seemingly playing with it’s prey”? With the intention to pick and eat? That why’s eagles are-」(Zinray)

To Zinray’s speech, Louise rebutted with「I guess so. Even though his intentions were honest, nee. But, I also noticed that there was more attachment than I thought — I cried a lot, you know!」(Louise)

To this, Zinray made an apologetic face. It looks like there must be complicated feelings.

「In such a case, I received tender words that felt like shit from that person.」And so, Louise squeezed Mefirs in an embrace.「Knowing that I’m a hot spring lover and have things caged within — it became infuriating for him, so he became like that when he realised himself as such, ne.」(Louise)

「Seriously, Grandpa?! Using your authority to get a woman! You were just a king from appearance for the longest time, ne.」(Kazane)

『Naturally!』To Kazane’s words, Mefirs confidently replied. What the heck……what it was all about was honestly still unknown.

「Maa, I was heartbroken to hear that you had died; however, you immediately showed up ne. The fact is that we still get to meet. I’m supposed to have exhausted my lover’s luck, nee. Even though we haven’t been lovers for 20 years….」

『I suppose it can’t be helped. It’s age.』(quote Zebra)

Since the person is dead, there is no sexual desire. (Colsane – where the hell did that came from?)

「If that’s the case, then Zinray-kun, would you like to work up a sweat for the first time in 40 years?」(Louise)

「No. I’m too old for that.」Zinray flaty declined the offer. He had a feeling of anticipation, but the hair on the back of his neck jolted from the scary look in his disciple’s eyes. Furthermore…I still have plans to go back to Hibern. Cindy would kill me if she knew……that thought was also prevalent in his mind.

Now at this time, there was only one person who still looked like she hadn’t digested the story. It’s Tiara. Why do you not understand? It’s that kind of simple story.

Why isn’t everyone doubting that it’s about old age?? This whole time, that had been a question for Tiara, who hadn’t been educated on elven topics yet.



「Elves are those kinds of people.」Tiara said, while floating her bounciness in the bath (alliteration~)

Louise had just answered her question before, saying it was due to their longevity.

「It is a story that one doesn’t know if not taught, for sure.」Kazane answered so.

Tiara had received a reasonable education since childhood, but the differences in etiquette between races was not something she had learned. That kind of knowledge is not in the curriculum. Adventurers, though, who are likely to come in contact with such parties, are familiar with this kind of thing.

「I am 126 years old right now. Once we reach 30, we start slowing aging until we die at around 300, ya know?」With an equal bounciness floating in front of Tiara, Louise answered so. It was unusual to see such large breasts on a slender elf.

「Fumu.」Kazane, who was watching, wrapped her hands around her own breasts. She was overwhelmed with feelings of regret.「I’m not finished yet!」Kazane nodded firmly. The will to not give up is what’s most important.

「No, it would be better to give up earlier.」Yumika, however, spouted unrelenting words against Kazane, suggesting Kazane had a chest more like an elf than Louise did.

「That’s not true. If you believe in your dreams, someday they will come true!」Kazane, holding her yet to develop chest, asserted. (Tea: DON’T LET YOUR DREAMS BE DREAMS!!!)

「To begin with, Yumika, are you in the position to say that about another person…」……Kazane broke off the sentence. Certainly, Yumika can not win in volume compared with Tiara and Louise. Still, it was healthy enough to create war potential. From the beginning, Kazane had no chance of winning.

「It’s alright. Kazane will surely become bigger when she is about the same age as Tiara or Yumika.」(Louise)

「We are the same age!」Kazane cried. She went to the corner of the bath alone muttering “Return to your country of breasts!”

「Oh my, I messed up.」Louise soaked deeper into the bath while mentioning her blunder.

「Even more so, Kazane is great the way she is. Because she is already so cute, I would die if she became any more cute!」Tiara exclaimed that with a sloppy smile. She was eyeing Kazane’s slim behind as Kazane moved to the corner. This sinful girl.

「Un. Your older sister understands Tiara a little.」(Louise)

「Well, I don’t usually notice the difference.」(Yumika)

「I become anxious when being compared! Even I am a little envious of Yumika. Competition is important, right?」(Tiara)

「I don’t know.」Yumika seemed to be uninterested.

「Anyway….」And so, Louise changed the topic.「You have three girls, one grandpa and one grandpa pet. It’s quite a unique party.」

「Well when you look at it that way, I guess so?」(Yumika)

With the classes being Magic Swordsman, two Spearmen, and a Summoner, the party was quite biased towards offense.

「In my days, there were also more feelings of sexual appeal. Tiara-chan is the same, but Kazane doesn’t feel like that age yet….」(Louise)

 Are~ Louise looks towards Yumika.「Perhaps, Yumika-chan? You’re being intimate with Zinray-kun?」

Yumika splurt out with a *bufoo*. 「What are you talking about? I don’t even see master in that manner, you know?」

「Uun, you don’t? So that’s how it is…」Louise laughed with *ketaketa*.


On the otherside, it was pretty crowded.

「Even though it is a fire summon, it is immersed in hot water…」

『Based on the colour, you can tell it has the fire strength factor of a volcano, see? Good for the water temperature, see.』

This side is full of old men, as well as a chibi griffon, soaking in the water with a relaxed atmosphere. If one had a weakness to cute things, they would surely faint at such a sight, but such sensitivity wasn’t in Zinray.

「I see.」(Zinray)

『But it’s been good to be an honest man. I was released from the responsibility of the king, so I made a trip with my grandchild, and I met with you and Louise again. Fuuuuu, up until a week ago, I was constantly thinking about when I would die.』(Mefirs)

「That……」The words were lightly said, but Zinray could not think of a response, imagining the state of mind that Mefirs used to be in.

『You are getting old, eh. Best to keep that in mind, right?』(Mefirs)

「I’m not at that senile yet, Leader.」Zinray called Mefirs by his previous title.

Mefirs laughed, his expression not dissatisfied.『So, how is it actually?』

「How is it?」(Zinray)

『Seeing Louise after such a long time. I wouldn’t stop at that.』(Mefirs)

Zinray smiles wryly at Mefirs.「Please stop. I wouldn’t know what to say to my disciple, and I’ll be killed by Cindy, for sure. This is seriously dangerous at my age.」(Zinray)

Besides, Kazane would notice the smell. Making the same mistake a second time should be avoided.

(Fen: you dirty f**ker.) (Col – I really prefer girls’ talk to this…)

Post Chapter Chat:

Kazane:「The grueling past of the grandfathers is finally revealed!」
Yumika:「Master was also a young person once…..」


Name: Yuihama Kazane
Occupation: Magic Swordswoman
Title: Ogre Killer Princess
Equipment: Cane [[White Blaze]], Two Handed Sword [[Black Fang]], Silver Breastplate, Silver Breastplate, Silver gauntlets, Silver sheep Clothing, Carapace Bull trousers, Berserk Ogre Greaves, Indestructible Cloak (and Futons), Mystery Pouch, Crimson Saint Casket, Legendary Spirit Summoning Ring
Level: 20
Vitality: 70
Magic Power : 114+300
Strength : 27
Agility : 22
Endurance : 16
Wisdom : 27
Dexterity : 19
Spell : [[Fly]] [[Torch]] [[Fire]] [[Heal]]
Skill : [[Goblin Language]] [[Night Vision]] [[Crushing Blow]] [[Dog’s Sense of Smell]] [[Golem Maker]] [[Rush]] [[Fire Principle: Second Chapter]] [[Healing Principle: Second chapter]] [[Air Jump]] [[Killing Leg]] [[Fear Voice]] [[Invisible]] [[Tiger Eye]]

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