Manowa Ch49

Chapter 49 – Let’s Go to the Hot Spring

<<Vicinity of the Imperial City Griffonia, A Rocky Area.>>

“Skill – Golem Maker – Hippo-kun and Hippo-kun.”

Kazane raised her cane, and the surrounding rocks and soil began to move, creating two stone horses.

“Now then, we can return on these.”

“Ah, it’s Hippo-kun. That’s a reminiscent feeling.”

“That also reminds me too: I haven’t called him out for a week, naa.”

Since she remembered that she used to ride it daily, Kazane also felt a very nostalgic feeling.

In the end, Kazane’s condition was fully recovered after she woke up after the loss of a single day, and the next day, they set a basic plan to restock their supplies in the capital, marking the day to set off for three days later.

“Then, I’ll ride with Shishou, Tiara will ride with Kazane. Iya, so don’t judge me with those eyes ne.”

“Really? Is that alright?”

Doubtfully, Tiara tried to confirm this. She had her hair in a chignon style, cut down to her shoulders. Her garments were ones with high fire resistance for summoners. These red ceremonial clothes of the Rondo line had the same fuction when put on, just like the imflammable cloaks of Kazane and Yumika. Her weapon was a rapier which had a hand guard shaped like the Ruby Griffon. It was said to be a magic tool to help summon the Ruby Griffon, but we hadn’t seen that yet.

“It’s fine, so hurry up get on.”

Yumika casually called out to Tiara and then got together with Zinray onto Hippo-kun.

“Hm. So you also have hardships.”

“If it wasn’t for this, she would be a good girl, right.”

While Tiara didn’t gave of the feeling that she wanted to have a special monopoly on Kazane, yet Yumika still encouraged her, disregarding the fact that her own heart would ache if Tiara alone had a monopoly on Kazane. Actually Yumika didn’t even want any of this, but well.

“Ah, sooner or later, she will get probably used to it.”

Having said this Hippo-kun already had started galloping.


“Should we go meet up with Yumika and co then? If we don’t hurry, Alduin-sama might cause a scene again”

“I can’t deny that, ne.”

Ah, he might come aiming for Kazane….To these words Mefirs had left her in his griffon form, Kazane could only respond with a wry smile.

King Alduin (He had become King, though the coronation ceremony had already been several months prior) displayed unexpected opposition to Tiara embarking on a journey and only allowed it under Mefirs persuasion.

“If you say that staying with Kazane is good, then wouldn’t it be all good and settled if I just married her.” In fact such a bombshell announcement had been dropped by Alduin.

Just because your daughter is cute, don’t say idiotic things.

And with this Kazane curtly refused. Still Tiara and Mefirs’ opinions were different from hers.

That was in all seriousness, right. (Tiara)

Without a doubt. (Mefirs)

Somehow he appears to have been captivated by her during the battle with Blair. If Kazane wasn’t a child (Alduin perceivs her as 10 years old), then Mefirs believed that, with Alduin’s character, he’d bet on him sneaking into her bedroom at night. That was something he was known for across the nation.

Or worse, he might not mind her young age in light of her cute loveliness and go for a suicide attack. Tiara firmly decided to preserve Kazane’s chastity and insisted to depart from this country at once.


Meanwhile, there were still no findings related to Blair Deckerman, aka Demon Diablo.

The search keeps on going, yet you should know…Mefirs said said so, and with the opponent being a demon, it was almost impossible to find him. There weren’t any other cards they could play besides setting a bounty on Blair Deckerman.

“This reminds me…you can bring out Sieg for another 5 days, right?” The question came from Yumika, who is keeping pace besides her.

“Errr, is that so? What’s wrong?”

“The Sieg you spoke about, he is a summoned hero from ancient times called to protect me, isn’t that right?” Kazane was tightly hugged from behind with a *gyuu-*, and Tiara’s breasts went *tayun tayun* as she asked. It shook in a splendid manner. Though, for Kazane, the notion of breasts swaying in that fashion was a rather unknown idea.

Ah, there was such a story. Yumika made a gesture apologizing. She had heard it from someone while Kazane was sleeping.

Kazane shook her head. She decided that if such an explanation was already there, it could be used to save time.

“Yea, I won’t be able to call him out for awhile. Once summoned, I can’t again for another 10 days.”

“So there was such a restriction.” Tiara nodded as if she understood it.

“Therefore, I thought it would be bad if Diablo returned before this cooldown finishes.” Yumika was worried, Kazane could clearly see. Diablo had said something quite sinister before he left after all.

“Hmm, certainly I also have no confidence in gaining victory.” (Zinray)

Kazane nodded in agreement before opening her mouth to speak.

“He said he’d come back some day, so for now, he wouldn’t come, I think. Besides, he is the enemy no matter where he is.” Zinray made a bitter face. An enemy who easily invaded a royal castle. Certainly the danger he posed won’t change based off of where he is.

“Well if he comes, he comes. Nothing we can do about that, apart from that it would be terrible if he assaulted the onsen! Yumika, we must advance focusing only on that!”

Having said this, Kazane cried Hya-, spurring Hippo-kun into a gallop.

“Hey, calm down a bit. Geez~”

Exclaiming good grief, Yumika followed, hastening her steed.

Attacking the onsen. Just as Kazane said, in this age, there existed onsens. Midway on their return to Winlard, they had scheduled a stop at an onsen district. After having finished such a big job, it were essential to relieve the fatigue at the hot spring. It is a necessity of reality and their absolute right. To say that some days demanded a hot spring….would not be an overstatement.


<<Toruda Hot Spring District  — Dusk>>

Kazane was shouting. “Here is the hot spring district! In English, ONSENGAI!”

That’s romanji. And the only one who understood its the meaning might be Yumika

“This is romanji.” Yet she declared her own failure. Yumika understood it but choose to ignore. In some cases, it just wasn’t worth talking.

“Hmph, it has a large public bath, with inns nearby, ne.”

Inspecting the information board, Yumika confirmed the letter of recommendation brought with them.

With the letter of recommendation, along with the notes written by Alduin, they aimed for the upper class lodgings of this city. In short, it was possible to stay at a high class Ryokan (Japanese style inn).

“Smells of sulfur, nee.”

Kazane thought that something like [A Dog’s Sense of Smell] would be oversensitive, but it wasn’t. It was quite a convenient thing.

“Even though onsens appear close to the Argo Mountain Range, there are none close to Conrad?”

“In a place quite distant from the town, I heard there might be a hot water spring.” It was Zinray who answered Kazane’s question.


“I prefer a place where I can sleep properly to a secret hot spring.”

“Yumika has no romance.”

Even though she said so, Kazane also wasn’t particularly fixated about it, but anyway.

“Is it alright if we keep advancing like this?”

“Yea. It looks like we are going to the one furthest in.”

It’s a place where I often came to in the old days. (Mefirs)

Gramps also? By the way, Mefirs told Kazane to call him Gramps. He said that since he wasn’t King anymore, it would be strange to call him that, but Yumika and Zinray kept calling him Mefirs-sama.

Well, I entrusted the Ryokan in this inner part to a mistress.

“Ah, so it’s such a thing. Or rather, isn’t this the place we are heading for now?”

To Yumika’s words, Mefirs nodded confirming that.

Well, it’s also something of a greeting. Officially, I have died after all

“Your appearance has completely changed….it looks like she might cry.”

If it’s that way, then whatever. However that person is not this sort of person.

Seems likely to be a peculiar character.

“Well, let’s go for now.”

Despite bearing worries in mind, Yumika began guiding the party forward.

Post Chapter Chat:

Kazane: At the royal capital, I arranged my equipment as stated. What changed were the magic resistant silver equipment, the undergarments with high defensive power with sheeps wool, and carapace bull trousers. Afterwards, I also bought ornamented latches for the indestructible cloak. I sometimes change them according to the mood. And then, the one I spent most money on was this mystery bag. It’s an all purpose bag for storing any manner of strange things, and its storage capacity is a whopping 50 kg!” (mllhild: no idea why she needs this if she has a item box)

Yumika: Really, you are the type to collect every item, nee. By the way, Tsurug has silver ore vein, so silver products are cheaper than anywhere else, isn’t that so> I also bought a complete set of silver protectors.”

Kazane: “Yumika’s undergarments are black, so the silver equipment looks pretty and glimmers.”

Yumika: “Thank you. Incidentally, Tiara has a red style, and Zinray-shisho a green image. Plus, all members have equiped a indestructible mantle.

Kazane: “It has fire and magic resistance among other things. Such an indestructible mantle that doesn’t get dirty even when you sleep on the ground is really too convenient”

New Items in Bold

Name: Yuihama Kazane

Occupation: Magic Swordswoman

Title: Ogre Killer Princess

Equipment: Cane [[White Blaze]], Two Handed Sword [[Black Fang]], Silver Breastplate, Silver Gauntlets, Silver Sheep Clothing, Carapace Bull Trousers, Berserk Ogre Greaves, Indestructible Cloak (and Futons), Mystery Pouch, Crimson Saint Casket, Legendary Spirit Summoning Ring, Infinite Key.

Level : 20

Vitality : 70

Magic Power : 114+300

Strength : 27

Agility : 22

Endurance : 16

Wisdom : 27

Dexterity : 19

Spell : [[Fly]] [[Torch]] [[Fire]] [[Heal]]

Skill : [[Goblin Language]] [[Night Vision]] [[Crushing Blow]] [[Dog’s Sense of Smell]] [[Golem Maker]] [[Rush]] [[Fire Principle: Second Chapter]] [[Healing Principle: Second chapter]] [[Air Jump]] [[Killing Leg]] [[Fear Voice]] [[Invisible]] [[Tiger Eye]]

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  1. >…to have a special monopoly on Kazane, yet Yumika still encouraged her, disregarding the fact that her own heart would ache if Tiara alone had a monopoly on Kazane.

    …………why the heck is this so gay? Seriously smh.

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  2. YAY!! thanks for the chapter :3

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    I support Kazane harem as long as that shishou guy aint included H@H@H@H@


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