Manowa 55

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Chapter 55 – Entering a different/strange world/boundary


◎Rock Hold Cave – Second Level – Morning


「Less enemies this time ne」

Kazane arrived at the location they had reached yesterday. Because of the Navigation System, they were able to take the shortest route without hesitation. Even only encountering monsters once.

「It’s because it’s the same path as yesterday. Most monsters tend to avoid the paths where their companions were killed in combat.」

「Is that so.」

「However, there are cases of aggressive monsters doing the opposite. The Ogres use such methods.」

「Ah I see ne」

I/Kazane remembered that the crazy monsters reacted excessively to the Ogre that hurt itself.

「Well, there should be a place to descend nearby.」


And so, descending down, Kazane reached the third level.


◎Rock hold Cave – Third Level



To that scene which had been existing for some time ago (existing for a long time) Kazane was speechless. Yumika and Tiara who were behind were also the same.

「What is this?」

Yumika called out. Strange plants grew from the clefts in the rocks of the cave, the ceiling of the cave was split (open),there seemed to be empty space/sky behind it. However is a strange empty space/sky with purple and red mixed together.

「As we move forward, the surroundings will change further. It seems there are castles and towers in some places.」

「It’s like a fantasy waa.」

Kazane answers with a stiff/stunned face. An honest/normal dungeon was made light/fun of.

「The monsters gradually become stronger as we descend levels. Be careful.」

「Understood/Roger. Well, it seems that they are coming right away.」

Kazane pulls out her Black Fang with both hands.

「Is it the worker ants?」

「No, different smell. Is this a Burrow Tiger? It seems there are two.」

「Again/Also. Fix your posture./Ready yourselves.」

Zinray readies his spear, Kazane gives instructions.

「Tiara, this time the knight will be a defense rather than an offense. Protect (with) Louise together.」

「I understand.」

「Roger that」

With the mobility of the Burrow Tiger, it is possible it will get past Kazane, also it could attack Tiara in the back. It was necessary to increase the defense.

「I will kill/go first. Kazane you follow, Yumika deal the last blow.」


「Understood Sensei」

Both of them replied

「Mu, here it comes.」

The violent footsteps echo in the cave.

「Zinray-san, the two of them are heading that way.」

「Hmmm, shall we eat/recieve them together?」

Zinray holds his spear poised to (attack).


The Burrow Tigers leap at the same time. However the claws from the heavens did not reach.

「Yumika, this is『Weeping Willow』」

Zinray, who looked to be infront of the Burrow Tigers, suddenly appeared/moved behind them before they could react. Looking at the flow of the technique, it was seen by Yumika to be a slight movement that turned around behind the enemy.

「And, this is『Vibration』」

Zinray quickly stabs the Burrow Tiger as his spear makes a strange *jijijiji* (Vibration sfx) sound.


The Burrow Tiger screamed and crumpled. It did not look dead but there is no sign of moving either.


The second Burrow Tiger which saw it’s mate defeated tried to turn to Zinray, only to be faced with Kazane.

「Skill · Tiger eye」

Kazane invoked the skill to match it.


However the eyes of the Burrow Tiger shined, and it still leaped at Kazane as though nothing had happened.

「This, a failure?」

The Tiger Eye skill of Kazanes which stops the opponent’s movements is a skill she got from the Burrow Tiger. Thus the Burrow Tigers own Tiger Eye had the effect of offsetting the abnormal condition from the same skill, in short, the skill of Kazane was invalidated.

「You, what are you doing?!」

Yumika shouts from behind. This shout brings Kazane back to her senses, stabbing her cane into the ground she says/shouts.

「Then go, Skill  · Golem Maker · Nurikabe-kun!」


A wall of soil rises from the ground with a *zuzuzu* sound, hitting the abdomen of the Burrow Tiger in mid jump. A pitiful beast scream is heard.

「Hey, do it now.」

To Kazanes words Yumika says “I know I know” while launching an attack. Yumika thrust her spear at the Burrow Tiger’s’ forehead, while it was still stunned from the unexpected attack from below.


And so, the fight was settled. After that, the materials were collected as usual.

「Alright, you can peel off the fur without damaging it.」

Kazane throws the Burrow Tiger’s fur into the item box.

「By the way Zinray-san, you were quite motivated/into it/bloodthirsty this time?」

『Weeping Willow』and『Vibration』, this is the first time Kazane has seen either of them.

「『Weeping Willow』is a technique for dodging attacks and moving/repositioning around behind with minimal actions/movements. 『Vibration』is for destroying the insides of the (enemies) body with intense vibrations. It is used when you want to defeat an enemy without damaging their exterior, like now. Both are for Yumika to learn and practice.」

「Difficult ne.」

Yumika says with a bitter face.

「You need to watch it to learn it, compared to『Flash』the degree of difficulty is lower.」


While weeping, Yumika replied.


As they moved forward, Kazane worried about Yumikas depressed state and called to Zinray.


「What is it?」

「About Yumikas state of mind/mood?」

Zinray chuckles at the question.

「No, realizing the difficulty is only something the self/person can ascertain,  it is the point where the barrier(of entry) becomes visible (TL: ie the next wall to climb over to get stronger). From here onwards, she will become stronger.」


Kazane was honestly surprised by Zinrays words.

「Well, that will be the story, if she’s not crushed.」


「If you get frustrated in the middle, regardless of talent, that is where it ends.」

「Maa, that’s true ne.」

「Nonetheless, that is only a problem for her (to handle). I(washi) just train her and will trust her will/determination.」

Kazane feels a bit jealous of that situation.

(Master huh… could I also become a disciple somewhere?)

Although Kazane uses a sword, her amateur swordsmanship is not very trustworthy/reliable. It doesn’t become strong easily because she doesn’t have natural talent like Yumika.

(Would a skill help maybe?)

I/Kazane thought, but for now I/she did not remember the skills to help the sword.

(Maa, it’s not as if I can do anything about it right now.)

It’s accurate to say she was strong enough for the current situation. The power of Berserk Ogre Greaves + Killing leg was comparable to a Diablo/Diabo of the demon family. Combined with Ariel Jump and the Wall Walking skill gained from the worker ant the usefulness increases more and more.

(It’s more useful to focus on (where I can grow)/(where my skills fit) ne.)

Thinking that way, Kazane walks ahead.


◎Rock Hold Caves – Fourth Level


The stairs heading down the the fourth level were located and they descended.

「The cracks are getting bigger ne.」

The scenery outside the ceiling is coming into view. Although they need to descend, Kazane and Yumika were craning their necks trying to make sense of the structures/scenes. On the other hand Zinray, Louise and Mefirs do not seem to care/try to make sense of it. After leaving the castle, Tiara found everything unusual, but was still quietly impressed this time.

「What’s going on here?」

「I dunno. It seems to be possible to go through the break/crack, but I do not recommend it.」


Kazane questions Zinray.

「I heard of story of people trying to take a shortcut to the lower levels but ending up floating away in the sky/space. It seems to be a very unstable place.」

「Oh, that’s creepy ne.」

If it is something like outside the game area they will keep falling indefinitely and there is a possibility that it will never come back again. Kazane thought it would be better to stick to the path.

「Mu, there are enemies.」

Kazane discovers the enemies presence with her 『Dog’s Sense of Smell』as usual.

「Which way?」

To Yumikas question, Kazane points to the path on the right.

「There is an/some dead adventure(s) being eaten.」

I/Kazane ended up wondering whether to say it or not.

「Should we/we should attack now?」

While (the monsters are) eating it is the best time to surprise attack.

「……Yeah ne.」

Yumika holds a hand on her chest to calm down and agrees.

「The monster is?」

「There seem to be (two) Burrow Tigers and a mixture of something else. I don’t know, I think it’s probably pretty strong.」

「Is it possible to sneak in with invisible and amush?」

Kazane nod’s to Zinrays question.

「I think you should do that. Quite strong.」

Louise thinks about it and then issues instructions to Tiara.

「This time, I’ll be defending, so Tiara (you) can push the knight forward?」

「Yes, I understand.」

Tiara nods to Louises instructions.

『I’ll protect you.』

Mefirs emits light. Seemingly ready to breath fire.

「Yumika~, you aim for the Burrow Tiger. Try to kill it with a blow if possible.」


「Well then, let’s go! I entrust (it to) you Kazane~」



Kazane invokes Invisible. Wall Walking is also used to walk along the ceiling.

(This, I wonder. It smells like a powerful Burrow Tiger.)

While feeling that, Kazane turns the corner of the passageway where the enemy is.


And, the Kazanes eyes pop out(Lit: rounded eyes) instinctively.


(It was) Standing twice as large as a Burrow Tiger, and looking more like a bear than from the cat faily. It is chewing the corpse which seems to be an adventurer.


Kazane forced down her nauseous feeling.

(Zinray-san is in position. Then I will go.)

Kazane released Wall Walking and pushed off from the ceiling.

(Skill・Killing Leg!)

In a lower voice/mutter she activated the skill.




It was an instant.


Kazane was shocked that her attack was avoided. That big body jumped and took distance from Kazane as she got off the ground.

「Uh, it’s the first time I’ve failed a surprise attack.」

The surrounding Burrow Tiger roars and the huge cat roars at the same time.


「Thunder, run through the clouds!」


And the first attack was Louise’s Thunderstorm.


One of the Burrow Tigers was hit and let out a scream.


Kazane also fires at the Burrow Tiger that was hit, surely dispatching it.

「Kazane, look out!」

Hearing the cry of Yumika, Kazane activated the skill Rush and dashed out of the way.

The huge cat landed with a crushing blow on the location Kazane had just vacated. It was a solid blow that ripped the ground open.

「Elder Cat. It will have a Child Stone on it.」

Zinray shouts so.

「Is it strong?」


Normally it would be a boss on the 10th to 20th Level.

Zinray charged and another/(the other) Burrow Tiger was killed with a continuous stab. The fur is not cared about. There was a need for extra forces to be sent off(TL: to deal with the enemies quickly).


The Elder Cat roars. Angry that its minions had been killed it charged towards Zinray.


And Zinray, which a fighting spirit, deflects the Elder Cats claw attacks which strike from left and right continuously.

「Spell · Fire · Votex!!」

Kazane shoots magic from the side.


However it ducked down.

「Also avoided?」

「He has a good intuition. Kazane, your surprise attacks/sword will end up being read/predicted. Don’t attack with the sword.」

「I know.」

That said, what should I do?

「Skill・Golem Maker・Tebasaki-san!」

Thinking that she tried to stop the foot first. The『White Blaze』staff/cane was stabbed into the ground and a Golem in the shape of a large hand emerges.


Following Kazanes instructions Tebasaki-san strikes to hold down the Elder Cats legs. However it instantly jumped out of the way.

「Flame Knight, knock it down!」

Tiara’s Flame Knight charges over.


The Elder Cat punched it and as it exploded jumped out of the way again.




However as it floats in the air Yumika sends out a spear attack. Holding the power of lightning『Thunder Spear』striked out, which has the power to kill a Burrow Tiger with one hit. And the Elder Cat was stuck.

「I stabbed it! !」

Yumika shouted.

「Well done Yumika!」

Zinray praised the disciple by saying so, and he also set up a spear.

「Take this as well!!」

The same『Thunder Spear』is thrown. The Elder Cat scream is heard. The second spear pierced as well. However, it is not over yet.

The elder cat lands on the ground while staggering due to the damage. And tries to retreat.

「Tebasaki-san! !」

However, Kazane adjusted the timing and let Tebasaki grab the feet of Elder Cat as it landed.


The grabbed Elder Cat can not move. Kazane used Ariel Jump and closed in on the Elder Cat.


This time the devastating and deadly Killing Leg hit without fail.


「You did it! What?」

With a *zuuDong* and a roaring sound Zinray see’s the Elder Cat fall and calls out to Kazane.

「Phew, yes. I did… I wonder?」

Kazane confirmed after verifying that she leveled up. And, it is also confirmed that the skill list increased.

(Skill『Insight』? Indeed, it made the Elder Cat strong and difficult to deal with.)

Kazane was convinced that way. Applying a plus to hit correction and avoidance,『Insight』is one of the most useful skills in Zexiahart. The avoidance of that Elder Cat was also because of that power.

(But now it’s my thing/skill.)


Kazane nods to herself.The expression was filled with delight like a child given a toy.


But right after that,


「Indeed, you are an interesting existence.」


Then『Insight』kicked in. It was only just received and then immediately activated.

There was an overwhelming sense of crisis foretelling the coming of the worst enemy.


Diablo, the voice of the demon who had said so was echoed.

Name: Yuihama Kazane

Occupation: Magic Swordswoman

Title: Ogre Killer (There’s no princess?)

Equipment: Cane [[White Blaze]], Two Handed Sword [[Black Fang]], Silver Breastplate, Silver gauntlets, Silver sheep Clothing, Carapace Bull trousers, Berserk Ogre Greaves, Indestructible Cloak (and Futons), Mystery Pouch, Crimson Saint Casket, Legendary Spirit Summoning Ring

Level: 21

Vitality: 76

Magic Power: 123+300

Strength: 32

Agility: 25

Endurance: 17

Wisdom : 30
Dexterity : 20

Spell : [[Fly]] [[Torch]] [[Fire]] [[Heal]]

Skill : [[Goblin Language]] [[Night Vision]] [[Crushing Blow]] [[Dog’s Sense of Smell]] [[Golem Maker: Lv2]] [[Rush]] [[Fire Principle: Second Chapter]] [[Healing Principle: Second chapter]] [[Air Jump]] [[Killing Leg]] [[Fear Voice]] [[Invisible]] [[Tiger Eye]] [[Wall Walking]]『Insight

Kazane「Level rises, points into muscle strength.『Insight』is passive skill ne. Even if a knife is thrown from behind, you/I can say「Ha」and turn while catching it.」

Yumika「No, it’s impossible unless you raise your strength/train a bit more. Though I can do it.」

Kazane「Seriously? I casually bragged about it too.」

Yumika「No, I am training seriously ne.」

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