Manowa 56

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Chapter 56 – Let’s clean up.


It was Yumika that first moved to the anomaly.


Lovely silky spear in hand, a wild/suicide attack was shot toward『It』.

「It’s a good reaction.」

『It』That’s what you say/call (it). Immediately after the spear stabbed out however, it was repelled.


Yumika found out there was a magic barrier. A dense swell of magic came into her eyes.

「If that’s the case」

Yumika puts power in the spear. Then with a “jijiji” the spear stabs again.


And this time the spear destroys the magic barrier.

It is the technique『Vibration』learned from Zinray, while not being able to bring out the ability in practice/training, however now it succeeds. The Silver Spear with a high magic counter/resistance power when used with 『Vibration』creates a synergy effect/boosting the effect, the opposing barrier was scrapped/destroyed.

「Mu. That was quite easy.」

However, the devil/satan/demon is unshaken. The『It』 that Yumika attacked was a huge shadow. The right arm appeared from the physically existing shadow, and shot a bullet of light toward Yumika.


Yumika immediately stops attacking, and though the defense stance was taken, it was easily blown away by the pressure/strength.


Meanwhile, Zinray dashed through the gap and thrust out his spear while sliding. However, the magic barrier had already been restored, and the spear was stopped.


Zinray groans. Both arms which were unreasonably hurt/sore from the battle with Elder Cat scream out in pain. While observing the situation, the devil/demon/satan used the same attack that had been used on the disciple and Zinray was hit/played.

(Apparently I guess I was exhausted in the previous battle.)

Hah, well it’s not like I/he can always be in perfect condition.

「Don’t underestimate it!」

However, the laughter seemed to pull out the power of Zinray, and the spear was thrown while twisting (off the ground, or in midair, check context) . But, Zinray’s Keel Spear doesn’t have high magic resistance like Yumikas and will fails to break through. I/he do(es) not have enough power after all.

「It’s not enough.」

Diablo/Diabo Laughs.


However, knowing that he lacked sufficient power, Zinray called for support.

「I know.」

And the voice is returned.


「Thunder of the ruling, shatter the devil!」


Extraordinary thunder emanates from Louise’s staff.

「It’s you!」

Diablo’s face is distorted. It is called judgement bolt, and it is a mixture of light and thunder for the purpose of degenerating magic (barriers?). It’s a unique spell from the last chapter of the Grimoire/Book of black magic. It was a reason why Louise was truly in this party. An anti-devil specialist, the trump card to defend princess Tsuwara. The attack of Louise flies.


The magic with the most powerful anti-devil attribute flew out and combined with Zinray’s spear, the (devils) magic barrier was crushed/destroyed and the magic imbued spear struck into Diablo.




Light and wind screamed as the magic explodes.

It was the voice of death no matter who listened. Before the dust settled, for a moment everyone thought they had won.


「One blow is not enough!」


Diablo charges out of the dust toward Louise.

「Why not?!」

Louise screams at the Diablo as it rushes toward her like it didn’t even get hit. Louise could not believe that the Diablo that she had hit was okay.

「Such is my constitution.」

The Diablo’s nails extend from both hands as it plans to skewer Louise.


「Protect! Flame Knight!」


Tiara had the Flame Knight dive in front.

「A summoning of only this extent?!」

Diablo’s claws swipe in a cross with both hands, and the summoned Knight including his shield is cut like paper. Tiara, experienced the feed-back and let out a scream. And now there are no more obstacles. The Diablo, gloating at Louises expression, swung his nails toward her.


Yumika lets out a scream as Louise is about to be killed. The name of the person who will break through this situation.




That voice arrived.

Kazane releases Invisibility and Wall Walking while leaping from the ceiling and launching a Killing Leg attack. However,

「It can’t hit?!」

Kazanes leg slips through the body of Diablo.

「Invisible huh. I didn’t notice because I couldn’t be bothered.」

Diablo says joyfully.

「It is true that the magic barrier has physical resistance, so the kick effect is the opposite. But physical attacks on my body do not work.」

「If so then-」

Kazane aimed magic at the Diablo



The magical barrier dispersed the spell.


Swinging『Black Fang』with both hands she tried to hit,

「That’s a little dangerous」

The shadow casts a sweep, Kazane rolled.

「Ugh! What?」

Kazane avoided the attack, but the Diablo kicks her.

「I’m not sleeping.」


She flew.




Kazane flying like a rubber ball, bounced twice then hit the wall.


Blood spills down from her nose. To this the Diablo laughs.

「Oh. Did you really think there was a chance? I thought that you had some kind of plan.」

「Louise-san, that attack from before?」

「That’s impossible.」

Diablo smirks at Louises expression.

「Kukuku, Don’t be reckless. That has an even higher restriction than your Sieg. It will take even longer than a month to accumulate.」

Kazanes eyes narrow hearing its words. More than just knowing about Sieg, does that mean it knows that Sieg cannot be summoned until tomorrow?

「Now way. Did you come knowing Sieg could not be summoned today?」

The Diablo laughs at Kazanes words.

However, the only opportunity it should have had was the conversation between Yumika and Kazane when they were leaving the kingdom.

「How long have you been spying on us?」

「Hah, I have been sure not to overlook you guys.」

It glanced at Louise.

「And I thought for sure I had to kill you guys quickly when you came into contact with that woman.」


「Louise Counser, an Anti-Devil specialist. Didn’t you know?」

「Un. Well, I understood from that attack earlier. When Louise joined the party, it was to guard against you.」

「Ma, there’s that aspect too.」

Louise also nods.

「Well then.」


The eyes of Diablo widen.



Everyone except Kazane let out screams.

「What? 」

When Kazane looked around, everyone except her had their eyes widen on and were paralyzed/frozen/solidified.

「Sleep Paralysis, I like to use this way to slowly kill my prey while looking at their frozen expression. It will be a very nice face/expression.」

Kazane recalls the story of a bandit found in the vicinity of the King’s landing and the guards who were found dead in the courtyard.

「But apparently, it has no effect one you?」

It was a secondary effect of Kazanes『Tigers Eye』which countered the abnormal state in the eye system.

「Oh well, it’s still checkmate here, isn’t it?」

That said Kazane tried to inhale deeply but groaned from pain.

「It’s just us. As you say.」

「Yeah, it’s impossible.」

Diablo replied to Kazanes words.

「Well yeah, in hindsight ne. There was the possibility that someone was going to die at that time/this time. That’s my fault.」

Kazane responded while not looking at Diablo.


(What? )

It feels uncomfortable.

「I know. I do not care about such nosebleeds and such things. I’ll ask for more.」


(What the hell are you talking about?)

And Diablo felt something like a breeze.

「Un. I know it’s over if I call『You』and not Sieg.」

Since when? Yes, there was someone next to Kazane.

(What the hell is that?)

It was wearing black clothes with gold embroidery covering the whole body. With long black unkempt hair above, a mask of bone with magical patterns, and eyes seen through the gap were gold with the whites instead stained red and from the corners, tears of blood constantly flowed. The mouth with lips like red rouge curved in a smile, and, connected by a chain, holding a huge sythe/guillotine in the left hand, and a huge blood stained red hatched in the right hand.In addition, there are countless things that seems to be large and small eyeballs shining dubiously, floating around it.

「So now I have your power. You understand? You are my『Half body』」


It was looking at Diablo. A chilling gaze. (TL: sfx jijijiji)

Diablo felt as if it was going to be sucked into those golden pupils.


Fear comes out from the bottom of instinct.

(Oh, no!?)

There is no choice but to escape. It cannot win against that. That’s not good.

Yes, you understand correctly. However, the judgment was a little slow.

「I will not let it escape.」

At the same time as Kazane’s words, the feet of myriad insects crawled from the ground and grabbed the Diablo.


The feet pierce the body of the Diablo and lock it in place. The astral body is caught.

「What is this? 」

Diablo shouts. However it is not possible to run away no matter how much it fights. The magic barrier that even Sieg would have had trouble with was penetrated.

「What is happening!?」

To Diablos crazed shout, Kazane says「I’m sorry.」. It is completely outside of the Diablos predictions.

「It is true. I wanted to fight and win. I thought I could do something about it.」

But after all it was impossible… sorry I have to say that.

「That’s why I called him.」

Gyahahahahahahahahahaha……a crazy laugh was emanating from that person. And, the eyeballs which floated around all turned to Diablo together.

(What! What?)

Petrifaction, Instant death, Confusion, Panic, Curse, Paralysis, Possession, Forgetting, Sleep, Burn……the terrifying countless demonic eye effects all attack Diablo together.


Diablo is resistant to demonic eyes as a demon of the astral system. However, even though the effects are mostly resisted parts of the body are still petrified and hardened.

「What is that? What’s with that! What?!」

Diablo shouts. What is it that you don’t understand?

「This is the same as Sieg. My Half Body, second character.」


Though he doesn’t understand the meaning of the words, he still understood that it was a being like Sieg.

「But Sieg shouldn’t be able to be called until tomorrow?!」

This question is like begging. A wish to somehow understand. And it is unceremoniously affirmed.

「Yes, therefore, it is not possible to call him.」

Kazane continued to admonish.


「This is not Sieg.」


Name: Yuihama Kazane

Occupation: Magic Swordswoman

Title: Ogre Killer

Equipment: Staff [[White Blaze]], Two Handed Sword [[Black Fang]], Silver Breastplate, Silver gauntlets, Silver sheep Clothing, Carapace Bull trousers, Berserk Ogre Greaves, Indestructible Cloak (and Futons), Mystery Pouch, Crimson Saint Casket, Legendary Spirit Summoning Ring

Level: 21

Vitality: 76

Magic Power: 123+300

Strength: 32

Agility: 25

Endurance: 17

Wisdom : 30
Dexterity : 20

Spell : [[Fly]] [[Torch]] [[Fire]] [[Heal]]

Skill : [[Goblin Language]] [[Night Vision]] [[Crushing Blow]] [[Dog’s Sense of Smell]] [[Golem Maker: Lv2]] [[Rush]] [[Fire Principle: Second Chapter]] [[Healing Principle: Second chapter]] [[Air Jump]] [[Killing Leg]] [[Fear Voice]] [[Invisible]] [[Tiger Eye]] [[Wall Walking]]『Insight』

(Fen: Changing Cane to Staff, because that’s closer to the context of the story: Staff [[White Blaze]])


Yumika「I, I do not know it.」

Kazane「That is my black history. Do not touch the forbidden past.」

Yumika「Ehhh… whats with the/this fellow in the second grade of junior high-school?(TL: chuunibyou syndrome haha)」

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  1. well considering she has 3,000 hours logged in the game… how many “reincarnations” of characters will she have? XD


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