Job Change ch5

5th chapter thanks to Miki and Anzu
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05 – Village’s Defense Plan


It has been slightly over half a year since I came to New Karta Village.


Some guys who left the village returned. Since the village didn’t have some wild grasses and animals, to leave was nothing odd. However, the villagers this time were unsteady.


Looking closely, there were some scratches on his arm. Among them were several which appeared to be bite marks.


「I was done in by the dog beastmen…… They were originally from the Wadi Kingdom…… I was robbed of all the wild grass that I collected……」


The villagers’ expressions were more of embarrassment than anger. It seems that we will be involved with a race that we never bothered with before.


The Wadi Kingdom was a nation of dog-eared beastmen who were destroyed by the empire. And so, like the refugees of the Karta Kingdom, they fled to this barren land and built villages among themselves.


As many beastmen countries were destroyed at around the same time, refugees generally built villages amount the same race.


Up until now, conflicts with close by villages like this one were surprisingly scarce. There are many possible reasons. It may be that they were too poor to sustain themselves. As injuries increased, it is difficult to regain the village’s power. The main reason is that there is no benefit to waging war against such a poor village.


There were people who risked their lives for adventure and treasure in my previous kingdom. They appeared because the value was great enough. There’s no one willing to put their lives on the line for a few coppers.


However, only the New Karta village was flourishing due to the exceptional me. The water was clean and the surroundings were rich in various types of vegetables. The variety of vegetables being cultivated furthermore increased.


Dreaming of a reversal of their situation, the attacks on New Karta village by other beastmen villages grew day by day.


On the night the injured villager returned, the elders held an emergency meeting.


While still young, Rione also attended. It was because she could see and hear me. Even though I say it’s because of Rione’s special abilities, I’m only trying to show parts of myself to her. Even so, because she has so much faith and possesses a pure heart, there were parts of me that appeared clearly. In the end, it’s a two-way exchange.


Incidentally, I was sitting right next to Rione right now. Rione was surprised but I told her to be silent. If the guardian deity was present from the onset, wouldn’t the attendees be uncomfortable?


「Everyone knows that Towa(トーヴァ) was attacked by several dog beastmen and was injured.」 If it was a random fight it would be nothing special but Towa said that it seemed to be an ambush this time. Hence my decision to hold a meeting.」


The elder was hunched over but his words were still firm.


An exceptionally strong looking man in the prime of his life stood up.

「I dare them to try that again! I’ll show the survivors of the Wadi Kingdom our power! (thanks, Barabarossa).」


As expected there were such muscle-brained types here…… I participated because I was scared of this happening. (thanks, Reis)


「Furthermore, guardian deity Lady Faltina is also here! There’s no way we will lose!」


I grew irritated and told my feelings to Rione.


「Please wait! Lady Faltina graced me with an oracle! Actions who paint our goddess as unforgiving are disrespectful, we must refrain from doing so. For those who do such a thing, when disaster strikes……」




The muscle-brained man was slightly surprised by this.


「Bu, But…….It’s natural to return the favor……. It’s also a problem for New Karta’s honor……」

In a way, to be concerned about the village’s honor showed the growth and it felt pleasant.


When I first came, I was devastated to hear that any order would be followed in exchange for a gold coin.


I tapped Rione’s shoulder and whispered words only she could hear.

(—Rione, explain that there was a mistake in your words. You are a smart girl so you should know what I mean by my few words.)


Naturally, Rione was confused. Nevertheless, I felt wrong to keep her as my puppet forever. Rione whispered 「Lady Faltina, I understand.」and stood up.


「Umm….. I think the other side will attack as retaliation. Having said that, isn’t the enemy’s goal to bring the war here? They will take whatever reason as a cause to go to war……They may also be lying in wait for that……」


(—Alright, good girl. You understood it well.) I complimented Rione. Happily, Rione’s tail shot up.


It seems that the other villagers understood.

「It’s true it might be a provocation……」「If so, it may be a trap……」「I’m not confident in our military strength here……」「Even if we attack their village there’s nothing to gain…..」


Alright, everyone realized the truth to this situation. There’s no merit for this side to be attacking.


Thereupon, Rione stared at me. Rione spoke again in a soft voice.

「Umm……But even if we don’t attack won’t they come to loot this village……?」

(—Yeah, that’s true. Therefore, for this sake of this village’s future and prevent further victims, let’s adopt a new strategy.)


From these words, Rione seemed to understand. Go tell everyone.


「Um! The enemy may come attacking either way! If that’s the case why not prepare moats and fences around the village to defend against it?」


Everyone had an expression of 「I see!」


I hated how defenseless this village was so far. It was necessary to improve that part at any rate.


「As expected, Lady Faltina’s shrine maiden’s words are different.」「That’s right! That’s right! If there’s a shrine maiden nothing could go wrong.」


It seems like Rione is being called a shrine maiden now…… Certainly, there’s nothing wrong with that but…… And so, the elder finally nodded.

「Alright; Rione, I officially appoint you as shrine maiden who will manage Lady Faltina’s temple! I ask you to not be disrespectful to Lady Faltina! 」

「Ye, Yes…….I understand……」


And so, Rione moved from her small, worn out house to the temple and I decided to spend most of my day there as well.


The Goddess loves you.

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