Job Change ch6

Chapter 6
Thank the Goddess we’re speeding through this!
Thank the Miki and the Anzu as well.

06 – Conflict Against the Dog-eared Beastmen


The construction of the moat and fence for the village’s upgrade was proceeding smoothly. The villagers were originally familiar with civil engineering work in the first place.


In other words, as we lived without pretty much any defensive structures so far, I didn’t know how much was enough. It would be great if we could really live if we were chased into a corner.


The moat was the type without water, but instead, sharp wooden sticks lined the ground to stop them from breaking through. We used this standard in case my kingdom fell into the unfavorable condition of not having water. With this sort of thinking, any situation would be around the same. As long as their bodies weren’t extremely different from a human’s, this portion should be universal.


Well then, New Karta Village’s peaceful status should have risen a little. However, it wasn’t fully up to the spec of being completely safe. There’s still the danger of if the enemies attacked with brute force against our defense.


Alright, let’s go for a little recon on the enemy’s situation. The dog-eared beastmen’s village was about a three and a half hour walk away from New Karta. With that said, I’m a god and I don’t walk so it’s only a guess.


By the way, there’s no decent path between the two villages. There were many sandy areas and some sort of dessert so I couldn’t properly walk. I said it was three and a half hours but it’s a lot more difficult than walking that long on the highway.


The dog-eared beastmen settled in a place where a small river ran through. It was located at a lower elevation than New Karta Village and there wasn’t anything resembling hills in the surroundings. It seemed easy to obtain water but conversely, places like this are very humid and prime for outbreaks of diseases. The mortality rate was probably also high.


Peeking in, I saw the dog-eared residents preparing spears and arrows. They really were planning to start a war.


I heard the voice of someone working outside.

「Shit, those New Karta guys, they got provoked……」

「If this war fails, will we become slaves to New Karta……」

「If you’re a slave you’re fine, they might just kill us……」


It was a voice of defeat rather than vigor. As expected this village is about to collapse and they intend to make one last attempt. A cornered mouse will bite a cat. But in this case, it would be a dog, not a mouse. The village would be ruined even if they didn’t attack so they had no choice in this matter.


As I approached the center of the village, I something like a wall.


What in the world?


「I won’t allow you to enter any farther. Leave quickly……」

Who is it speaking to me?

「The dog-beastmen are with me. There’s no room for anyone else to enter!」


Thinking it was better not to step any farther, I returned to New Karta.


Rione was cleaning the temple wearing a shrine maiden’s outfit. It was gorgeous compared with other people’s worn-out clothes. While Rione is called a shrine maiden, she doesn’t manage anyone and must do chores like cleaning.


「Oh, Lady Faltina, welcome back!」 It seems that Rione has already gotten completely used to me.

「I went to the dog-beastmen tribe. They’ll be attacking not far into the future. Be careful.」

「Eh, what should I do……」


Rione’s face distorted into an awful expression. I see; their homeland was robbed of in the previous war.


「Understand? Tell them to refrain from launching an attack. 」 It didn’t seem like they were very fit either. If it becomes a war of attrition, the first side to tire out would become unable to move. From there they will surrender」

「I understand! I will tell the elders right away! 」

Rione ran and left the temple.


Receiving the oracle from Rione, everyone gave extra attention to the defense. Naturally, even more than before the atmosphere in the village was filled with tension.


And so, four days passed. Finally, the attack from the dog-eared beastmen came(・・・・・・). In short, they couldn’t make a frontal charge properly.


It’s true that the dog-eared beastmen came in a large army. However, New Karta Village was entirely enclosed in a well-built moat. Like this, they couldn’t do anything like an attack. There was no warrior trying to force their way across the dry moat either. Life must be rough.


In the end, the standoff continued for three days. It was annoying that they didn’t leave, but so far, it’s following my plans.


The other side only had a large army for this fight. Participating in this campaign for such a long time they appeared to be tired. Once their discipline starts to slack off, we’ll attack from the back.


If they were to take damage, there’s a chance their village faces extinction, but that mostly unavoidable. Even so, I must defend this village as the guardian deity. It would be nice there was a smart compromise but they attacked us to survive. There’s no room for negotiation right now.


Four days later. Slowly the village’s water reservoirs decreased. Muddy water still comes out, but considering the hygiene aspect and falling morale, it isn’t good. While there is a way to create a new well in the village, it can’t be said to be a good idea when considering the amount of labor required. It’s better to carefully draw the spring water.


The surroundings of the village were securely protected by soldiers and the moat, but the spring water was quite far away from the center. It’s necessary to go there. There was some danger attached.


「It’s fine. Lucky for you I am your goddess and can ensure the water」 I spoke to Rione who mans the shrine maiden role. Rione conveyed it to the village and a water drawing unit was formed. A cart was prepared and protected all around by armed villagers. This was done in three separate parts. There’s a chance the enemy may attack on their return trip but counter-measures were made for that too.


Nothing happened up until the second water pumping team. Drawing water was done after the next third team. However, there was movement when the third team was returning.


It was just before they returned to the village. A dog-eared beastmen led a unit in an attack.


「Hand over that water!」「There’s no water here! 」

It seemed this was done from a shortage of water rather than an attempt to break the supply line. It didn’t seem like there were aiming for this location because there was no geographical advantage to it either.


Well then, shall I perform a miracle?


「I won’t permit pointing a blade at an innocent person!」


I raised my voice for all the surroundings to hear——along with a brilliant light.


Now, tremble in the might of a goddess!


The Goddess loves you

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