Job Change ch7

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07 – God of the Dog-eared Beastmen


The dog-eared beastmen covered their eyes before screaming.


「What is this! This light! 」「I can’t see anything!」「Wafu—!」「Che—!」


Well, the beastmen let out a pitiful voice……A blinding light appeared from nowhere. It was something elementary among God’s miracles. Still, the impact to the enemy was quite considerable.


「I am New Karta’s guardian deity Faltina! The actions of you dog-beastmen are not just! I will not permit unjust things! Immediately take your things and leave!」


Like this, the enemy should lose their will to fight. It was like snatching away their water. By the way, even if they were to overcome their fears, they wouldn’t be able to fight with this blinding light.


They would also spread rumors of this light once they return. And so, they would retreat from fear. And so, the war will end in little bloodshed.


However, my light suddenly weakened. What’s the meaning of this? Someone was trying to interfere here!? There should be no way for a mortal to interfere with a god’s power though……


「Goddess Faltina!? Never heard of her! I won’t lose to someone like that!」

This voice didn’t belong to someone………


「This is the dog god Lord Intanyu!」「We have Lord Intanyu’s presence with us!」


What? Intanyu? More importantly, the problem was that the other side’s morale was rising.


「Hurry up and get the water to the village!」「Faltina’s appearance bought us time! It’s fine! 」「Hurry up! Hurry up! 」


Alright, we made it in time! As I approached the enemy, a brilliant light from the other side obstructed me a second time.


「Shit, it became stronger!」「Don’t come any closer! 」


As I thought that annoying interference would come again, the water drawing unit hurried into the village’s gates while the opposing side gave up the chase. To deter them from pressing on, archers from the village sat on top of the two watchtowers flanking the gate. Death by arrow only awaits them. The water was somehow properly transported.


In that day’s strategy meeting, it was brought up that the enemy’s strength has considerably declined. If we could withstand these few days, we had the opportunity to sneak up from behind and annihilate them.


There should have been nothing wrong with that. To begin with, their rations had decreased by so much that they were now resorting to looting attempts hence their strength should be weak. Even without cutting off their supply line, they couldn’t obtain food in their stronghold anyways.


If we could attack the enemy before they became desperate, the damage taken would be lessened and we would be able to defeat the enemy.


However, that was destroying a village in a similar situation to New Karta so it wasn’t something enjoyable. Having said that, even if they were to return to their village uninjured, the possibility that such a situation would develop again is low. Anyhow, I wished to give compassion to the dog-eared folk……


Aghhh! Just thinking about it wouldn’t accomplish anything!


I’m also interested in the identity of that voice, so let’s investigate them a little.


I appeared in the dog-beastmen’s headquarters. As it was close to New Karta, it was easy going.


The inside of their camp had absolutely no war potential with toddlers and women milling around and even an elderly person asleep.


They really were desperate to destroy New Karta. They were fighting even closer to the limit than I thought. Failing would be mean mass suicide, just like drinking poison.


In the middle of the camp, I saw an over the top altar. Several beast’s bones were randomly sticking out. Must be something like an offering.


My objective was there.


「Why has the guardian deity of New Karta come here……」


A dog-eared goddess dressed in their native clothing stood up. It seems that she appeared because I came here.


She looked like the worshipped statue. Her hair was done up in ringlets and, compared with my long, gold hair, seemed very heavy. Instead, I had various jewels on my head.


「You are Intanyu right? You are the guardian deity of the dog-eared state Wadi Kingdom, I presume?」

Because there was a god in their village too they should also be able to utilize miracles.


「That’s right…… By the way, who are you……? There weren’t any powerful gods in the Karta Kingdom and the neighboring neither did the surrounding countries have anyone with half-decent faith. The empire also destroyed the temple belonging to the supreme deity Akurai’s faith which should have collapsed……」


I see. It seems that the refugees of the Karta Kingdom lost the gods the believed in.


「My name is Faltina.

A god from another continent. My home country is now ruined and I’m treated like the devil in that land. The conquering neighboring country believes that a male god is the supreme deity, it seems. It was by coincidence that I was picked up by this village of the Karta Kingdom. Seems I was hired as their guardian deity.」

「Such an employed guardian deity could never display such power…..」


Intanyu scowled at my face but eventually broke out into a self-deprecating laugh.


「Now, If we were to fight as fellow gods I will just be erased…… In this way, our quality of faith is also different…… To compete against that light was the best my current self can do…… My people cannot help power my faith……」

「I was also coincidentally saved by a devout girl. If my statue was not picked up by the girl, I surely would have disappeared since.」


It seems that there was room for discussion. Perhaps this could tie into the next step in my plan.


「Hey, Intanyu. Tell the people of the Wadi Kingdom to disarm themselves.」

「And so? Will you turn these people into slaves? Or would you prefer to kill them……. I would rather not be buried alive…… Everyone is like a child to me……」


Intanyu had tears on her haughty looking face and bowed to me.


「Please, please……」


「They won’t become slaves. I wish for your people to also become New Karta’s citizens.

Of course, if you refuse I would just send you back to your original village… Yanno?」

「Hey, why are you saying such a generous thing……?」


「New Karta is at best a village right now, but I fully intend to let it be called a country one day. I need more people for that. We must expand the fields even further. And if we didn’t properly build an army, we would still confront bigger enemies.」


I discovered that New Karta was being attacked this time. For the surrounding refugees, this place looked like utopia. In that case, choosing self-sufficiency and leisure is no longer an option.


「In the first place, weren’t we discriminated against and destroyed by those empire lot? If let’s join forces」

「Even if you say so, will New Karta consent?」

「Fortunately, there haven’t been any deaths in this war yet. Neither are the fields ruined. The feeling of hatred shouldn’t be so strong. In that case, I will also try.」


I held my hand out to Intanyu.

「Let’s make a new state, a beastmen state that wouldn’t be defeated by the empire!」


Intanyu, still bewildered, grasped my hand.

The Goddess always loves you.

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