Job Change ch8

(Chapter 8 then a Cringy comment followed by thanking our TLer and Editor)

08 – Cat and Dog Beastmen Union Plan


Once I returned to New Karta village, I once again carved words onto the elder’s house.


Its contents were to agree to the surrender from the dog-beastmen and to welcome them as people who would cultivate the fields. Furthermore, I gave the reason that “the only way for beastmen to create a happy state, was to become one that would accept numerous beastmen, such as the people aiming for New Karta like these dog-beastmen will only increase.”


Naturally, the conference was held at once.


While there were some sentimental arguments that they couldn’t immediately become friends with the Wadi Kingdom people, my written opinion that: ‘unless the population grew, the village would not become strong and would be destroyed’ could not be refuted. {ED – I just use ‘x’ for quotations… Sorry, bad habit.}


「It’s not like we particularly waged war against the Wadi Kingdom for that long. This time the attack that came was significantly undermanned. Furthermore, we must uphold this village’s rule.」


That quiet discussion finished faster than I thought. Well, laying my opinion out so they could see it, there wasn’t a single dissenting opinion in this village.


「It’s true that we protected the village this time, but if this were to constantly happen countless times I don’t know how it would end…… Let’s think of what to do if the Wadi Kingdom surrenders……」

It seems that the elders also thought that joining up with the Wadi Kingdom’s people was also the best course of action.


Soon after the decision was made, it seems that an oracle came from the vicinity of the Wadi Kingdom’s settlement and the opposing side’s village chief showed up with a cart stuffed full of countless numbers of weapons. Truly an unconditional surrender.


「Today, from this side, came Goddess Intanyu’s words. 『I have spoken with god.』There is no chance in contesting any further, accept your defeat and entrust yourselves to people of New Karta. If so you will not be treated poorly』or something similar was said…… Already, many people have reached the limits of their strength; thus, our surrender was decided……」


Being on the losing side, the other village’s chief dejectedly dropped their shoulders. To their surrender, this village’s elders said,

「Understood. If you can accept some conditions, we will permit you to live in New Karta. For our village to proactively reclaim land, we wish for assistance. Of course, will provide plenty of meals. Rather than having the status of a slave, we will guarantee you the position of a villager.」


「Re, Really!? Your words are too good to be true……It’s impossible to believe if you say it so suddenly……」

「We are fellow victims of the Garm Kingdom’s attack We were originally not supposed to have any enmity. Rather, it should be towards the empire.」

「Thank you very much, truly thank you very much!」


The dog-beastmen’s village chief bowed over and over with tears spilling everywhere.


「To be honest, we received an oracle from our New Karta’s guardian deity Goddess Faltina. It was a decree to forgive you for the lot and turn New Karta from a village into a kingdom. Without Goddess Faltina’s strength, we would also have met an unfortunate end. We could not go against her will.」


「Faltina…..We heard that name from the oracle that arrives to us! That means they really came to an agreement……!」


It seems that the combination of the villages went smoothly.


Putting that aside, New Karta began their large-scale reclamation operation. Because the number of people increased greatly, the purpose was to secure enough food to live off. Meanwhile, even in the village made by the refugees of the Wadi Kingdom, serious cultivation of their crops began. The village here was called the New Wadi village.


An irrigation ditch was seriously dug from the spring water on the terrace to New Karta. With this, the convenience of obtaining water drastically increased and the road to deliver fresh water to New Wadi village also is being gradually established.


In addition, the dog-beastmen were also much better at hunting than the cat-beastmen. Before only animals like deer could be caught, but now even large animals like wild boars have been added to the dining table. The diversity of the meals has also increased from the addition of the dog-beastmen.


Thus, my alter also underwent some changes. A shrine to Intanyu was created besides me. Her face was hung in front of the entrance and ended up looking rather weird…… Furthermore, what appeared to be sculptures made of bone decorated the walls.


Being enshrined side-by-side despite our differences was a symbol of our good relationship. That was all fine and good but……


「How do you do?」

「She came again, that Intanyu……」

This dog-eared goddess is constantly making an appearance. Three times a day wasn’t all that often, but it’s becoming quite a hassle. You could say she was like a neighbor.


「Excuse me but, can you stop coming here when you don’t have any business?」

「We are fellow gods so it’s fine.」

Or so she said as she laid down in this temple. Furthermore, it seems that the shrine maiden Rione is also able to see Intanyu’s figure. Rione is truly a special child.


「Um, should I prepare the tea……?」

Gods could savor offerings. Since the actual item doesn’t disappear, it is good for the person who offered it to eat it after.

「Make it lukewarm. I have a cat’s tongue so it is no good hot.」

「You, don’t unnecessarily increase Rione’s work……」


「It’s only a little, so it should be fine no? We are also working hard as gods.」

「Yeah Yeah…….」

This goddess, already accustomed to this luxury……


「By the way, shrine maiden named Rione. I have a question for you.」

「Yes. Goddess Intanyu, what is it?」

「Do you have a man you like? I can promise you an easy childbirth.」


Rione’s face turned crimson red.


「No……There isn’t such a person yet……」

「Wait a moment! You, what in the world are you asking! 」

「I was originally the god of childbirth. Dogs give birth often. However, being a dog, when faith began to rise in the Wadi Kingdom, I became the highest god. Hence, my speciality is stuff such as marriage and childbirth.」


Is that so. This god was also not native to the Wadi Kingdom.


「If you don’t have a good man, I can introduce you to many. You can afford to choose between five or ten people!」

「No, no, no!」

I stopped the conversation with my voice.


「Why did Faltina stop me..?」

「Be, Because……If Rione loses her virginity she wouldn’t be able to see me and that would be sad…… A shrine maiden’s power holds such a place……」


Intanyu let out a hearty laugh.


「You, a god looking after a single person so much like a daughter? It’s like you’re her mother.」


The Goddess is good.

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