Job Change ch9

Now I was promised a wedding in this chapter by Miki, I know Miki wouldn’t let me down.

09 – From Village to Country


Intanyu burst out in laughter.


「You, a god looking after a single person so much like a daughter? It’s like you’re her mother」

「Because……..I wouldn’t be here if Rione didn’t pick me up……For that reason, Rione is special……Really, Really special……」


I hugged Rione tightly to protect her.


「Goddess Faltina…..?」

Rione was also slightly confused. Shit, did I overdo it?


「Ha….. That’s rather passionate. You too are also a little girl.」

「Rather, Intanyu’s ideas regarding conception are strong. It’s normal for gods to value innocence.」


「Well, then it’s fine if a shrine maiden marries and mates with a god right? Generally, the god in such a case is usually male but……. the ritual aspect is strong, it should work with two females as well.」


Without hesitation, Intanyu said an outrageous thing. (TLN: ktkr)


「Ehhhh! Having such a marriage……」

My head turned pure white. Surely, there’s no way a God would have such a temper……


「No, it isn’t such a strange thing Yanno. Rather, by doing such a ceremony, the shrine maiden’s position will rise and if we factor in their future political development, it’s surely a plus or so I think.」


Political development— Ah, being involved in that matter.


「Intanyu, you, I can somehow see where you are going with this.」(TLN: not too sure on this)

「Even though things may be this way, you’ve protected the Wadi Kingdom for 300 years before coming here. I may have lost to that violent lot from the Garm Empire but, if I once again make a plan and take measures, I can destroy them. I will make a grand nation of beastmen with you. It is for that reason I came here」


I got reliable words from this.


Yes, to make the people who have faith prosper would be beneficial to us gods. As religion’s area of influence expanded, it would be a win-win situation.


「I understand. Well, I, and Rione, will perform the ceremony of marriage.」

「Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh…… Um……Goddess Faltina……」


Ah, I’ve been hugging Rione for a while now……


「Ah~, naturally if it’s unpleasant, I will stop formally stop…… Having the emotional distance with my shrine maiden growing is not a good thing……」

Since Rione was something like my life’s savior, I don’t for her to do something she doesn’t want.

「That’s right. If you have any man troubles you, I will teach you. I promise to help you build a happy family.」


「No…..I was simply surprised by the talk about marriage……I wasn’t trying to avoid Goddess Faltina…… Please understand that……」


Intanyu said 「what a pure-hearted daughter」.

That’s right. Because her heart is pure, don’t play with it too much.


「Ah, and so……With regards to the marriage with a god, a large change will happen to Rione, so I will explain that. If that is unagreeable, there is no choice but to stop.」

「Change? Something like your body growing?」

Rather, you wouldn’t grow at all, but since that ‘could’ be changed, the explanation was postponed.


「In any case, your position on this would be completely different.」

「I do not know if there was any unifying force at the top like the elders in this village or country.」


As expected Intanyu understands what I’m trying to do.


I explained my plan to Rione as slowly as I could. To give Rione as much time to think about it herself. I told her that I wanted Rione to be as happy as possible. However, in the end, it’s their personal decision on what is happiness.


There’s no doubt that Rione’s life has suddenly changed from what she originally thought. That’s why I have the obligation to explain. I am not an evil god; while not entirely innocent, but a proper goddess none the less.


Rione who seriously listened finally said 「I will do it」. And so, to become a goddess like me, she laughed without a single cloud of doubt.


「Undoubtedly, ever since I picked up Goddess Faltina’s statue I decided to dedicate my life. There is no doubt.」


「Alright. I will tell everyone related our plan. I will send an oracle to the people on my side. Intanyu help out too.」

「For this 『country』to grow stronger is also a plus for me.」


The talk was settled in around two weeks. And so, excluding the security personnel, the greater part of the villagers had gathered in the plaza. Then, the elders came out as usual.


「Up until now I have kept the village of New Karta safe. However, it has already been a long year and there is a more suitable leader for the developing New Karta. And so, I will select a new leader.」


The villagers became noisy. That was natural.


「The next leader will be the one who listens to the voice of Goddess Faltina, the shrine maiden who has contributed for a long time to the village Rione!」


Everyone was confused if there was anyone else that could be considered.


「Tomorrow, the shrine maiden Rione will- to clearly show she is a servant of Faltina- perform the marriage ceremony. With that, it would be established that Rione is the leader and the queen. The country’s name is the 『New Karta Beastmen Kingdom』!」


It seemed that quite a few people’s hearth throbbed from the sound of a kingdom. I can understand by looking at their faces.


「Here was a small, poor village until a while ago. There wasn’t even a proper name. However, our sphere of power widely spread even include New Wadi. It’s impossible to call ourselves a village now. And so, I declare this to be a country. I hope both the cat-beastmen and the dog-beastmen will devote themselves as proper citizens! 」


The people rose up to the elder’s words. To declare themselves a country means their power is strong.


So far, the sailing seems smooth. All that remains is how well this New Karta Beastmen Kingdom will fare.


The next day, the marriage ceremony of Rione and myself was conducted.


The ceremony was very simple. Rione placed the ring from the table onto her finger and declared「I swear to live as Faltina’s first servant!」. That was most of the ceremony.


However, a large change happened to Rione.


「Somehow, my body is so warm……」

「That is the divine protection of the goddess. It is proof that one has officially become a shrine maiden. Until you step down as a shrine maiden, you will not age, I believe… If that is unpleasant, further discussion is needed.」

「Eh, you won’t grow old?」

「Hum, that means perpetual youth. In the first place, in the country where I was, shrine maidens would quit and get married normally after five years so it’s just a sort of legend. You are also a shrine maiden. Make a decision yourself.」


Gods can make suggestions but cannot decide for you. If that were to happen, the purpose of a human’s existence disappears. A child will not grow up properly if you are overprotective.


「If possible…… I want to serve besides Goddess Faltina forever.」


Despite becoming a queen today, Rione still had clear eyes.


And then she grasped my hands gently.


「I will be in your care……」(or you can use best regards from now on)

「Yes, I’ll be in your care, your highness.」


From this day begins the New Karta Beastman Kingdom.



The Goddess loves you.

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  1. Hmm, that’s a rather casual drop about a form of immortality. Though, if people didn’t know about it, they wouldn’t realize that retiring in order to get married means you become susceptible to old age while you wouldn’t otherwise.
    (Though guess it wouldn’t matter if your population of eligible shrine maidens/men grows in proportion with your country’s population)

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