Tridente 6

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Small Village Tridente – Chapter 006


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June, 2XX7

Uncomfortable Feeling


After the battle, I was worried since we didn’t have any methods of resurrection, but it seems that the gallery who’d been observing the battle learned revival magic, so they helped us with reviving.

Because Saaya and I survived until the end, the members that were incapacitated didn’t have to lose their items.


By the way, when a player is defeated in battle, the items that they lose are taken by the monster who defeated them and are dropped once that monster is defeated.


Death Scythe Mantis dropped items that seemed to be from players as well.

「There sure are a lot… of item drops.」
「We didn’t really think about the item distribution, did we… What should we do?」


Tsurugi-san had his head full with the battle, and now he’s worrying about how to divide the items, which might become really chaotic.


「For the time being, we should bring them back to the village and decide what to do then.」

Seira-san suggested, and Tsurugi-san agreed.

When we arrived at the village, the members who didn’t join the battle welcomed us.

「Welcome back! I heard that it was a struggle?」
「Tell us how you guys won!」
「And the drops? Did any good items drop?」


Questions kept coming one after another.

I decided to hide behind Saya and wait for it to pass.

「Mari, what are you hiding for? Even though you contributed the most.」
「I-It’s not like that… it was only at the end, and I was also protected by Saya and Seira-san…」

「Even so, it was because of Mari-chan’s quick judgment that we were able to win. Even I was surprised when you made a wall.」
「T-thank you very much! But, I was also saved by Seira-san, so it’s all thanks to everyone!」



「That reminds me, Saya-chan, didn’t you use some kind of skill? What skill was it?」

Certainly, Saya’s skill called 【Aegis】 protected me.

「Ah, that skill. It invalidates all kinds of attacks and converts them into HP for any allies within the surrounding area of effect, but…」
「Hee~, that’s amazing. Even though it’s a beginner skill, it’s really useful.」
「Not really, I didn’t really learn it myself…」
「Eh? Then, when did it happen?」

「When I went to cover Mari, a message appeared telling me I got it.」


A skill that isn’t acquired manually, but rather learned automatically… For example, maybe it’s like a skill that you learn by repeating an attack and raising its mastery…

「I want to protect Mari, I want to save Mari. It’s like it appeared as if to answer those feelings, it felt like that……」 (9:Yuri Power)
「A-aren’t you thinking about it too deeply, Saya-chan? No matter how you think about it, a skill that’s learned in response to a person’s feelings…」


Seira-san was in doubt, but if it really is a skill that appeared in response to Saya’s feelings, then I think it’s wonderful.

「Saya, what do you think?」
「I… I want to believe that it answered my feelings towards Mari.」
「Yeah, I also believe it! Saya, whenever and wherever, will always save me, just like a prince.」

「…You two, are you always flirting in public like that?」
「I-It’s not like that at all! We just met yesterday… And we also just met in real life, right before we logged in.」

More than the skill, I can’t believe what you just said! Seira-san was surprised.
After chatting for a little while, Tsurugi-san who had been worrying over the distribution of items called everyone over.

「For now, the materials that are for construction will be used for the village as a whole. Since a lot of the drops from Death Scythe Mantis were beginner equipment, they were probably from defeated players.」

I wonder how many players it had exterminated. It dropped a lot of wooden swords and beginner armors.

We didn’t really need them because we prepared slightly higher ranked equipment to fight Death Scythe Mantis, so it was unanimously decided that they would be given freely to beginners that came to the village and didn’t have equipment.

「What’s left are the drops from Death Scythe Mantis that can be used as materials for equipment, but there are 18 total varieties. It probably dropped the same number as the members of the alliance. But still, the equipment that you can create is different for each material, so declare what equipment material you want and if it’s the same as another person, then discuss it among yourselves.」

「Well, first are the Death Scythe Mantis’ Sickles. These can create either a spear or a bow, anyone want it?」
「Me, me, I want it!」

Seira-san raised her hand.
Since it dropped two sickles, I checked if no one wanted the other one, and then raised my hand.

「M-me too…」
「Then, these are for you two. Then, the next one.」


I received a sickle from Tsurugi-san, used craft, and checked the materials needed to make a bow.

「Ok, it looks like I can make it.」

【Fuujin Bow】 (Swift Wind Bow)

It seems to be a special weapon that can change its form from a bow to a big scythe. It sounds like a really useful weapon, so I will probably rely on it for a while.

「Mari, did you make a weapon?」
「Ah, Saya.」


It looks like Saya chose a material for a shield. I thought that she would clash with Tsurugi-san, but it seems he chose a material for a sword, just like his name. (9: If you aren’t weeb enough, tsurugi means sword.)


「Mari-chan, look, look! I made mine immediately.」


Seira-san equipped the spear that she’d crafted and struck a pose.

「Wow! It’s really cool.」
「This spear, it’s called a Tridente, and it looks like it also has its own exclusive skill.」


It seems that Tridente is the Spanish word for a three-pronged spear.

There is the top three of a troupe or, in sports, the three way attack formation, that are sometimes described as a three-pronged spear and called Tridente. But this type of spear is probably most known for its appearances in many games, the so-called trident.


The Death Scythe Mantis seems to have been a pretty rare monster; all the weapons created from its materials had a skill attached every time.

「You’re right, my shield also has an exclusive weapon skill.」
「Fuee~ …amazing! I should make mine too.」


I selected the necessary items and crafter the Fuujin Bow. It seems that when it’s in its bow and arrow mode it has Aerial Arrow, but when it’s in its scythe mode, you can use Air Slash.


「Uwaa, air slash huh? I think I want to try it out…」

Knowing that I can use the air slash that was swung in fury just earlier, I got a bit excited.


「Mari-chan, you’re unusually aggressive? Don’t shoot me okay.」

「I-I won’t do that, okay!」


「Well, let’s go hunting a bit tomorrow. Since we have school tomorrow we should log out soon.」

「Are you girls students?」

「We are. We’re in year… ah, I shouldn’t really talk about real life. Since Mari easily identified me.」

「Identified… Mari-chan, what did you do?」

「Ah, no… It was just me getting curious and calling out to her.」

「Hee~… then, someday, I will also be called out by Mari-chan.」

「Most likely, it will happen like that. Since Mari’s hobby is picking up girls.」

「Eeh!? That’s Saya’s hobby, isn’t it?」



After that, the distribution of items ended, the Death Scythe Mantis subjugation party disbanded, and each of the members went to their homes.

Saya and I also returned to our home and sorted our items.


「Hey, Mari. Tomorrow, how about we go to school together?」

And, I received a sudden invitation from Saya.

I’ve always longed to go to school together with someone, but if I went to school with Saya, I wonder how others would react…


「Saya, you, you’re always getting surrounded, so…」

「If I have a specific partner, then I won’t end up getting surrounded. Come on, please!」


Partner… …Just a few days ago, I wouldn’t have been able to imagine that Saya would call me her partner.

But, now that I think about it, Saya has always called out to me. When I was having trouble in the hallways, when I was peeking into the classroom, and when I was at the shoe rack after school.


「O-okay. If you are fine with me.」

「Yay! We’ll meet up at the place where we separated today, okay?」


The promise for tomorrow, those words that I received from Saya yesterday, this time, I send them towards her.


「Then, see you tomorrow. Saya.」

「Yeah, see you. Mari.」


I said my goodbyes to Saya, but when I was about to log out ―― I had a very uncomfortable feeling. My mind felt mushy; it was a really discomforting feeling.


(uwu, I feel bad… I wonder why.)


The log out process ended and I returned to the real world.

I took a deep breath in order to calm down a little, but my head still felt dizzy.


(I wonder if I got too immersed in NW.)

It’s my first VRMMO, so I might be feeling a bit dizzy from it.

For now, I should wash my face and get refreshed… as I got up from my bed, I checked my phone.


It’s a message from mom…


「I’ll be coming home late tonight, so go check the refrigerator and make something to eat..」


I replied 「oka~y!」 and sent a stamp.

Our household is supported entirely by my mom. It seems that when I was still really young, my dad died in an accident. It was in the past, so I don’t really have any memories of my father.


I went down the stairs and headed towards the living room… and there, I was suddenly called out.


「Ah, you’re finally up! Geez~, mama won’t be home, so we need to cook our own meal, you know.」


A voice with a bit of a childish quality to it, and as if it were normal to be in this house, that person was waiting for me to come down.


This is not normal… after all, I…


「Are you listening? Onee-chan.」


I don’t have a little sister――


Chapter 6 END

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Goddess bless.


  1. Is this a “switch”? Has she been logged out into someone else’s body by the power of the author’s determination alone? Must be Saya…

    Thanks for the chapter.

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