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Small Village Tridente – Chapter 008



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June, 2XX7



「Is this really an interview with NW? Is it a prank…?」


A representative didn’t appear. It’s a bizarre scene where only a laptop is shown; it feels a bit creepy.

Listening to his or her words, the problematic symptoms affecting memories were intentionally caused by the NW Company. But even if they did so, if they publicize it themselves then there’s no way they won’t be showered with criticism.


「The memories of these victims, shall we call them “LOST MEMORIES”. The way to recover these memories is simple. Just log in to NW again and your memories will return.」


By just logging in, our memories will…?

If they can easily do whatever they want to a person’s memories with only that, then there will people who will not be logging in from now on. What do they hope to accomplish by announcing something like this?


「Everyone must be confused, right? We will be answering questions exclusively from NW players.」


Saya, without any hesitation, logged in to NW Company’s website with her user ID.


「Wait a minute, Saya! You’re being careless!」


By just logging in to NW, memories were taken away. We don’t know what will happen but I think that logging in to NW Company’s homepage is a dangerous thing to do.


「It’s alright. You’re besides me, Mari. And if something strange happens to me, you will know immediately. Just in case, Mari, don’t log in, okay?」


There were already hundreds of questions filling up the comment section. And most of them were abusive remarks, criticism, and slander directed at the NW Company. However, as expected, I really can’t defend them in this situation.


――Why did you manipulate our memories?

「It was an experiment. It was not done out of self-interest. It was a step to save humanity.」


――What experiment? What do you mean by “save humanity.”

「The world you currently inhabit will soon meet its demise. Therefore, I made a new world for the sake of humanity. And that world is NW――The Next World.」


――How do you know the world will end? Your lies are completely obvious.

「Because of contact with those who exist outside of the world. Your world, as well, was originally a place of refuge. The small sprouts the creator left behind gave birth to life and grew. However, due to humanity’s rapid evolution, it was detected by those on the outside.」


――I don’t understand how the next world is inside of the game. It’s obviously impossible.

「It’s simply about transferring your memories to the avatars that you’ve created. It’s just accessing the part of the brain that stores memories, the hippocampus, through the cerebral cortex and transferring those memories. In other words, the memories that you’ve lost are currently being stored in your avatars. And once you log in, it’s set to return your memories.」


――If the world is destroyed and the server goes down, then wouldn’t that world end as well?

「Before your world meets its demise, NW will detach itself from your world and become completely independent. Once it has separated, it will not have any connection to your world.」


――Even if we transfer our memories, that isn’t ourselves, right?

「That is certainly you yourself. It’s just that your body will change into data. If I were to put it simply, then it’s as if you’re transferring vehicles. That’s much easier to understand compared to various organs and cells, isn’t it?」


――I’m a guy IRL but my avatar is a girl, so what will happen?

「There will not be any problems. Live the way you like in NW.」


――Why did you only cause memory loss in Japan? It seems that nothing happened abroad.

「Even if someone you didn’t know were in your house, you wouldn’t get a gun and shoot them right away, right? If I were to praise, because it’s safe. If I were to mock, because there’s no sense of crisis. Incidentally, only memories concerning siblings were manipulated this time. We needed to cause a certain degree of panic or else this case wouldn’t spread throughout the world, so we used memories with a large influence.」


――Do you really think we’ll believe that ridiculous story of yours? I won’t log in ever again.

「I will not force you. It’s fine if only those who approve of this plan cooperate. You are free to go or not go to NW.」


Many more questions were still being raised. Honestly, I think there were only a few people who believed it.


「Mari, do you want to try asking some questions?」

「Saya, do you think it’s true?」

「Hmm… It’s not something you can really believe, but you also can’t just deny it all… it feels like that.」


She’s right. After doing this on such a large scale, it probably won’t end as just a prank or a crazy delusion. I, I want to make sure of this situation until the very end. Regardless of what kind of conclusion it ends in.


「For now, I’m going to try asking a question.」


Saya said and and posted a comment.


――Who are you? Why do you not show your face?

「The reason I’m not showing my face is because I’m not in that world. I have completely become an inhabitant of NW. I am the first test subject, and also the creator of this plan.」


Then, that person has already abandoned their self from this world? If that’s the case, then this world’s demise, is it already that close?


「Saya, let me ask a question.」


I posted a comment through the device that Saya passed to me.


――When will this world’s demise come? Are there no other ways to save the world?

「I do not know the exact time limit. At the earliest, it could be in a few seconds, and at the latest, it could be within five years. I want to gather residents before it is too late.

I don’t know any other ways to save the world. Some might plan to escape through space, and others might plan to escape through the underground. However, I believe that both Earth and the universe will be deleted altogether. That’s why I made a place to escape to that’s out of the reach of those from the outside. Of course, there is no guarantee that my plan will work. That is why I will only invite those who agree with me.」


Earth, and even the universe will be erased… …It’s really hard to believe, but if this plan of theirs is real, then I think I would choose NW. But, those who are left, like my family and Saya… I wonder what they will choose.


「In any case, I’ll try logging in to NW when I get home. What about you, Mari?」

「I, I’ll also try logging in! I want to make sure that our memories will really return.」


There is also a chance that even more memories will be taken, but I want to try believing in the words of this unknown person.

No, rather than believing that person’s words, I want to believe in the world called NW. After all, I am completely, hopelessly enthralled by that world.


「Ah, Mari. Lunch ended a while ago already.」



Chapter 8 END

9: A short chapter, but it answers questions. (B: Literally.) It made me think, from how they described the end, that humankind is like a virus that got too big so the anti-virus noticed them or something.

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Goddess bless.


  1. I feel like countries would immediately block NW thinking about it realistically. Scoff at the world destruction and block any possible future contact with the game.
    Thanks for the new chapter!

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  2. Honestly, the New World game does not seem to be that amazing at all and I see no reason for them to be so enthralled by the game world, that they decide to go along with this ‘plan’ so easily, abandoning memories and being forced to live a life.

    Seems a tad unrealistic. As much as I would prefer reading a heartwarming, cute story. I have to give the author props for trying out something that is new, newer than being trapped or just being a simple story, or a lack of one.

    Still going to continue reading. Thanks for the translation!


    1. It’s the place where mari met saya so if I remember correctly, she herself said that it’s become a special place for her.


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