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Small Village Tridente – Chapter 009


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June, 2XX7



「So the exclusive VR set, it’s used to transfer memories between the player’s brain and their PC avatar?」


After school, while walking together with Saya, I checked the comments and replies that had been posted since then. Even after we were late to class, it seems that there were a lot of exchanges.

「You’re right. Distributing those exclusive VR sets, it was so they could use that special function to interact with NW players’ brains.」


Something as expensive as a VR set being handed out to players for free… …I can’t imagine just how large the funds for this plan were. Connections with this country… No, maybe they have been funded from all over the world.

「Saya, about this matter, are you going to discuss it with your family? That you’ve lost memories…?」
「I’ll probably wait and see for now. Since I think they might stop me from logging in to NW.」
「You’ve got a point… I’ll also hide it from my family… since I think I was able to successfully deceive them yesterday.」


After separating from Saya and returning home, I immediately got my VR set to log in to NW.

(Just this one small machine is able to transfer a person’s memories into an avatar…)


The moment that I was about to log in to NW, Knock Knock! there came a knocking from my bedroom door.

「Onee-chan, you there~?」

「Eh, I’m not here!」
「You’re there. I’m coming in, kay?」

Darn it. Even though I didn’t want to see my little sister until I’d recovered my memories…


「Why are you so flustered? Were you doing something naughty?」

「I-if I was, then be ashamed… Do you need something? Yuki-chan.」
「Today’s my birthday so let’s go buy a cake together, okay.」


Out of all days, it had to be her birthday… Since I don’t have my memories, I had no idea. I immediately looked for an excuse. If she knew that her older sister had forgotten about her little sister’s birthday, she would definitely be sad. However, I also can’t ignore my promise with Saya.

「N-now that you mention it, it’s today, isn’t it! Can you wait for an hour? There’s something I really have to do…」
「I lied.」

My words were interrupted by my sister’s cold stare.

「My birthday isn’t today, you know. Did you forget about it even though we celebrate it every year?」
「S-sorry! I totally forgot.」
「It’s a birthday we celebrated last week, there’s no way you would forget about it, right?」
「Yuki-chan, why…」
「Onee-chan, you logged in to NW, didn’t you? Last night, there was something weird about you. When we were talking, there was this uncomfortable feeling. Memories about me… do you have them?」

She found out… …I thought I had successfully deceived her, but the way I was with her was different from usual.

If it was just that, then I might have been able to trick her. But with NW Company’s announcement causing an uproar right now, it’s natural that she would doubt my memory.

「S-sorry… The truth is, I don’t have any memories of you since last night…」
「Haa~, like I thought. So right now I’m a total stranger to Onee-chan, right?」
「B… but, even if it’s just a single day’s memories, I know that Yuki-chan is a really good girl. Yuki-chan, even without knowing you, I was able to be relieved!」
「…Are you going to log in to NW?」

「I know it isn’t really sane that I’m going to log in to NW even though it stole memories of my own family.

And I understand that you’re worried, Yuki-chan. But even if you try to stop me, I really need to go. Staying this way, with my memories missing, I don’t want that anymore!」


Yuki-chan sighed and glared at me with cold eyes.

「It’s not like I’m worried or anything. I just wanted to know if you really didn’t have any memories. Just go already.」


Words I didn’t expect came back, what?, I’m confused.

I thought she would say something like 『Onee-chan, I can’t let you be exposed to any more danger!』 while stopping me with all of her might.

「M-maybe you’re angry?」
「I’m not, but… Those words, do you believe them? Like the world ending, and living inside the game, that stuff.」


Somehow or other, Yuki-chan seems to be worried about whether I’m considering immigrating to the world of NW, like what the NW Company said.

Certainly, listening to that explanation alone, it seems ridiculous. It doesn’t feel like the world is ending at all, and I don’t understand the things about the outside of the world either. The reason why the universe was created, or the meaning behind the birth of Earth, I really don’t know anything for certain.

But it’s because this world is full of so many unknown things that it’s no wonder the end might come at any time. I think that’s why I’m a bit inclined towards what the NW Company said.

「For now, after my memories return, let’s talk again okay? About the future.」

「Okay… …See you.」

『I’m going.』, I replied and put on the exclusive NW VR set. I felt a little nervous when I thought about this VR set moving my memories back and forth. It’s not just memories. It might also be possible that it can take your soul in its entirety. Because in actuality, the first test subject of the NW project has already become a resident of the cyber world.


Just before my vision changed, Yuki-chan muttered something.

――I’ll be watching you from here.


What, so she was worried after all.
I felt a bit relieved and surrendered my body as it dived into the virtual world.
Chapter 9 END

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A little Preview of a future chapter.~


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  3. The tags in Novel Updates needs to be updated. I thought this was just a yuri VRMMORPG novel, now there’s talk about the world ending and SAO style? Not what I signed up for but… interesting.


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