9: Meow! Announcements regarding 9’s current situation, how to be able read chapters in advance, release schedules and etc.

9: 9 here current translator for Tridente, Cat,  jly and other dropped stuff. Its been a while since I posted something here ever since I made maddy in charge of posting.  just skip the topic if you don’t want to read them.

9’s situation.

First thing  I have to say is that I kinda need some help. As for why, its mostly because of life being shitty. I’ll try and do a short explanation what happened to me. During last year around October or September, A family member(I won’t say who and please don’t ask) took most of the money we have and then left us in debt, and because of that we had to sell our house and business and move to our grandparents place. and at the same time since i was helping out the family business, I also lost my job.
And because of that it just made me really depressed and focused on escaping reality. and abandoned my translations for quite a while. But I was somehow able to be able to recover at it at around the start of 2019. And resumed my translation.

When I resumed my translation I kinda of want to start something new So I discussed it with the team, at first I recommended the story about the OP fairy yuri but someone was already translating it, then next I went with omae gotoki and then someone also already took it and then i kept recommending stuff and most of them were already being translated, and made me realized that at how much distant I am to the translating community (since i can read raws I didn’t bother checking any recent translations). And then we finally arrived at Tridente, A hidden gem I found a while ago, its not really perfect but it was enough for what we wanted. and began my translation at around the start of January.

Now as for why I need help, I need money. at least money to pay for my internet it hurts continue to be being a burden to my family. And honestly It was really hard for me to decide this, but because of how weak a person I am this was the only choice for me. I won’t ask you to pay for the chapters we will be regularly releasing scheduled chapters per week. I already asked everyone in the team and they didn’t mind me asking for donations and I’m really happy to have these guys as team members. I’ll be putting the donation link at the side of the wordpress. thank you very much for reading up until this point.

How to be able to read chapters in advance at Discord

First let me say this, the chapters that are in discord are UNEDITED, that’s why they are not posted here since we only want to post with at least some level of quality and again that is why we did not post them.
And now lets talk about Chatlation, we call it chatlation because its a translation in chat, it mostly started to be only for the people I befriended in discord so we didn’t really have any plan on sharing it but now we plan to share it so that others can read it but to be able to read the chapters in advance you need to go to discord.

Release Schedules (warning might change)
For now we plan on released every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at around 6-8 PM EST  mostly depending on Maddy.

As for the chatlation, its mostly about everyday around 9-10 AM JST or 7-8 PM JST. there is a clock in our discord so if you are confused by the time zones just check it out. btw my timezone is JST while Maddy’s is EST.

A way to Support the authors of the WN at Syosetsu

Guys I really want to support the author in some way so I have a proposal on how to support the author, it is to make an account and favorite or bookmark their novel and rate it or give it points. If we can somehow get the novel into the daily rankings, it would get easily noticed and get regular readers and then in turn give motivation to the author, you can also do this to other WNs in syosetsu. From all the wns that I have read the authors really like it if you give them points and bookmark their workds .And so I will be doing a step by step tutorial on how to register through the moonrunes of syosetsu and then rate the author’s works. i won’t do it here cause this announcement is already long enough.

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  1. Damn, sorry that happened to you. Glad to here your back translating again and not letting it beat you up forever. Hope you get through it well and good, and have a happy end to all this.

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