9: How to make a Syosetsu account, Maddy finally created a time machine(joke), Bucket scandalous relationship with another bucket exposed!?(joke)

9: is here again telling introducing you How to make a syosetsu account that even a goblin can understand. And other stuffs.

9: Also announcement for those who joined the discord chat we will be pruning inactive members, though lurkers rest easy if you have at least one role you won’t be kicked, for those inactive members if you are kicked please join again if you still want to and talk a little bit and you could at least receive one role after a few minutes of talking.

Benefits of a Syosetsu Account

Before I start talking about the tutorial, I’ll say the benefits first of having a syosetsu account.

If you can read raws , it will be helpful in helping you keep track of the web novels you want to read. It has a bookmark system which shows the bookmarked web novels in your home page or profile page or something, and it will show if there is a new chapter. Its really helpful if you follow a lot of web novel.

As for those who can’t read raws, if you think that it won’t benefit you, it might not but if you want to support an author it will benefit you. As for how it will support the author, Syosetsu has a point system and then bookmarking. By giving points to the author’s novel it will make it have better reputation or just makes the novel famous. And if a lot of people gave points it shows that a lot of people like the novel and a lot of people read it and in turn makes the authors happy and then they get motivated.  If there are a lot of points the novel will be included in the rankings. Getting in the Rankings is a bit of status for the Authors, it basically tells the author “your novel is in the rankings because its awesome” and most authors will be happy about it and will likely motivate the author. there are many rankings in Syosetsu, there is a ranking for each genre and then in the rankings for each genre they are separated by Daily Rankings, Monthly Rankings, Quarterly Rankings and then Yearly Rankings and they are updated everyday especially the Daily rankings.
And then if they get really famous there is a high chance that they will get an LN. And about the bookmarking, it just basically following the novels and the author will know how many bookmarks it, its the same with points the more the user bookmarks their novels the author will most likely motivate the author.

I say Motivate a lot its because that I have seen a lot of Authors that drop their works because its not famous enough or not many read it. And then these great works gets buried in a pile of trash and no one will barely notice it. And I find this a waste. There might be other ways to support the author but this is one of the simplest ways. If we at least make the novel reach the daily rankings , they will be recognize and then it will bring in more readers. As a creator, knowing that many people like your work is a happy thing. So I ask you guys, let’s anonymously support the authors.

How to make a Syosetsu account that even a goblin can understand

Okay then, after that long intro, let’s get right into it. Though honestly Its easy

First go here https://ssl.syosetu.com/useradd/mailinput/ it should lead you to this page (9: sorry for the ugly letters)

At A put your email adress
At B check the checkbox to agree with the terms and condition.
At C captcha, make sure you’re not a robot
At D it means send verification mail.

It should lead you to this page.

At A is your username
At B Nickname/maybe?
At C put your password
At D is whether its your PC (above) email or phone (below) email
At E is gender 3rd option means undecided if you are still not sure about your gender and below it is your date of birth

At F is when you’re finished of writing it

After that it will lead you to this page

At A make sure you put the correct Stuff
At B is confirming your password, so put your password be sure no one knows about it.
And then click the obvious blue button below to continue

and then the next page is.

At this point, you need to check your email if your verification mail has arrived.
then next is this.

At A is your username and user ID make sure you remember them
At B it will lead you to the log in page
And now you’re done with Making an Account

How to Bookmark and give points

First go to your the link of your favorite novel, we will use tridente for this one https://ncode.syosetu.com/n8908ek/
It should lead you to this page and to bookmark it

At A click the orange box and then this will appear

At A check if you want to be updated whenever there is a new chapter
At B if you want this bookmark to be shown in public (left one) or private (right one)
At C choose which category you will place it, you can customize the name of the category for example “yuri WN”
At D its to confirm it.
At E is to close the popup, though it should automatically close with D

Next is to give points
First go to the last chapter of the Web novel.
And then once you are on the page scroll down until you see this

At A you give points depending on the Author’s writing skills like grammar and Stuff
At B you give points depending on how much you like the story.
When you give points A confirmation button should appear and then click it to give points.
And then you’re done. YAY and thanks for Lian for helping me out to create this tutorial that even goblins can understand.


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