Tridente 19


Hey, it’s Tuesday so let’s post this week’s Tridente! It’s gonna be a long one so buckle up and enjoy!


Small Village Tridente – Chapter 019



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June, 2XX7

Small Village Tridente



A short while after I’d borrowed Saya’s chest to cry, Saya, the president, and I went to the center of the village.

「The village’s name, we still haven’t decided it, right?」


Saying that, I stabbed the memento of Seira-san, the tridente, into the base of the tree at the center of the village.

This spear is the symbol of this village.

「The name of this village is… Tridente.」

Saya and the president, hearing that, smiled tenderly and nodded.

A village near the sea
The place where our story started to be written.
This place is, Small Village Tridente
Chapter 19 END

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Goddess bless!


    1. 9: Translation is at around chapter 60 just unedited so they are not posted here, and mostly 1 editor is doing most of the editing so he can’t catch up with the chapters I already translated since I translate almost everyday


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