Tridente 20

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Small Village Tridente – Chapter 020



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July – August, 2XX7

We must upgrade our armor okay!!!


「We must upgrade our armor okay!!!」


It’s been about one month since we started NW. Around the time when we were about to start our summer vacation, while Saya and I were relaxing in our home, the president started talking.


「What’s the matter, so suddenly?」

「You two! Have the both of you not become lazy of late? I am saying that in order to survive in this world, the strength of your equipment is a must.」


After that incident, there hadn’t been any conspicuous events. Gathering materials for furniture, fishing, or playing cards, we had been enjoying ourselves doing those kinds of things a lot to pass the time.


「T-that’s right, isn’t it. Especially since your armor is to protect your body.」

「That is correct! So, before the number of players rises we must find ourselves good materials.」


I want to upgrade my armor… I understand that desire, but there’s something that I’m incredibly curious about.


「President, before that, could I ask you one thing?」

「Oh my, what might that be?」

「W-why is your weapon still the beginner equipment tree branch…?」


Indeed, even though the president started NW nearly a month ago, she is still using the tree branch she picked up during her first adventure.


「Eh, did you not previously say that this weapon is the “legendary” tree branch?」


Legendary tree branch… when she was just starting, I’m sure it was Saya who said that.

Saya, who’d heard her, said 『Eh… you still believed that…?』 with a face that seemed apologetic.


「A-are you saying that it was a lie?」

「Sorry, sorry. Honestly, I didn’t think you’d believe it.」


The president went silent as she stared at the tree branch.

I-is she feeling down…?

The moment I thought that, she raised her face and,


「Even if this is just a normal tree branch to other people, to me, this is the commemoration of the first time I went on an adventure with you two. This tree branch has the same value as a legendary weapon!」


「President… you’re right! That’s a wonderful idea!」


Me too. The wooden sword that Saya made for me is commemorative and is being used as a decoration. After all, it’s the first present that I received from Saya… It’s a very important treasure of mine.


「No, no, even if you make it sound nice, there’s a limit to that tree branch! No matter how strong your Nos. skill is, you can only use it once every 2 hours, you know?」


「Mu, then I must also create a new weapon… I shall use this tree branch to decorate my room.」


Saying that, the president left to her room and it became just Saya and me.


「Really~ honestly, I didn’t think she still believed it…」

「It kinda feels like we did something bad to the president.」


「Then, as an apology, let’s get her some good equipment!」


Saying that, we gathered information about rare monsters and materials on the boards and SNS.


Unlike the battle with Death Scythe Mantis, we aren’t making a large scale subjugation party of 18 players, so a rare monster with a small size might be just fine…


There are three people currently living in Tridente. Tsurugi-san and Karma-san have retired, some were PKd by the enforcer, and the remainder are those who haven’t logged in after the lost memories incident. In the end, the only ones remaining are me, Saya, and the president; only us three.



「All the info that appears seems to be only about monsters that require an alliance.」


Said Saya with a sigh mixed in.

If there’s no information, then do we have no choice but to look for one ourselves?


「Hey, Saya. Do you know about the beach cave?」

「Cave? There was a place like that?」


I haven’t actually gone there in NW, but in the real world, there’s a cave near the sea, and when I was still a kid I played there by myself.


「I see… that’s sounds kinda nice. Shall we check it out?」

「Yeah! …wait, isn’t the president late?」


When the both of us went to the president’s room, she was still worrying over how to decorate.


「Just how long are you going to fuss over it… why not put it in some mug? Look, just like with toothbrushes.」

「Could you please not group my memento with toothbrushes!」


In the end, the tree branch was used as a substitute for a nameplate on the door to the president’s room.



When we arrived at the nearby beach, we confirmed that there was a cave quietly hiding in a corner.


「That’s great. It looks like there’s also a cave in this world.」

「Somehow, it’s like a real dungeon.」


「It’s a smaller cave in the real world though… It looks like it was reformed into a large cave in NW.」


The cave that I played in was a cave of around 10 meters, but this cave is so deep that you can’t see what’s inside. I wonder if just the three of us will be enough…


「Well, a cave won’t have a huge monster that requires an alliance like Death Scythe. C’mon you two, let’s go!」


Saya rushed inside as the vanguard. She’s right that this place isn’t big enough for a huge monster to appear inside, but it’s dark compared to a field, so it’s peculiar atmosphere is a little scary.


「Sayaa… don’t walk so far ahead~」


Holding on to Saya’s sleeve, I advanced while being fearful. I mean, in a place with this kind of atmosphere, monsters will suddenly-…

The moment I thought that, just as I expected, a monster appeared while making flapping sounds.




Unconsciously, I tightly clung to Saya.


「Wha… Mari! We need to prepare for battle!」


The enemies were small bat-type monsters, a swarm of 【Little Bat】. Saya drew her sword and got into a stance. I prepared to shoot my bow. The president also readied her weapon… or not. I wonder why?


「……I do not have a weapon.」


「I used the tree branch as a decoration so I do not have a weapon!」


…ah, that’s right.

Now that I think about it, if the president who only ever had the tree branch put it away, then she wouldn’t have a weapon.


「Why didn’t you decorate after getting a new weapon!?」

「But the two of you did not try to stop me either!!!」


「T-they’re coming!」


The number of little bats was 5 in total. I fired an arrow at one to lure them towards me and used 【Shadow Stitch】 on another, restricting its movement.


Even if she doesn’t have a weapon, the president’s main attack is magic. Since she doesn’t have the weapon’s magical power increase, the firepower will be lower but there shouldn’t be any problems regarding damage.


「President, I stopped one so use magic!」




With that one attack, its HP decreased drastically. They’re monsters that are deployed in large quantities, so they’re not that strong since they’re small fry monsters.


The three remaining bats were taken by Saya, the tank with high defensive power. Saya is equipped with the rare equipment Ritter Shield, so if it’s just three small fry monsters then she should be able to easily endure it.


The president and I defeated the little bats we were in charge of and, after assisting Saya, were able to win easily.



【Bat Wings】

【Bat Fangs】


I opened the crafting menu and checked what equipment we could make.


【Bat Mantle】

It looks like it’s equipment that only raises your defensive power.


「So, a mantle… We can’t make a weapon for the president with just this.」

「Mantle! I, I have an admiration for mantles. So let’s make one.」

「Ah, okay. That reminds me, we’re also upgrading our armor.」


Since the president had only unlocked the construction crafting skill, I made the mantle instead.

It seems that when she levels up, the president uses all of it to learn magic. Sooner or later, she might become a battle junkie specialized for battle.



After that, we steadily advanced through the cave while hunting small fry monsters. It’s deeper than I thought… We might not be able to figure out the way back…


「Hey, look! Isn’t the inside of the cave glowing?」


Saya, who was moving as our vanguard, was pointing to a place inside the cave. When I looked, there was something glowing gold. It’s in a blindspot so I couldn’t see it, but I predict that it’s a mountain of treasure.


「It is a treasure chest! There is no mistake, it is a treasure chest!」


As she said that, the president ran towards the glowing light and approached it. She slowly approached it thinking that it would obviously be treasure, but what was waiting for her wasn’t a treasure chest, it was a glowing golden bat… 【Golden Bat】.


「Wha… what is this bat!?」


Seeing that it was a bat with an atmosphere that was clearly different from the other small fry monsters, Saya hurriedly stood in front of the president and adjusted her posture. The number of golden bats was 2…





「Waah, its attack hurts more than I thought!」

「Leave it to me! With my Nos. skill, I will exterminate them in a second!」

「Ah, President! Wai-」



RIN CAST 【River Mist Dance】




After that, due to the effect of 【Fast Aria】, she was able to fire area of effect magic consecutively, dealing a huge amount of damage. After using it 4 times in total, she ran out of MP…


…it would be fine if she just ran out of MP, but the caster who dealt such a huge amount of damage would naturally earn aggro… The golden bats ignored Saya, who had been receiving the damage, and started attacking the president with all their might.





The president’s max HP is 1,500 but it had decreased all at once, turning her gauge red.


「Protect them… 【Aegis】」


Saya’s Nos. skill 【Aegis】 activated and protected the president. Furthermore, due to its effect of turning damage received into HP, the president’s HP recovered considerably.


「Honestly, I admit that your 【Fast Aria】 is strong, but think about when and where to use it, alright?」


Its instantaneous firepower is high, but because of that you also pull aggro in an instant. So if you use it early on in battle, the balance would obviously collapse and you’d receive concentrated attacks.


「Mu, so it is something difficult to use in boss battles… Even though I thought I would be invincible with this skill.」

「I think it would be best to use it during the end of a battle against an enemy with high HP.」


「I see… then, Saya! Until the cooldown is finished, endure for two hours!!!」

「That’s obviously impossible, you know! Hurry up and attack!!!」


The president had used up her MP, so she got into the posture for meditation, focusing on recovering her MP. With my bow, I aimed at them from long range and activated a skill.


MARI USED 【Scatter Shot】




W-wha? Isn’t that too much damage!?

Since scatter shot disperses its damage, when you shoot more than one enemy, the damage should be lower!


「Mari, it’s going for you!」


The golden bats that had received a lot of damage, changed their target to me this time and rushed at me. One of the bats was brought back to Saya when she used 【Provoke】, but she couldn’t get her hands on the other.




Even though it was just a normal attack, I received quite a bit of damage. This bat, it doesn’t have much defensive power, but in exchange it has a high attack power.

Since it would obviously get worse if I kept receiving attacks, I used 【Shadow Stitch】 to restrain Golden Bat A and then used 【Clairvoyance】 to check its HP.


【Golden Bat】

HP: 10,000

Weakness: Thunder, Bow

Resistance: Darkness, Wind


I see… The bow is one of its weaknesses, so that’s why they took more damage than I imagined. Flying-type enemies being weak against bows is fairly common in RPGs.


The president’s magic damage was 400×4, and my scatter shot was around 850 damage, so then its remaining HP should be about 7550.

Even though I warned the president about using your full power right at the start, if an enemy is weak to the bow and arrow on top of having low defensive power, I wonder what would happen if I fired 【Silent Arrow -Type Zero-】 with the highest possible multiplier… I imagined it a bit.


「Sorry, Saya! I’m going to be a bit reckless, okay?」

「Eh! Ah, okay!?」


I used 【Instant Movement】, instantly closing the distance with Golden Bat A and then drove in an 【Aerial Arrow】. And then, just like a gymnast, I spun in the air with a twist and landed on the opponent’s back. I activated 【Silent Arrow -Type Zero-】 with the highest possible multiplier.


MARI USED 【Silent Arrow -Type Zero-】 → GOLDEN BAT A RECEIVED 10660 DAMAGE



「Th-that felt so good!!!」

「It produced an absurd amount of damage…」


Ever since I started NW, I’ve been updating my record for the highest damage. I was soaring due to the pleasant feelings and took a screenshot of the log to preserve it.


「I-I know it’s amazing, so help me already… This guy’s attacks hurt so I’m going to die, you know!?」



The president healed Saya and, when the cooldown for my skill ended, I once again delivered a ton of damage and ended the battle.



【Golden Bat’s Wing】 x 4

【Golden Bat’s Fang】 x 4


「My! A lot of rare looking items dropped!」

「Let me see, the equipment you can make is… Staff of Light Illuminal, it says!」 (9: Just a note, it’s iLLuminaL not LLLuminai.)

「ooh! If it’s a staff then it’s just perfect for a rear guard like the president.」


With the necessary materials, 4 fangs and 1 wing, I crafted the staff and handed it to the president.

It looks this will probably become another memento. Like this, our treasured items increase one at a time.


「Ah, it looks like I can make exactly 3 mantles with the rest of the wings.」


Saying that, Saya made the mantles.

And so we received the completed products and everyone equipped them, but looking at it, I was overcome with an indescribable feeling.


「Th-this is, how should I say it…」



It’s lame. It’s incredibly lame.

The figures of three people wearing shining golden mantles makes for quite the surreal scene. Saya and I silently dismantled our mantles, but the president alone was different.


「A shining golden mantle! It is wonderful Oh my? You two, why are you removing your mantles?」


「Eh!? Um…」

「The only one with the privilege to wear a shining golden mantle is the other world’s heaven-sent child… The two of us haven’t reached that level yet.」


She’s saying something random again…


「My! Is that so. From now on, I will do my best to not disgrace this mantle.」


Saying that, the president stared at the golden mantle with love.


Well, this is also a treasure… I think?


Chapter 20 END

9: The president was kinda cute this chapter.

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