Tridente 21

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Small Village Tridente – Chapter 021


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July – August, 2XX7

Why don’t we cultivate a field?


「Why don’t we cultivate a field?」


The ceremony for the end of the first term of the year has ended and it’s finally the first day of summer vacation. Due to a certain TV show’s influence, with a hoe I had crafted by myself on my shoulder, I proposed the idea to Saya and the president in our home in Tridente.


「What’s the matter, so suddenly?」
「Farm work, is it… I would certainly like to try it out.」

「If we are to live in this world, then we might need to secure our own provisions, you know!?」
「But, right now there isn’t a hunger gauge, right… in this game.」


At the time of the NW Company’s interview, there were also questions concerning hunger, but opinions on it are basically split between the 【Abolition Faction, “eating is a pain”】 and the 【It’s Essential Faction, “eating is one of life’s joys”】.

There seems to be a chance that they will add a hunger status in future updates, but currently food items are being used for temporary status buffs.


「…But, don’t you want to till the fields?」


There is of course a reason to try cultivating vegetables at least once. The main reason is that the vegetables made by a village that has been officially recognized through a village application form will be treated as that village’s specialty and will have the name of the village added to its name.

For example, a cabbage that was grown in Tridente might be called Tridente Cabbage or there could also be Tridente Carrots; they would become those kinds of special items. Since we were already officially recognized as a village, I thought I would like to try it out.


「Certainly, it might be convenient to have food in the village.」

「Well, that’s also true… okay, then let’s go plowing!」



We immediately commenced our work and decided to first secure space for the field. There were many houses that were built here in the past but, of the homes of the users who didn’t log in, some had been destroyed by the occasional monster attacks. So, we decided to use those sites as the place for the field.


We removed the fallen stones and tree branches and diligently tilled the field with a hoe. Since the village only has 3 residents, for the time being we only made a small field to plant crops.


「Hmm, I wonder what we should plant?」


We have seeds from what we had foraged and from what monsters had dropped.

Right now we have 5 types of seeds:







「Does it not depend on what we will cook? Mari-san, what would you like to make?」


Cooking huh… When it comes to summer, you think of watermelons but they aren’t really for cooking. Then, what about the radish I wonder… oden?


「Hmm, we should play it safe and go for cabbage, I think. It’s delicious even if it’s raw and you can also stir-fry it.」

「Okay, then let’s plant the cabbage seeds.」


Saya planted cabbage seeds in the places we had tilled.

Now that I think about it, I’ve heard that places where the sea breeze blows have a bad influence on vegetables. Tridente is a village near the sea, so it’ll totally be hit directly by the sea breeze……I wonder if the cabbages will be fine.


「It seems like it would be better to water them twice a day, but… even if you water them once a day they won’t wither but it will affect the quality.」


「During summer vacation, it’ll be fine even if we do it twice a day but once school starts it’ll be hard to do it twice a day.」


「Isn’t that where the NC comes in? You know, the one that mixes two people’s dna to create an NPC.」


NC… if the next children are added, then the created NC can be used to tend stores or do routine tasks for the village, it seems.


That means that even when I’m not logged in, they would water the fields, open and tend to the shops, and repel the monsters that come to attack.

However, since they are NPCs with their own ego, they won’t always follow your orders 100%. Well, if I had to say, there’s no difference between us humans and them. Whether your birthplace was in the real world or in the cyberworld… that’s the only difference is what Eve-san said.


「The NC system? It is being called the special feature of summer’s big update.」

「According to what I’ve heard, it kinda feels like a maid.」

「That reminds me, the two of you said that you were going to create an NC, right?」


By ‘the two of you’ she means Saya and me, right?

No, well, even if I don’t ask it’s pretty obvious…


「I, I didn’t say that, okay! It was Saya’s misunderstanding…」

「Hmmm, then do you hate the idea of making an NC with me, Mari?」

「It’s not like I hate it but… I think it would better to think about it more… like, it’s a new life, you know, so we can’t just decide so easily, right?」


It would be fine if it was just a normal NPC, but an NC has its own self. I thought that we should properly take responsibility and think about it seriously.


「I see… you’re right. But still, I want to make an NC together with you so think about it, okay!」




I think it would be a good thing for this village if we created an NC. When the three of us aren’t logged in, the village becomes empty so I’m worried about the defense.


While thinking about that, I watered the seeds we planted and then logged out for the day.


Chapter 21 END

9: I can’t wait for the NC.

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Trash to Trash
Ass to Ass


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