Tridente 22


Eating, what a pain in the ass. I mean it’s not so bad when you can just pop something in the microwave, but to actually have to cook. What a bother! I’d rather starve. Also that Feel when you’re sick and you’re about to sneeze but you don’t! that’s the worst.


Small Village Tridente – Chapter 022



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July – August, 2XX7

Cabbage Thief


「There is a cabbage thief!」


A few days after the beginning of summer vacation, while the president and I were chatting in our home, Saya came running towards us out of breath.


「Eh, what’s wrong Saya?」

「I said there’s a cabbage thief!」


Some days have passed since we planted the cabbage seeds and after properly watering them twice a day without forgetting, we could finally harvest… it was about that time.

Going outside to check the field, one cabbage had certainly disappeared..


「Ah… it really is gone! Our precious cabbage is…!」


To steal when we were about to have our first harvest… Unforgivable!!!


「Maybe someone that passed by the village took it…?」


We approached the place where the stolen cabbage had been and, after looking around, found small footprints in the field.


「These aren’t a human’s footprints… I think they’re probably an animal’s footprints…」


Judging from the size and shape of the footprints, I feel it’s similar to a cat or dog. Although, monsters that use real world creatures as their motif tend to be enlarged…

In NW, things like a mantis and crickets, or like mice, are living in this world with sizes much bigger than those of the real world. However, these footprints seem to be the same size as a normal dog’s. Does this mean that there are also creatures that are normal in size…?


「Hmm hmmm…」


「Should we follow the footprints for now? If we leave it like this then they might steal the other cabbages too.」


「You are right. They must atone for the sin of stealing our cabbage.」



We followed the footprints from the cabbage field to pursue the criminal. It seems that the owner of these footprints went into the nearby forest.


「This forest…」


This nostalgic forest, it’s the forest that Saya and I went to together when I first logged in. That was the time we encountered those crickets…


Though now that we’ve raised our level and improved our equipment, we can defeat them in one hit. But if possible, I really don’t want to encounter them. Compared to the animals that are used as a base for monsters, insects look disgusting so I’m bad at dealing with them. …..while thinking of such things, the bushes right in front of us started rustling.


「hiii!!….There is something there!」


I who was surprised by the sound got ready for a battle but, nothing appeared.


「hmmm? So it ran away.」


Saya pushed her way through the bushes where the sound resounded and I saw something that was running away from us. It was like or a dog or a racoon….


「I wonder what was that? It looked furry it shouldn’t be an insect…」


「But still, there are insects that also have fur. For example-」


When the President was talking about it, Saya, who was the vanguard, stopped advancing and raised an arm to block us.


「shh, there is something…」


Hearing those words me and the president hurried to crouched our bodies, while hiding in the thickly grown plants, and peeked at the direction where the target was. Right there was a small wolf cub, and further away you could see a huge wolf full of wounds lying down.

Are they family…? The small wolf is licking the wounds of the huge wolf worrying about it. Using 【Clairvoyance】to check its status, it showed that the name is Raging Wolf. From the high hp pool I think it’s a rare monster the same class as the Death Scythe Mantis.


「mu, please look that way.」


The place where the finger was pointed was some leftovers, it was probably the cabbage we grew.


「Was it bringing food for its injured mother…?」


It seems like the parent Raging Wolf took a lot of damage for some reason, and escaped towards this place. So then the child Raging Wolf seeing that looked for a healing item and arrived at our village then it borrowed the cabbage is it?


「…….we followed the thief to take it out but, looking at them, for some reason I don’t feel like it anymore.」


「After all it is a deed to protect one’s family. I believe that we shall at least offer one.」


「Y-yeah! If that child loses its parent then, it might not be able to survive on its own….」


For a little while we watched the parent and child wolf and then went back to Tridente, and logged out for the day.



The next day, we gathered before the field and harvested the cabbages. Since you can’t normally experience cooking a vegetable you grew yourself in the real world…..I’m looking forward to it.

When we harvested it, the cabbage that is treated as Tridente’s local item, the name became Tridente cabbage


「Ooh…It has Tridente in its name…!」


I held the tridente cabbage in my arms and took a commemorative screen shot.


「mu, Then I shall too.」


The president seeing me taking a screenshot took one as well.


「Since it is such an occasion I shall decorate my room with this-」


「stop, don’t decorate it with a real cabbage.」


「I am not going to decorate it with a real cabbage! I am talking about the picture!」


As Saya and the President started their usual quarrels I checked the description of the cabbage.


「Let’s see….A cabbage that is full of minerals due to influence of the sea breeze blowing through Tridente….It says.」


「I heard a lot that vegetables will wither due to the salt-air damage by the sea breeze but, this time looks like because of the sea breeze we were able to grow a good vegetable ~ 」


「More importantly we are able to safely harvest! Then, we should go to the next step immediately!」


Saying that I carried the cabbage to the kitchen inside the house, and cooked it. The food I will make stir fry. Cut up the cabbage and stir fry it on the frying pan.


「I did it!」


【Stir fried Cabbage】

HP  50 recovery

Attack power + 2%


What was made was none other than a stir fried vegetable, and the effects too are a bit of a failed product. Well that’s normal…after all the vegetable is only the cabbage.


「Well it won’t work with just a cabbage….If we mix it with other ingredients…how about, a cricket leg or something」


Saya just recommended a ridiculous ingredient. Adding the fact that I’m bad with crickets and to eat it, I declined it with my all.


「S-something that out of place ingredient is…」


hmmm….I wonder if we had remaining ingredients and then I checked our storehouse, I saw a good enough ingredient. Before, a seafood like squid and octopus that we fished back then.


Usually it would be meat but, a stir fried vegetables with seafood might be just right for the Tridente with the blowing sea breeze, it might become an original food.

I immediately mixed the octopus, squid or shrimp to the cabbage and once again made a stir fry.


「I did it!」


【Tridente Style Sea Breeze Stir Fried Vegetables】

HP 500 Recovery

Attack power +25%

Defense Power +25%


Ooh! It’s kinda amazing.

Compared to the cabbage stir fry from earlier the effect is as different as heaven and Earth.


「waah, it looks delicious! As usual Mari you’re good at everything. To think that you can also cook.」


「Since its different from cooking in the real world, I just randomly put in the ingredients and turned out great. Ah, but in the real world i can do a bit of cooking too!」


「I see~….then next time, treat me with your homemade food.」


Usually when Mom will be late in going home Yuki-chan and I would cook and eat together but, I still haven’t made something for someone else to eat…


「Saya what do you want to eat?」


「Let’s see….I want a seafood curry.」


Seafood curry is it. Now that i think about it I still haven’t made one, I might want to challenge it out next time. I wonder if Saya likes seafood.


「President what do you want to eat?」


「Eh? Are you fine with cooking for me too?」


The president said that she chances she eats with her parents are few and she usually buys something from the food at the convenience store. That’s why, I think that if I increase the times we get to eat together with everyone then the president’s loneliness might just decrease.


「Then, I want carpaccio sashimi ~」


I thought that these two liked the food from the sea….but because I made the 【Tridente Style Sea Breeze Stir Fried Vegetables】their minds is just full of seafood.


「ah, that’s right. I kinda want to share some with the wolf yesterday but…」


「To a monster…? hmmm, well isn’t it fine? I wonder if they are at the same place as yesterday.」



As we entered the forest we went to the place where the parent and child Raging Wolf are at.  However, when we went near the nest of the Raging Wolf the surrounding went noisy.


「This sounds…」


From the uneasiness I hurried to where the Raging Wolf are and checked their state.


Just as I thought…!


The Raging Wolf from yesterday was being attacked by a subjugation party that formed an alliance. That wolf, it was a monster that you don’t really see often….so it was a rare race that it was being targeted.

When I was about to run out to stop them from attacking, Saya stopped me.




Saya looked at me and shook her head horizontally.


Of course I know why Saya stopped me.

Those people just only want to subjugate that rare monster….and I don’t have any right to stop them. After all I also did the same thing as them, since in an RPG its a normal thing to do.


「I know how you feel but, as long as they are monsters it can’t be helped that they will be targeted ~…」


All I could only do was watch the Raging Wolf being subjugated not being to do anything else. As the subjugation party defeated the parent wolf, the hiding child wolf appeared.


「n? What’s with this one. Is it the companion of the boss from earlier?」


I thought that if this goes one the child too would be subjugated and shook of Saya’s restraints to hurriedly jump out.


「ah, wait a sec Mari!」


I went between the subjugation party and the Raging Wolf, stopping their attack.


「U-umm…Please wait!」


Since I just jumped out without thinking, what should I do….

Suddenly covering for a monster, I know that it’s obviously weird thing to do in their view but….


「What..? So suddenly…」


「umm…Can you please leave the monster to me?」


I lowered my head and asked them.

They probably didn’t think that I would suddenly bow and ask them to leave the monster to me, so they were a bit confused.


「eh? W-well…since we already defeated the big guy we were aiming for it’s fine if we just leave that freebie to you, but do you really want to hunt it that much, that small fry monster?」


When I politely asked them without aggravating too much, they unexpectedly accepted it, so you just had to try and say it. In the first place there is a chance that depending on the other party it might develop into trouble so, from now on I need to think before I act.



「I felt really nervous, you know? I thought you were suddenly going to fight with them.」


The subjugation left, and Saya said that while tapping my head.


「I-I won’t obviously fight a 3 vs 18.」


I turned around and looked at the Raging Wolf.




It was looking and growling at us. Of course this is natural…Since we are not any different from the people who defeated its parent…


「I’m sorry….All I could do was watch….」


I crouched down and presented the 【Tridente Style Sea Breeze Stir Fried Vegetables】


「I made it just for you but…Will you eat it?」


Showing that I don’t mean any harm, the Raging Wolf who at the start was on guard, slowly started lowering its guard and approached me being lured by the smell of the food.




「….Is it delicious?」




When the Raging Wolf finished eating, it went on and licked my face. Looking at it, more than a wolf it’s totally a dog.


「Hey, that tickles, you know?」


「Mari just tamed a monster.」


「I wonder if this also a talent of some sorts…More importantly, what should we do with this child?」


「About that….」


The child Raging Wolf who had pleading eyes turned towards me.


「I will have it pay for his sins of stealing the cabbage!」


I held the Raging Wolf in my arms as i declare it.





「Come here~, Pochi!」


「Here here, Hachi!」


「Ultimate cabbage tarou! Come before me.」


The Raging Wolf being called by the three of us, came towards my direction.


「Look! just as I thought Pochi is better!」


「Eh! but earlier it reacted to Hachi, and also came to me!」


「Why does it not react to Ultimate Cabbage Tarou…..」


The punishment I gave this child is to become the guard of the fields. If this child hated it then I thought of returning it to the forest without forcing it, but looks like this child too came to like Tridente.


「I will have you work as Tridente’s watch dog and mascot, okay? Please take care of us Pochi!」


「It’s Hachi I said!」


「No, It is Ultimate Cabbage Tarou ~!」


Chapter 22 END

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