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Tag-Team Chapter 001


rawr: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n5920ex/1/



  1. I was kicked from the party.


It was supposed to be a morning like any other.

In the inn belonging to the royal capital’s adventurer guild.

In that dining hall are breakfast-cum-meetings, confirmation of quests, checking of gear…


However, that day, a hopeless phrase was said to Tanya.


“Sorry, Tanya. You’re fired.”



She could not understand the situation. Tanya raised a truly idiotic voice.

The man who told Tanya she was fired.

The leader of Tanya’s adventurer party and her childhood friend from the same town, Ryan, who was also from the same year in adventurer school. And the same age, 25-years-old. 5 years earlier, they had started this party together.


“No no no no, getting kicked out is kinda! As expected, I don’t understand!”

“It’s painful even for me. However, as the leader I’m thinking about the party’s future, it’s a tough decision. Honey.”

“Who are you calling honey! My ass, don’t touch my ass! There’s no understandable reason but you’re saying I’m fired, this ain’t a joke!”


She glared at Ryan, asking for an explanation.

A vague smile appeared on his face. A disgusting smile when someone’s trying to lie.


“That’s cuz, yah see. Tanya’s a woman, right?”


Because I’m a woman.


Because I’m a woman. This guy, is that really what he said?


“……What do you mean?”


With those words, Tanya was shaking with rage.

There’s male and female adventurers, isn’t there?

In order to become successful from the kingdom’s grants and quest rewards, aren’t we both people who become adventurers and acquired skills and tactics?


“We’re too old already, yah see. Especially since you’re a woman, marriage and childbirth and all that. You’re thinking about it, right?


Ryan told her with a deadly serious expression.

Surrounding them while watching the developments unfold, the party members held their breath.


“I told yah, besides being helpful raising children, if you change your class to healer, you can even work for a clinic. Ah, just a clinic. Just kidding!”


I’ll smash this bastard’s jaw in, she thought.

At every opportunity, Ryan would say “Women really should be healers, after all!”, but to use that as the reason to fire me for being a sorcerer is unbelievable.


“Being an adventurer is a contest of strength in the end, so it really should be a job done by guys, I think. In particular, your occupation, dealing with a sorcerer’s large-scale magic attacks. It’s dangerous, after all.”

“Just what in the world are you saying? During the quest the other day, without my magic, we would’ve been annihilated!”

“That was, by chance yah see.”

“By chance?”


Tanya felt as if the ground under her feet was crumbling away.

By chance? Is he saying that what I’ve been doing until now was, entirely, just a coincidence?


To begin with, a sorcerer is a high-level class. After passing the royal sorcerer’s school, it’s mandatory to attend the adventurer’s school. I persuaded the countryside’s elderly who even now firmly believe “it’s bad for a woman to aim to be an adventurer” and enrolled into the royal sorcerer’s school.

Every night, so that I wouldn’t lose to anyone I studied frantically and trained my practical skills more than anyone.


Since the time they were children and up through their time in adventurer’s school, there wasn’t a single time she lost to Ryan either academically or in practical skills. In the first place, Tanya graduated top of the class.

All of that, just to be abruptly kicked out of the party with the reason “because you’re a woman.”


“That’s, there’s no way I can accept that!”


She raised a voice similar to a shriek, and their surroundings looked over.

At that moment.

Tanya noticed something that sent shivers down her spine.



The inn’s dining hall where adventurers gather.

Almost everyone there, it was nothing but men.

Elves, dwarves, humans, beastmen.

Their races varied, but there was nothing but men there.




Certainly, in both adventurer’s school and sorcerer’s school the students were 80% male.

And the only department popular with women was the healer’s training school.

And then those girls are called the “Party’s Flower” by their knights in shining armor, and even if they do become adventurers there are many who immediately marry a male warrior or mage and retire.


“Like I said, Tanya. I’m thinking of what’s best for you.”


Ryan informed her.

This party’s leader is Ryan.

The words of the first paragraph of the 34th article of the adventurer’s guild constitution floated across Tanya’s mind.


—Party member’s personal affairs are managed by the leader, or are otherwise decided by the member’s majority support.


“Everyone, is this really fine?”


All of the members nodded their head deeply.

In agreement with the leader’s proposal.

Approval, in the majority.



Why has this happened.


Slowly, as if reflecting on it, Ryan announced.


“With that, Tanya. From this day onwards, please retire from this party.”


Seriously don’t screw with me, I’ll beat ya to death.

So, Tanya thought.


Chapter 1 END


Next Chapter→

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  1. New novel(Scream like a little boy), so let´s me guees aobut this, is a novel about a Patriacal thinking of girl only be uselftfull to rise clidrens and be a healerd but our MC gonna put they in their place rigth?

    I need a sinopsis more chapther(More yuri) but firts are all sinopsis!


  2. DAMNNNNN ! Now i feel really angry just like MC. It’s really too bad that MC didn’t beat up the guy (that would be a crime and people would have tried to stop/kill her).
    The worse is the fact that the other party members agreed to him. What a bunch of douchbags, she saved them and they don’t care. I really hope that their party feel despair or die because, them being shocked and in awe (or jealous) of MC’s OPness or popularity, doesn’t feel enough as a punishment for them.

    THX FOR TRANSLATING THIS SERIES ! Got quite a potential !


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  4. I’ve seen many characters who despise others for being women or children while they did not know their true power, but do it knowing that she’s stronger than them and not afraid of being blown up, I have to admit it’s the first time I see .. So that’s the result when they mix machismo with idiocy, huh?
    Thanks for the chapter


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