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Tag-Team chapter 002

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2. I met the witch at the wasteland


The large wasteland in the west.


A place a normal human should never approach, a land of death.

Here and there are cursed marshlands, and vegetation hardly grows.

It’s a place not far from the royal capital, but all the way to the horizon as far as the eye can see, you can not spot a shadow of a living thing.


“—From dusk come forth lords of ruin, from trash to trash, from ash to ash, respond to my words and wield that iron hammer, don’t fuck with meeee!”


The wasteland’s red clay shakes as Tanya’s chant and shout resound.

If an average sorcerer overheard by chance, they may be shocked thinking ‘how dare you use such a coarse and sloppy chant.’ Moreover the chant is that of the super-advanced sorcery Explosion [Ember Rending Sin].

Normally, without the assistance of a magic circle or a magic tool, readily invoking a spell would be impossible.

To invoke such sorcery.

With such a sloppy chant.

Or so one would think.

If they were an ordinary sorcerer.



With a “Kabooom” from the heavy tremors that exert the diaphragm, a rocky mountain that towered over the wasteland.

——Without a trace, vanished.

The shockwave that arrived a moment later caused Tanya’s ashen pink hair to sway. Her robe’s hem fluttered.


“Shit, shit shit shit shit! What do you mean “You’re a woman, yeah?”, you bastard! From dusk come forth, lords of ruinnnn! From trash, to trash! Ash, to ashhhh!”


Along with booms and rumbling, craters appear in the wasteland. The rapid-fire super-advanced sorcery destroys everything from the ground to the rocky mountains.

That figure was less like a sorcerer and more like a demon lord.



This is Tanya’s true strength.

Normally, she adjusts it to prevent injuries, but the sorcerer known as Tanya’s true strength is overwhelming.


Enough magic power to continuously fire super-advanced sorcery.


The magic control to accurately invoke Explosion [Ember Rending Sin] with only a sloppy chant.


A part of it is talent.


But since her childhood, Tanya has had a strong competitive spirit and has never been negligent in her sorcery-related studies.

That is, the reliable true strength that comes from being a sorcerer and an adventurer.


“Respond to my words, that iron hammeeeerrrrr!”


Letting her anger loose, she attacks with all of her magic power.

I don’t remember ever running out of magic power and collapsing, Tanya thought.

In any case, I just wanted to smash something out of rage towards Ryan who fired me with the stupid reason “because you’re a woman” when I have this much strength as a sorcerer.


——Or more like, the reason I regularly saved my true strength was because according to Ryan’s puzzling theory, “girls shouldn’t only use such daring moves.”


Stop shitting me, seriously stop shitting me.

I even took part in the consultation of the world’s most inconsequential worry, ‘my hairline has been receding recently’, that bastard!


“Come forth! Explosion [Ember Rending Sin]! And then dieeeeee!”


Along with that unsettling shout and the super-advanced sorcery that was fired, the largest mountain towering in the distance, kaboom, vanished——at that moment.


“Stop, sto~p.”


Out of nowhere, a woman’s voice resounded.

That instant.

The sorcery that Tanya had been invoking like crazy fueled by her anger was, poof… …nullified.


“Eh, who?”


Tanya raised her voice in surprise.

This is, the large wasteland in the west.

There shouldn’t be any humans here. Furthermore, the voice came from——above her head.


“Wha-, flying!?”

“Well yeah, I’m flying. I am a witch after all.”


With a fuyo fuyo sound effect and a perfect state of affairs, a single woman floated in mid-air.

Her long black hair, almost as if drifting underwater, lightly swam in the air.


Even among sorcerers there are practically none who can handle such sorcery. It is a skill close to a miracle.


“What are you? Or rather, did you say witch just now?”



Those said to have disappeared into the dark annals of history in ancient times, the ancestors of sorceresses.

Unlike the sorcery acquired through training and theory, just by waving a single finger around, [Magic] brings about miracles; and witches were those who used such.

Many held long lifespans like that of elves, and it’s said there are those who obtained immortality.

Due to that threat, they were subjugated long ago……or perhaps sealed away somewhere, or so it’s said.


“Yes. Indeed, I am a witch.”


While lightly floating in the air, the woman answers seeming delighted.


“My name is Laplace. Nice to meet you, young lady.”



That name, where have I heard it?


Chapter 2 END

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  4. I wonder what Ryan and the rest of the party would think if they saw her pushing into rage…
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