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Finally, after this one, I can finally go back to playing games. My Acupuncturist is always trying to pedal stuff off on me “buy these all natural herbs! buy this super natural CBD oil!” bah! Just poke me and be done with it. Anyway here’s the last one for now.

Tag-Team Chapter 003

rawr: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n5920ex/3/


         3. I won the match against the witch.

  1. “Uhmm, so basically. While I was desperately firing Explosion [Ember Rending Sin] until just earlier, the rocky mountain you were sealed in was blown up.”“Yes, yes.”

    “And, you say you’re the legendary grand witch Laplace who was sealed 300 years ago……?”

    “Yeees. As expected, waking up to a direct hit of that kind of firepower was shocking, so I came to stop it.”

    “A-as if I could believe that~!!!”

    That~ that~ that~ that~ … Tanya’s scream echoed across the wasteland.

    “A-a-a-are you listening? If you speak of Laplace, then anyone who’s a sorcerer knows that she was a super-grand witch. And to say she’s sealed this close to the royal capital, it isn’t a joke! And besides, to begin with, the reason she was sealed was because she was defeated in a magic duel against Maxwell, the founder of sorcerers, isn’t that right? And speaking of the grand witch Laplace, her alias, it’s The Wicked Dragon’s Bitch (Grand Harlot)! She was sealed by the Grand Sorcerer Maxwell for planning to destroy the capital, right?”

    “Ahaha, that is what was planned. It’s rather interesting, no?”

    Laplace, gently floating in mid-air, lets out a truly pleasant laugh.

    Suddenly, the grand witch (tentative) somersaults and says,

    “If you really can’t believe it, would you like to play a game?”

    “A game?”

    “Yup. Judging from the explosive large-scale sorcery you fired off earlier, you have quite the confidence in your abilities, don’t you?”


    Frankly speaking, yes.

    In this wasteland where it’s unnecessary to hold back, if I were to seriously use my sorcery then I don’t think I would lose to any ordinary opponent.


    The opponent, true or false, is the grand witch Laplace.

    “Ah, you may have peace of mind. I will not attack after all.”


    “No, like I said. I will not attack. If you are able to deal even a single blow to me, it is your win.”

    Tanya was, by that proposal……offended.

    She was being looked down on, considerably.

    Floating magic is, how to say, certainly outside the norm, but she’s an active adventurer.

    Against that lightly floating bastard, there’s no way she would lose. Plant your feet on the ground, feet on the ground.

    “If you win, I shall listen to anything you say. And, let’s see. If you lose……yeah. You will join my party.”


    “Yes. You’re an adventurer, right? I’ve always wanted to try doing it once, you see. That adventurer party thingy.”

    While going “waai~”, she spun round and round in mid-air; is this woman really the famous grand witch Laplace… …Honestly, it’s insanely suspicious.

    “……Well, I’m fine with that.”

    There seem to be no demerits.


    Tanya gulped and prepared her staff.

    That’s right. Furthermore, it’s fine as long as she doesn’t lose.

    She wins if she lands a single hit. In that case, rather than power, using speed-oriented sorcery would be better.

    And that being the case, there’s no way I can lose, Tanya thought.

    It wasn’t just for show that she met her party member’s incomprehensible demands like “It’s fine if you don’t kill them anyways, so just stop them. I’ll deal the finishing blow!”

    Damn straight.

    The legendary grand witch. Even if the Grand Harlot Laplace is my opponent, there’s just no way I can’t at least hit one shot—


    “It’s not hitting at allll!?”

    That’s strange!

    The fireball’s aim that should have been infallible all went astray.

    While softly drifting through the air, Laplace easily avoided the fierce barrage as if dancing.

    “Ahahaha. Pretty good, you!”

    This woman, she has the nerve to enjoy herself.

    “Yup. Yup. Nonetheless, it’s not bad. What’s known as a modern sorcerer, isn’t half bad at all.”

    Laplace laughed loudly.

    Why won’t it hit?

    Tanya held her finger against her lips and thought.

    That’s right. Think, think.

    “……No way, a boundary?”

    “Ohh, I didn’t think you would notice. You’re pretty good.”

    “You joking?”

    A boundary, or in other words, something like a barrier with the characteristic of being engraved into an earth vein. A large-scale sorcery installed in places like castles or large churches.

    A boundary that can move around to protect a single person, I’ve never heard of such a thing.

    That’s exactly why it’s a miracle.

    After all, … …Is this woman the grand witch Laplace?

    Tanya stopped the fireball magic formation that had been firing incessantly.

    “Oh? Surrendering already? Well then, party with”

    “What a joke.”

    I don’t give a damn about grand witches or whatever.

    —But I will never lose. I can’t afford to lose.

    Tanya boldly laughed.

    “If it’s a boundary, then the solution is simple. I’ll make you regret challenging me.”


    Taking in a deep breath, she began kneading what little magic power she had left.

    “—From dusk, come forth, lords of ruin,”


    Laplace’s body jumped in surprise.

    That chant.

    “From dust to dust, from ash to ash—”

    “Eh-, wha-? Explosion [Ember Rending Sin]!?  Wai-, you’re aiming that sort of large-scale sorcery at me alone? You fired that off earlier because you thought nobody was around, right? I’m here now you know. Hey, isn’t that a little immature? Wai-, are you L-I-S-T-E-N-I-N-G!?”

    Tanya’s sloppy chanting from not long ago had changed completely; with delicate and precise chanting, an enormous amount of magic power was converted into explosive power by sorcery.
    That’s right.

    If the boundary is the reason I’m missing, then it’s fine if I just blow it up entirely.

    It truly is, simple.


    And so, the expression on Laplace, who had been calm and collected until now, stiffened.

    This woman is serious. She intends to seriously fire off large-scale advanced sorcery against a single person.

    “S-she who runs away, lives another day.”

    Leaving behind a whoosh, Laplace turned tail.


    This is the large wasteland in the west.

    Because of Tanya, that red earth was riddled with holes.

    And any rocky mountain she could have hidden in had become rubble.

    “Th-this is bad~”

    No matter how far Laplace ran, there wasn’t anywhere she could hide.

    “—heed My words, wield that iron hammer!”

    “Hya-, no”

    “Well, take this, grand witch Laplace. Explosion [Ember Rending Sin]!!!”

    A moment of silence.

    A flash of light.

    A thunderous roar.

    A rolling sandstorm.

    As the cloud of dust settled, the figure of the grand witch appeared.

    Laplace, who had been calm and collected while floating in mid-air until not long ago, — was completely, limply spread-out on the ground.

    “Gu, gueee~……No way, I, lost……?”

    Laplace, while twitching and trembling, lamented in a voice filled with disbelief.

    “Fu, fufufu, ahahaha! Every last one of them, they never took me seriously……”

    Tanya was confident of her victory.

    “It’s my win. We had a match, right?”

    Her ashen pink hair fluttered from the shockwave.


Chapter 3 END

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Trash to Trash
Ass to Ass


    1. Well, if my memory does not fail one of the translations of the word Maou is Magic King or Magic Lord and to conclude it is a unisex title. Then it fits perfectly with her.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Waaaaaah ! I love the witch !!!! She is so “going-my-pace”, acting so cuuuuuute !

    Hahaha XD so cute sfx ! Despite knowing what looks like someone floating, i totally can’t imagine Laplace with her “fuya fuya” ! XD

    Sorry MC ! Even me didn’t believe you would win !
    PS: Cute ending, cliche, but really funny to see witch being defeated but alive.

    Now i can’t wait to see the just desserts of the other guy’s party.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thanks for chapter.
    Reading chapter 1-3 made me think, Ryan just a trash. Even she very strong, he said because LUCK. He even restraint her true ability.
    Heck, I think he just jealous with her talent because he can’t beat her ability.
    I very interesting about how story will moving in future.

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Pingback: Tag-Team 2
      Man, this is another READ that I enjoy aside from another yuri novel(which.title too long and the chapter r too long that most translator just drop it).
      Many thanks mate for translating this <3


  4. This Ryan is the biggest moron I’ve ever seen, if he’s really treated her like that. Even though she knew she had enough power to destroy cities just because she was having a bad day…
    For some reason I’m beginning to think witches were hunted and sealed more because of machismo than because they were dangerous … And you guys?
    Thanks for the chapter


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