Tridente 31



Tridente chapter 31

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0031


Deep sea Cage



After we came back to Tridente, I crafted Bubble Drops for each person and we prepared ourselves for the undersea temple.


「Since we de don’t know what will be there, it might be better if we don’t bring anything of value」


Said Saya, as she was checking whether if there was a reply from Eve-san. Ever since the fight against the Enforcer, our battles have been properly balance so our sense of crisis to the item lost on death penalty may had lessened.


「You’re right, the experience with the Bubble Hammers earlier is not something I’d want to experience again.」


To fight against 100 sharks is something that you can’t do a 2nd time in your life….I take that back, if it’s this world then it might be possible.

In the first place, being able to render 100 of them in one go. If it was a normal game, then the processing will surely fail. You’re too absurd, NW corporation.


「All ready…Well then, let’s go continue our Search for Eve-san & Recover Hibiki’s memory plan!」


Saya who finished her preparations, raised her face and took a pose. Facing her, Me, the Pres, and the Hibiki all yelled 「Oooh~!」answering to her, and lastly Voice’s howl resounded over the skies of Tridente. Once again, we departed to the huge sea with our Ship.



We anchored our ship to the area where the Undersea Temple is and used our Bubble Drops. We were then covered by a huge bubble.


「Waah~, once again, this is too wonderful」


It’s as if we entered a soap bubble, the atmosphere was wrapped with a fairytale-like vibe that it made me feel that I could fly to wherever I want to…….is what I thought. In reality we are not going to fly, much rather dive.


Earlier, I was moved by the scenery in the underwater, and I thanked NW for another beautiful encounter. It’s been about 2 months since I started this game, and it made feel as if NW is still full of things that I don’t know of yet.


We continued diving. As we were admiring the scenery of the elegant swimming fishes, we had  reach the bottom of the sea.


「Look, Isn’t that it?」


What Saya’s finger pointed to was, a stone temple with its entrance wide open.



『My memory』


Standing at the entrance, Hibiki muttered in such a small voice that we could hardly hear it. She has a memory that she doesn’t know of…..Right now she must be feeling anxious. Questioning if she truly was herself.


After all, the Lost Memories event had also stolen my memories, and I too felt just like her. Hibiki does not have most of her memories, I can’t amount to her worries.

But still, since Saya was there right beside me, it was enough comfort to change the anxiety to relief. The warmth I received from Saya, I should convey it to Hibiki.


「Hibiki, We are right here with you! So that’s why, it’s alright!」




I am the light that illuminates hope from the darkness called Anxiety.


『Even if Maricchi says that, It feels somewhat unreliable』




Even though I planned to make it cool, I’m not enough is it. But, Hibiki smiled and said 『Thanks』. With just that I understood that my thoughts have been properly conveyed. That’s why, it’s alright.



「The passage way sure is narrow」


After entering the Undersea Temple, we walked to a point where the passageway had narrowed itself down so much that the size limit can only fit 2 people, side by side. There were some branch ways and dead ends, it’s almost as if it was structured like a maze.


「It’s probably a facility created in advance to hide something. 」


Saya, who is our PT tank in front, turned around and said that.

Hiding something…an item? No, a memory…? Then won’t this place is a very important facility to the NW corporation?


「Hmmm~, considering that the security is not that high.」


Following three steps behind Saya, I replied. 10 minutes after we infiltrated the Undersea Temple, what stood before us was only 2 small fry crab monsters, just that.


For your information, I’m walking 3 steps behind her. It’s not like I’m pretending to be a Yamato Nadeshiko. Even though I want to walk Beside Saya, I was told that「It’s dangerous to go in the front so back up a bit」. During the Bubble Hammer battle, I got incapacitated because she couldn’t protected me, so she has regrets over that .

Even though I didn’t really mind that, Saya is just like a knight that will protect me.


『….So this is the face that thinks about Saayacchi』




While having Voice on rest her head, Hibiki who was behind me, peeked at me as she said that.


『When Maricchi has that sloppy face, 9 out 10 times she’s thinking about Saayacchi』


The fact that it shows on my face when I think about Saya. I’m a bit conscious of it, but for Hibiki who was with us for just a short time, to be able to see through me…


『Is what, Rincchi told me』


*SFX of lowering head*, My head hanged.


「Is that so」and then I looked back towards the Pres, 「What might it be」and she turned away her eyes.


Do I really have a sloppy face….?

Then, when Saya thinks about me, I wonder what kind of face she has? I glanced at Saya, however I couldn’t know Saya’s expression from behind.


That’s why, I wanted to walk beside her…



After we defeated the monster we advanced through the Undersea Temple. On the way, there were some rooms, but only monsters inside. We couldn’t find any clues regarding Eve-san and Hibiki’s memory.


「Little by little the monster’s strength and numbers are increasing」


Since my bow doesn’t work well underwater, I used the scythe to mow down enemies. It’s used less frequently than the bow, but it’s a weapon that has been with me for a long time, so I was gradually able to do melee combat. It has its own merit different from a bow.


「……Maybe I should take up some Scythe Skills too」


「Now that I think about it, Mari you use the bow more often, even though you have a multi-weapon.」


「Y-yeah. In a game where you hunt Dinosaurs with a melee weapon, I got scolded for blowing away both enemies and allies at the same, and it became a bit traumatic….」(9: prolly a ref to MH series)


She was probably imagining that scene, Saya was desperately trying to withhold her laughter. She turned her face away to hide it, but it’s obvious okay…


「Don’t laugh!」


「I’m not laughing okay….pupu」





After walking around for an hour since we entered the Undersea Temple, we were gradually beginning to lose our way until we finally arrived to what looks like a huge door.


「It is emitting that feeling, there is a boss here.」


Saya who is our Vanguard, was buffed with Pres’s defensive magic, 【Protect Skin】, and I used 【Tridente Style Stir fried vegetables】to raise the stats. We had Hibiki and Voice, so thinking of there safety as main priority. After finishing our preparations, we all entered through the door at the same time.


「Now, come at me!」


We rushed in, but the room was very spacious. If I were to compare, it would like the school gymnasium.


「There is nothing here….?」


Looking over the very spacious area, there is no figure of a monster. We entered thinking that there might be a huge monster, this failed to meet my expectations a bit.


『Oi,  there is something there.』


The place where Hibiki pointed was, something like a box. I wonder what it is? Thinking that, as we approached it, I saw the true form of the object I originally thought was a box.


「A cage?」


Why is it a cage? Thinking that, we approached it more closely, I saw the figure of a person inside.




The one inside the cage, was without no mistake, Eve-san. Lying down with her eyes closed, she’s completely exhausted, not moving one bit.


「Eve-san! Eve-san! what happened!?」


The president, who was Eve-san’s follower panicked, grabbed the cage, and yelled Eve-san’s name in a large voice. However, we who had our attention on Eve-san didn’t notice the attack from behind us.





The Pres who was trying to help Eve-san through trial and error, was hit by countless spears of lightning, and a cage similar to what had captured Eve-san, fell above her and the Pres ended up getting captured too.


「Can you not be an hindrance?」


Hearing a deep voice behind us, we turned around.




Turning back, we analyzed the figure, what appeared was a middle aged man with an unshaved beard equipping red armor with a black mantle……Really just who?


「Even though I thought it would a relief if I had Eve restrained. To think that she had comrades」


The middle aged man looked at our faces one by one. Me, the Pres, Saya…and when he saw Hibiki’s face, the his movements stopped. His eyes widened, and had an unusual expression of “Why?”


「Hibiki…is that you? Why are you…here…?」


『Huhh? Who are you old fart?』


Hibiki replied as if she was a kid on their rebellious phase. Coupled together with the an unpleasant  aura, her speech was much more rough.


「These people….so they brought you. What you people did to HIbiki!」


It’s a mystery why this middle age person is angry, but I definitely know that it’s not a friendly attitude. I readied my weapon and made a formation to where Saya was before as if protecting me.


「So the one who locked up Eve-san in a cage was you?」


「If it was?」


「Its obvious, Release her!」


She said as she glared at the guy, but in exchange for a reply, he shot a lightning bolt.




「It’s obvious! As if I would release her!」


「Ts!…At least say the reason you know!」


“Making a fool out of me” Saya who had that kind of face, asked him once more.


「It’s because it has something to do with Hibiki. Should I have you people locked up in this underwater prison forever?」


Looking at the Log, the old guy’s name is Angelcare. Angelcare….? I wonder where was it, I have heard of the word but I can’t remember it. Since I can’t remember, it might have been a genre that I am not that familiar.


「I don’t know what you mean though! What is Hibiki to you?」


Once again, the old guy prepares an attack aimed at Saya, instead of an answering her question. If Saya were to receive the attack, she would be blown backwards .


「At least tal――」


Before Saya got to completely say it, I used 【Instant Movement】and close my distance from the old guy, brandishing the death scythe with my all.


「Saya is talking to you! Don’t attack!」


This time I attacked the old guy, and he was thrown backwards.


「Ggu,  What you are saying and doing is contradicting. You brat!」


He was very rude when interacting with Saya, so I lost my cool for a bit and assaulted him…but I didn’t regret it.


He readied his weapon, without appearing to have the intention to talk. So the old guy’s weapon is a spear….The range is about similar to my Scythe. Saya once again stood before me as i kept my battle stance.


『I’m here too, old fart!』


The old guy who was placing his guard on us, was attacked by Hibiki’s fierce flying kick.


「Hibiki! What are you doing?….Do you not know me?」


『I told you I don’t know you! So annoying!』


Regarding Hibiki, his attitude is totally different, I wonder why? Anyhow, it’s obvious that this person has some connection to Hibiki’s memories. We need to get information out of him.


「Old guy, If you know something about Hibiki tell us! Please!」


「Don’t make me repeat myself anymore than this. Don’t get closer to Hibiki」


When he finished speaking, he activate a skill.


Above us, a cage appeared. So this is the Cage that captured The Pres!

Even though I managed to evade it, more cages appeared until me and Saya were tragically caged together.


「kku, what is this! this cage!」


Even if Saya tried to cut  it with her sword, it wouldn’t even bulge one bit. I too attempted to use a skill to try and attack the cage, but I couldn’t activate it.


「Special effect….?」


「It is a skill that renders all those who are captured, powerless. Until I give permission, you will never be able to escape from it.」


「What a disgusting hobby. Why do you plan on capturing girls?」


Saya had a scorning look at the old guy as she intimidates him. This skill is normally impossible. Does this mean that this is a Nos. ? I don’t what emotion it manifested from, but a 【Restriction】skill made us completely powerless.


『Oi, Stop it! Let go of Maricchi and the others!』


「I can’t do that Hibiki. I will make your routine so wait there」


【This old fart…!】


Tridente Chapter 31 end



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