Tridente 32




Tridente Chapter 32

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0032


As a Father, As a Mother



Hibiki, even though she was finally free, jumped towards the old guy As if I’ll just stand by and let you make a routine!. He nimbly evaded Hibiki’s attack and countered by throwing a lightning lance at her.






Being hit by a strong skill, Hibiki’s face warped.


「Hibiki, I don’t want to wound you, but it’s to make you a bit more obedient」


『Is it fun to control humans like a puppet? You old fart』


「Watch your words Hibiki. The past you was not a bad girl that would use those kinds of words.」


Just now, I had certainly heard him say, “The past you” . So he knows Tennouji Hibiki in the real world.


『That’s so disgusting…..just give up and say it yourself. Just what are you to me.』


「…..Hibiki, I’m your Father」


『……That’s a lie』


「It’s not a lie. There is a proper reason as to why I pulled out your memories」


Just as I thought, this old guy is the mastermind who stole Hibiki’s memory. But still, just what caused him to pull out the memory of his daughter…


「Hibiki, how much do you know?」


『…….There is an RL me, until 2 months ago she was still alive, and now….she is dead』


「I see, so you knew that much……Really, what troublesome thing they did.」


Saying that, the old guy looked at us trapped in a cage. 「Its punishment」he said, as he fired a 【Lightning Spear】towards us. Saya instantly stood before me to protect me, however she received a lot of damage.




「I’m fine, It’s alright」


Saya’s HP was decreased to nearly half, but its seems like this old guy doesn’t intend to defeat us.


「My mistake. If I had carelessly defeated you and let you return from death. It would lose the meaning of capturing you」


Does that mean that he does not want us to be incapacitated and return to our home point. Skills activated in the cage will be deactivated, and he does not plan to let us respawn? Does he really plan on keeping us locked up?


『The heck with troublesome…..the one who is annoyinging is you, old fart!』


Having her memory being pulled out, being manipulated by the routine making her continue to sink ships, Hibiki was trembling with anger.


『Why the hell are you playing with me like a toy!』


When the old guy heard Hibiki’s words, for a moment he had a sad face.


「I don’t mean to play with you like a toy! It was all for you!」


Hibiki’s probaby words affected him, so he sighed and started talking.


「Hibiki’s body was weak. She was in a state where she kept entering and leaving the hospital.  As a doctor, I was searching for a way to save Hibiki, but her condition just kept getting worse. It was at that time, when an exclusive contract got sent to me by the NW corporation」(9: he is talking about the real world hibiki, so i made it italic to not confuse the readers)


He assisted in NW’s migration plan. They replicated some of their experiments, and it seems like he was in charge with taking care of the burden on the test subject’s body. However, the amount of employees subjected to the experiment kept decreasing, and they were getting an insufficient amount of people to use for experiments. The researchers in the NW’s higher echelon, decided to stain their hands by using the deceased for their experiments.


『That’s just fucking wrong…So you also used me too huh?』


「I didn’t want to let Hibiki die just like that! If you were a parent then you would want to save your own daughter no matter what you do!」


She was moved to the hospital that was managed by NW where kept receiving medical treatment, but Hibiki couldn’t completely recover. The instant Hibiki took her last breath was moment in which NW utilized the opportunity to observe her brainwaves and transfer her memory and consciousness to the PC Hibiki that was created beforehand.


As a result, Hibiki was successfully migrated to NW. However, Hibiki still had recollections of the moment she died. Due the fear of a near death experience, her mind became unstable.

If this continued, Hibiki’s heart wouldn’t be able to handle this and would immediately be shattered. From this conclusion, the old guy remodeled Hibiki’s memory into an item, and stored it in a different place. He planned to discard her memory of death, however the connection between life and death was too strong. Thus, when he took out the memory death, he also took the memory of life with it.


「I customized Hibiki’s Siren type, and gave it a role as a monster as a temporary solution」


The old guy who finished talking had a really painful expression. The fact that he made Hibiki into the siren was due to a parent’s rampaging wish to save his daughter, something like that.


「Th….then, Hibiki is the same PC as us, and not a monster?」


I who had kept quiet up until now, asked the Old guy a question. He originally made the PC to imitate a siren by adding wings, so Hibiki was playing like us. No, from the previous conversation. It’s like not us, much rather the same as Eve-san. That would mean that Hibiki is the 2nd person who managed to migrate perfectly, next to Eve-san.


「You are right, Hibiki is a PC that can be revived.」


That’s great. Hibiki also had an insurance to death.


「However, this guy is different right」


The old guy used 【Lightning Lance】to blow Hibiki away, and in that instant, he approached Voiced and captured him.




Voice was captured without any resistance, and he weakly sought for help. This old guy, really does have a horrible personality.


『Stop! Don’t lay your hands on Voice!!』


「Hou, So this one is that much of an important comrade is it? This inferior monster. If you treasure this dog’s life, then give up on retaining your memories」


The old guy pressed his spear on Voice


『…..You’re the worst』


Hibiki can’t help but lower down her battle stance, and looked toward us.


『Okay…okay, so release Maricchi and the others』


「Fine then. However Eve is excluded. If I were to release her, then things would become bothersome」


『No. Release her』


「Hibiki, you are not in the position to make anymore conditions. Choose wisely.」


Hibiki grasped her fist tightly holding back her anger. I too had similar thoughts. If it weren’t for this cage then I would immediately mow down that old guy with this scythe.


『…….Sorry, I can’t just leave behind Eve-cchi who helped save me』


「I see, at the end of your confrontations, this dog is just simple data, so you’re willing to abandon it?」


『You’re wrong. I won’t abandon Voice, because I’m Voice’s Mother…』


「Fu, I’m in awe to that artificial motherhood. Then, I have no choice but make you understand the feeling of losing your child. 」


Having said that, the Old guy pricked Voice with his spear. Voice’s HP is very low, and if voice were to be attacked once more, then that would be the end.


『Stop…please stop…!』


In that Instant, something like a ball of light, jumped out of the old guy’s item storage and floated in the air. As if it’s looking for something, the object moved around and stopped right before Hibiki.


「Damn it! Why is the memories!」


The old guy was panicking, it seems like he didn’t intend on activating the item.


『It is resonating in Hibiki-chan, the memory is returning to where it is supposed to be』


Before I noticed, Eve-san recovered her consciousness and muttered while holding her head.


「Eve-san, are you alright?」


『I’m not alright. After all I’m in a cage that invalidates the skill and the warp function. All we can do at this point, is rely on Hibiki-chan』


Hibiki was staring at the ball of light wondering, “What should I do?” . Until Eve-san called out to Hibiki.


『Redeem it, Hibiki-chan. For you to be who you are』


Tridente Chapter 32 end

9: Just a few more chapter then this arc will end around 2-3 chapters



  1. Thanks for chapter.
    And next chapter Hibiki will awaken NoS skill. Its not spoiler, but when thinking about Saya and Rin awaken it will lead that outcome.
    I am curious when Mari got awaken as NoS too.


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