Tridente 33




Tridente chapter 33

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0033





(9: note, if you don’t know hibiki means echo or resound)


「Papa, can’t I live any longer?」


I was young when I asked Papa about that, cruelly causing him to have a sorrowful expression.


「It’s alright, Hibiki. I will definitely find a way to save you!」


Was he truly serious about saving me? Or did he only want me to cheer up? I don’t know, but those words made me feel a bit relieved.



I loved to sing. Often times, I would participate at the neighboring festival’s singing contest, and it makes me feel so elated to hear their praise and see their happy faces. Having my own voice resonate in this town makes me jubilant. Even though my condition worsened, singing was the only hobby I continued to pursue.


「Hibiki-chan, you’re amazing! You’re so good at singing!」


「Who are you?」


「I’m Shinonome Hazuki from your neighboring class!  Our houses are right next to each other, you didn’t know?」


「I’m sorry」


「Hey, Hibiki let me listen to more of your songs」


Ever since, Hazuki and I have been playing together everyday. Hazuki would show me lots of games that I didn’t know of, and on the days when my condition is bad, we wouldn’t do anything except snuggle with each other.


It was fun being together with Hazuki.



I started taking voice training classes the moment I entered Middle school. Ever since I have attended, I had genuinely wanted to become an Opera Singer! Papa and Mama supported me, telling me to do whatever it is that I want do, and Hazuki also voiced her support.



「We will be going to a hospital overseas on Summer Vacation.」


「Eh, really? Is your condition really that bad?」


Hazuki had an expression appearing as she was about to cry. Hazuki would always worry for me. So to ease her worries, I feigned ignorance and gave her my biggest smile. I’m okay.


「It’s alright, okay? There is a famous Opera house that I can go to, so I’m kind of looking forward to it.  」





The singer who stood on the stage was like an angel. The resonating sound was so beautiful that my body shiver to its core. My first ever live opera, It gave me enough hope to live. One day I too will resonate…….with my voice.



Before long, I entered the Kasei girl’s school that I have admired so much. My condition worsened, and I was brought to the hospital room that Papa was in charge with.


「Papa, I don’t want to die. There are still a lot of things that I want to do. It’s it too late for me. It hurts….It hurts」


「Hibiki, that won’t happen! I can still save you….I can still」


「I wanted to show it to Papa and Mama. When my Dream was fulfilled…..Hazuki too…I’m….sorr…y」


I closed my eyes. With this, my life on this world ended.

Darkness, that’s all that surrounded me, only darkness.


Papa’s voice, I can hear it

Even though I should be dead

I wonder why


「The brain waves can still be observed. Wait right there Hibiki! I will definitely save you! As if I will let it end like this」



I opened my eyes.

Mountains, seas, and skies.

I wonder, where am I?

Wait a sec, just what was I doing a while ago?


At the hospital room…


At that moment, the memories of my death came streaming to me all at once. The pain of not being able to move your body, the pain of losing your consciousness, the pain of losing your life.




「Hibiki, Hibiki! What happened! kku, the emotion of fear data is running wild. If this goes on Hibiki will… 」


「Help… Papa, It’s scary, It’s scary」


「No good! Pulling out Hibiki’s memory. That is the onl…」



Ever since then, I have became Siren flying around, finding ships, putting people sleep with my song and sinking them….That is my role, my life’s meaning.


If I attack first, then I won’t die. Since I have that absolute confidence, I have lost my fear of death. That is, up until that day.


My song was negated by an absolute defense skill. These weird girls made their own foothold in the skies and conquer it. From my point of view, they were  monsters.


What is with these guys….



I don’t understand what they are saying, I died at an another world? Is this not the real world? I am is getting confused…. I wonder why? I vaguely remember it….That scenery, name, these memories are…



In the end, I found my place with them.

And as a result of my actions, was one puppy….that is, what this child is.


Papa and Mama, it is sad without them…..

Tenderly wrapping Voice around my embrace, I decided that I will become Voice’s parent.



And here before me, there is a jerk that is going to kill Voice right before my eyes, Papa? Out of all the people. You who calls himself my father will do that?


Don’t mess with me, I will stop you…..! The life that Papa and Mama gave me, the courage Hazuki gave me, the kindness that Maricchi showed me. All of those are not lies….This is my reality(real world).


That is  why, my emotions shall reverberate throughout this entire  world.


―Skill No. 32―

【Bel Canto Time】


Tridente Chapter 33 end

9: shipping Hibiki x Hazuki




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