Tridente 34




Tridente chapter 34

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0034


The Bel Canto of the Small Village



Hibiki accepted her memories, and immediately activated her skill.


「From now on, this is my turn 【Bel Canto Time】!」 (9: if you didn’t notice it, I didn’t use『』, Its on purpose not a mistake)


Hibiki’s singing voice when she activated the skill was something way more beautiful than any songs I have ever heard. It resounded in my heart, completely stopping time.


This is the effect of Hibiki’s skill…….a skill that can stop the time of the surroundings. Hibiki took Voice from the old guy, and deactivated the effect of Bel Canto Time.


「ku, return it! Hibiki!」


「Papa, please stop?」


Hibiki was different up until now. The old guy’s eyes opened widely surprise.


「Your memories…is it back?」


「Yeah, all of it came back」


「Are you alright!? Hibiki, even though you were suffering so much before….」


「It’s because Papa is stupid, that I don’t have any more time to fear death you know」


「N-no way…」


「It’s a lie. The truth is from Papa, Mama, Hazuki and everyone from Tridente. The emotions they have given to me, became a power that will not lose to fear…I think. I’m sorry, Papa. It is all my fault right now, for something like this….」


Hibiki bowed her head deeply, and apologized to the old guy. The old guy who was looking at Hibiki looked happy but somewhat sad, he was having that kind of face.


「Hibiki why are you apologizing? I’ve done everything by my own will」


「But still, It’s because I said that I still didn’t want to die…」


「You’re wrong. I didn’t want to let you die」


Certainly you can actually see him as an actual father from the way he pats Hibiki’s head.


「Papa, release Maricchi and the others!」




「My…Don’t steal the happiness that I found in this world!」


The fact that Hibiki’s memory had returned or Hibiki’s pleading probably caused him to think that there is no meaning in keeping us restrained. Thus, the cage that captured us was removed.


『You sure did something unspeakable. Tennouji-hakase』(9: confused whether if i should use professor or doctor, since he is a doctor and at the same time someone involved with researching and I don’t know much about that stuff)


Eve-san was released from the cage,and walked towards the old guy with anger in her voice.


「W-wait! I was――」


I thought that she would punch him, but Eve-san put down her clenched fist.


『Haaaa…..Oh well. Your punishment will probably be announce by the NW corporation』


The experiment regarding the use of dead people is a secret to the upper echelons of the NW corporation. It seems that it was a done by a part of researchers on their own. However now that it got exposed to Eve-san, it is already impossible to hide it. Although I don’t know whether if it will be announced to the world or kept hidden…



―A few days later―


Hibiki is sitting at the roof of our house in Tridente, and today a beautiful melody is being sung. After that event, the weight on her mind has been lifted. She is accepting her current situation and is currently living in NW.


The old guy and a some of the researchers were not exposed to the public, but they still suffered a severe punishment. They won’t be able to return to their work for a while, it seems.


「For a mere subjugation quest, we sure got dragged into a quite the big event」


Sitting at a bench as she looked at the sea, Saya muttered.  (9: from now on, I will write names like that if it was written with their real name, except for character that doesn’t play NW)


「It really is, but I’m still glad that everyone is safe」


I sat beside Saya and sighed with relief. No more, because I don’t want any more victims from Tridente.


「You two, it’s about time」


From the entrance of the Village, the Pres called us out. Today, Hibiki was feeling sad since she couldn’t meet her father for a while, so we prepared a little bit of a surprise.


Me, Saya, the Pres, and one more female PC,  went to our house where Hibiki was previously singing. Voice barked loudly seemingly wanting to play.


「Oi Voice, you’re too noisy」


Hibiki stopped singing, and looked down to where Voice was, but instead saw a woman that she didn’t know lean over her face.


「un? Is it…nice to meet you?」


Pink hair stretching until her shoulders, and a somewhat elegant way of walking. Eyes filled with nostalgia and tenderness as it looked towards Hibiki. A woman with a rich girl aura looked at Hibiki and smiled.


「Hibiki you’re amazing. As always you’re so good at singing」




「I’m Shinonome Hazuki from your neighboring class you know. Even though we were neighbors, you didn’t know?」


Hearing those nostalgic words, Hibiki showed her very best smile and a line of tears flowed on her cheeks.


――The time that had stopped for Hibiki, will start moving again.


Tridente Chapter 34 end

9: a bit anticlimatic, that guy deserves a silent arrow zero type from Mari


No Picture, You can have this instead



    1. Mari will probably take on the role of “Hero” and instead of Death she might have the power to “Rule the world” since based on her personality she is a natural Team Leader everyone already noticed that except her


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