Tridente 35

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Tridente chapter 35

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0035


Saya’s Feelings



―September 1―


Summer vacation has ended, and it was the first day of the 2nd term. On the previous day, there was despair over the fact that summer vacation is ending; but now that we have come to school, it feels as if there was a lot of people who were in high spirits as they meet their classmates, blowing away the dark atmosphere. Actually, I think this energetic mood will lessen after 2-3 days.


Me too, but there might be happiness by going to school together with the Saya or Pres. In reality, it’s different. I wonder what kind of face I should make when I meet with Saya…..


Going back in time 2 days ago.


―August 30―


「Hey, want to go together with me to the fireworks festival?」


When summer vacation was ending, Saya invited me to the fireworks festival. A large scale fireworks festival would be held every year, and the town would be overflowing with people.


I always went with my family when I was in elementary school, but we haven’t been going recently. The summer homework is finished, and I wasn’t particularly busy at the moment Saya invited me. I immediately replied, and we agreed to go together to the fireworks festival together.



「Thank you for waiting, Mari」


Saya who arrived at the meeting point is several times cuter than the usual Saya. Well, the usual Saya is super cute, but this time she is in her yukata! Okay? In her yukata.


A vividly blue yukata, long hair tied up in a ponytail, and a nape you can glance at.




「Thanks! Mari, you’re also cute you know!」


Not correcting the words I unintentionally leaked out, I stared at Saya for a while. She was too beautiful, just seeing her figure is enough to make me happy.


「Well then, shall we go?」


Just like a man who will escort me, Saya held out her hand. The hand of an angel that descended to Earth is being presented to me. I wonder if I am qualified to take it? For some reason my heart is racing….this is weird.


While we were holding hands walking around the standard festival cotton candy, takoyaki, and goldfish scooping carts.


「Ah, Saya! Look, its shooting game!」


「hee~, the prices are…」


The prices were lined up from start to end. My eyes stopped the dog mascot on a pair key holder. There is a lot for kids, but that key holder might be prepared to call out to guest lovers.


「Okay, then, First will be me..」


Giving the shop clerk the money, Saya took the toy rifle and aimed.


「Saya, good luck」


Aiming precisely, the cork instead of ammo flew towards the pair key holder. Just as I thought Saya also aimed for the key holder! Feeling happy that we were thinking the same thing made me put more energy in cheering.


「Saya, you can do it! you can do it!」


Desperately cheering her on, I could hear 「how pleasant」and giggling voices from the surroundings.




This is embarrassing, so embarrassing. Standing out too much made my face blush. This time I silently prayed with all my heart.


(You can do it! You can do it!)


However, in the end, she ran out of tries and couldn’t get the key holder.


「Sorry Mari, even though you cheered me on」


「fufufu, I shall take revenge, Saya!」




I also paid the cart clerk and took up the rifle. I usually use a bow in NW, so technically I should be able to use the rifle just the same!….. Even though thinking like that I haven’t held any guns in RL, so I just held it from how I imagined it.


「Mari, are you shooting it with one hand?」


「eh, is this wrong? The anime I saw before held it like this and it was cool so I mimicked it.」


For now, I tried shooting the rifle with one hand, the cork flew with vigor, to a totally different direction.


「ahaha….let’s stop shooting with one hand okay」


The recoil was stronger than I thought so, this time I properly aimed the key holder with both hands.




the flying cork directly hit the center of the box holding the key holder!


「I did it!….wait for a sec」


It was good that I was able to skillfully hit it but, the box for the key holder didn’t even move a bit.




「O-ojou-chan, It’s not cheating you know. After all, it is a game that makes should think how to make things fall」


The word that I unintentionally leaked out made the cart clerk react.

It won’t fall if its hit at the middle? Then, where should I aim…..I see….. I shouldn’t aim at its heart, all I need to do is to destroy the target’s balance. Then, should I aim for its legs?

This time, not at the center, I tried aiming at the lower right but, it only tilted a bit and didn’t fall.


「Hmmm hmmm」


「But still, you still hit the place you aimed. Mari you’re amazing」


「I-Is that so? Maybe it’s thanks to me who is used to using ranged weapons!」


What’s remaining is 2 shots. This time I tried aiming at the upper right and compared to earlier it leaned much more.


「So close! So the force was not enough is it」


I tried putting the cork in reverse on the last shot. Since the rifle was used for a long time its specs have fallen, and the cork too deteriorated so that I couldn’t entirely get in. I firmly put in the fatter part so that there won’t be any space left, and have it shoot like that to increase its power.


「Firmly close your sides and aim with the upper right….ei!」


The cork was shot with the proper posture, and it precisely hit the upper part of the box of the key holder. The price spun around a while before it fell.


「I-It fell~!」


「Yay, as expected of Mari!」


Before I knew it, the number of people in the gallery increased and clapped for us.

At that moment, Bam! A sound like that resounded, flinching a bit I looked at the skies.


「Ah, the fireworks started」


「Mari, Let’s hurry up」


Saya and I hurried up to a place where we could properly see the fireworks, but the crowd is too large. It feels like we would be swallowed by the waves of people.

And to my hand, Saya silently grasped it tightly pushing her way through the crowd of people and came out to the space between building. We went out to the riverside that didn’t have many people.


「Since everyone is gathering up at the bridge, this place is considered a good place that a few people only know」


Separating the hand that was held by Saya, we sat at the ramps and looked at the skies where the fireworks are.


「It’s really pretty」


Brilliant fireworks gleamed over the night skies for a moment and fell as it disappeared. And Saya who was radiating under the light of the fireworks, was much prettier than any of the fireworks, like from a mystical fairy tale, my gaze was completely stolen by Saya.


「What’s the matter? You have been looking at my face since earlier」


With Saya’s words, I was able to finally think straight and hurried up and search for an excuse.


「Ah, ummm, I thought of giving you the key holder from earlier」


I passed her one of the keyholders I won earlier at the shooting game.


「Ooh, thanks! We match now」




「Thanks for today. This year I really wanted to see the fireworks with Mari」


「Who do you usually go with?」


Maybe I was asking for too much. If I keep asking things like this, Its as if I’m jealous. I might regret it.


「I’d usually go together with my Family. Since my sister went abroad, I haven’t gone since then」


「I-I see. that’s great(yokkata)」


「That’s great?」


And another blunder…..I probably need to cure this habit of mine quickly.


「No, I didn’t say that…I didn’t say, that’s great (yokkata)…yukata! Your Yukata sure is cute! That is what I meant」


「No, you said that’s great(yokkata) right. Are you relieved that I don’t have a boyfriend?」


「Mou, you should have honestly been deceived right there you know!」


Saya sometimes has this mean part of her, I like that part of her too though.

But, lovers is it…..Saya is beautiful, has a nice style and is also famous. It’s not weird to think that she has a boyfriend but…..I wonder if she got confessed to…


「What’s the matter?」


「Nothing, I was just wondering if Saya had received a confession」


「I have sometimes, but I refused them all」


So there was….as I thought. When you reach Saya’s level its obvious right.


「After all, it’s fun to be with Mari you know」


「Saya….I-I’m happy, but If someone heard that, I’ll be hated」


Right when you think that she is being mean, the next thing she does is use a word to precisely set my heart aflutter. Is this what they call petite devil?


「By the way, there were also some guys that wanted me to introduce you to them, you know」


「Eh? Me?」


「Mari you too are cute and you have a good style too after all」


To me, having lived my life without any connections to romance would make me feel troubled when suddenly being told something like that.


「But, I don’t want to introduce them. I hate the fact that they might steal Mari away from me」


「M-Me too I don’t want to be introduced. It’s not because Saya said it, but I also think that it’s fun being together with Saya.」


「I see, is that so?」


At the end of Saya’s gaze was Niagra, a firework that decorates the firework’s finale. Just as the name says, it’s a firework that mimics the Niagara falls by hanging on a rope and spreading sparks like a streaming waterfall.


「Actually today, The reason that I came together with Mari to the festival, was because I wanted to say something to you」


「Say something?」


I wonder what it is, this pattern has an image of departure. Having such anxiety in my head caused me to panic.


「Tomorrow  there will be a large scale update in NW, you know it right?」


「Ah, yes」


A completely unexpected topic was thrown at me, it was a bit anti-climatic.

That’s right, tomorrow the large scale update will finally be implemented in the NC system. Using the gene data of 2 PC’s an NPC will be created, that is the “Next Children” system, Aka NC.


Having this system implemented in the current NW that has no NPC. New residents other than the players will be born.


「That’s…Why. I said it last time, but I want you to make an NC with me something like that」


To make an NC…is like making a new life, that’s what it means. Last time, I felt that it shouldn’t be made just because you just got an idea so I postponed it when Saya said it to me.


「Is it no good? Even though I was already declined, you might think that I might be forceful but…」


「No, it’s not like that okay! I didn’t decline it, I thought that I should properly think about it before giving an answer」


「Is that so? That’s great, so I wasn’t hated」


Hate? Me to Saya?

Hearing something impossible from Saya made me laugh.


「Why are laughing」


I see, so that was it. Saya is a normal girl after all. At that time, she was actually conscious when I didn’t reply to her.


「So, your answer is?」


Saya looked at my eyes without turning it away.

I turned away to the disappearing Niagara and voiced my answer to Saya. After all, it was embarrassing to say it while looking at her face.


「Okay. Please take care of me」


Like this, Saya and I decided to make an NC.


Tridente Chapter 35 end

9: The yuri has started to bud and this arc will make bloom


Ass to Ass


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