Tridente 36

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Tridente chapter 36

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0036


My feelings



The next day as I logged in, I heard Hibiki’s panicking voice


「Ah, Maricchi. Help me! For some reason everywhere I go, I keep getting proposed today」


「Propose? Maybe it’s because today’s the day NC will be implemented」


Hibiki, ever since that day she had ventured to various towns and dungeons. She has wings so she would lightly fly here and there…..I see, Hibiki is the only PC that has wings so, there are a lot of people aiming for Hibiki’s gene data.


「You sure are popular, Hibiki….ah, Hibiki-san」


Now that I think about it, Hibiki is my senior. I know that it’s too late, but I feel like it’s rude to call her without honorifics.


「Eh, what’s the matter Maricchi you’re weird」


「W-well. I thought that it’s bad to call your senpai without any honorifics」


「Treating me as a senpai after so long feels weird you know, just Hibiki is fine」


「I-I see」


As scheduled, the large update was now patched in and the whole NW is bustling. The featured NC system was famous that there were already children that were born. It seems that there is a case where it will take some days for them to be born.


I did a quick look at the explanations regarding NC.


-NC is born by mixing 2 PC’s gene data.

-NC’s appearance is based on the gene data of their parents. and furthermore, take caution as some of the parent’s memory will also be inherited.


「Memories will be inherited….will something like your dark past be exposed?」


「Read properly. It is written there that the memories you don’t want others to know will automatically be locked」


Hibiki who took a peek beside me pointed it out.


「Ah, it really is. Then that’s a relief」


「Is there something that you have? Like a dark past…」


I continued to read more, but the number of texts was too much that I skimmed through and only read the important parts.


-The Name will be decided by the Parents.

This is obvious.


-There is no problem if the PC is of the same sex NC will still be born…

That means that I and Saya will be able to make an NC too right. I’m a bit nervous, but I’ll do my best.


-There is no need for the usual child raising.

The NC will inherit the knowledge of 2 people’s everyday common sense and language so, the moment they are born it seems you can ask them to take care of your store help you hunt.


There is much more to read, but Saya has logged in already so I stopped for now.


「Good morning! Mari, Hibiki-senpai」


「Good morning, Saya」


I waved my hand a bit as I replied to Saya.


「Sayacchi too you don’t really have to call me senpai」


Saya too, they had the same kind of exchange as me from earlier. Hibiki says we don’t have to mind it, but from our point of view, we can’t help but mind it a bit.


「But still, we are going to enter Kasei, so you’re our senpai」


「Then, call me Hibiki-oneesama」


「That, Hazuki-senpai said the same thing you know, but she said that there wasn’t really anyone calling others that way」


「Hazuki you, how dare you」


Hazuki-san is busy with her club and studies, so she could occasionally login. In order to meet Hibiki, she started playing NW and built a house in Tridente. She is the 6th resident of Tridente.


「By the way Mari called her out when she was told to do it that way」She had a teasing smiled as she looked towards me.


「I-I don’t have to say it okay!」



「Then, Hibiki-senpai. The two of us have something to do so we will be going」


「Go ahead」


Saya bowed her head to Hibiki and left the place. The business is about NC of course.


「A-are we doing it already?」




I wonder if Saya had already prepared her heart. Even though I am feeling nervous, Saya is always the same calm Saya.


「It’s a big difference from the Timid Saya from Yesterday」


「What are you saying」


My hand was pulled by Saya and entered a private room in our home.


「Let’s see, we need to make furniture for the NC if I remember it right」


Saying that Saya opened her menu screen and checked for a piece of furniture. I sat on the bed, put my hand on my lap, and hardened up like a student waiting for the interview for their job.


「Hey, take a look. There are a lot of things in here」


The furniture to use the NC system was not only 1 type, but are countless in variety. Dresser, bed, bathtub, or desk from those you are to choose what you like, make it and activate the NC system it seems.


「Mari, which do you think is good?」


Saya sat beside me and showed me the menu. Even though I don’t usually get conscious of her, today with just Saya getting close to me my face gets hot, and my chest starts beating.


「L-let’s see…..I’ll leave it to you」


「Then, Bed it is」


Bed!? a bed to make an NC, it’s kinda something like…isn’t it too direct?


「O-okay. Then, bed it is」


But, If Saya decided that, then I can only oblige. After all, thinking about what will happen afterward doesn’t’ give me time to relax. I anguished as I took peeks at Saya who was crafting a bed.


「Okay, It’s done!」


What Saya crafted was a light pinch colored girlish double bed, and above it was a raised curtain. It’s what you would call a rich girl’s bed.


「It…It sure is like a princess-like bed」


「It’s just exactly right for Mari’s image」


Really? I can’t imagine sleeping in this kind of high-class bed though…


Putting the old bed at the storehouse, The new bed was placed in my room finishing our preparations. It’s finally time to do NC.  (9: yes, to do NC)


「Then, should we make one now」


「With such a carefree pace…」


「My feelings are not that light, you understood it yesterday right?」


uu…..If you say that then I can’t retort. After all, you said it like you were about to confess to me.


「O-okay okay. Then, let’s do it….ah, turn off the lights」


「Eh, why?」


「Its because it’s embarrassing you know! Though Saya might be cool with it…」




While she was inclining her head, Saya turned off the lights, sat beside me, and looked towards me.


「D-don’t look at me too much…. look over there」


「eh, why?」


「I said its because it’s embarrassing!」


Saying that I gradually took off my equipment.


「Wai..wait a sec, Mari! why are you stripping!?」


「Eh, are we going to do it with clothes on?」


So there were people with that kind of fetish, but still, right now I can only follow Saya’s lead. I don’t have any experience so, I don’t really know what to do in this situation after all.


「M-Mari……I might be misunderstanding you, but the NC is born by being processed by the NC system by offering the data info of two people……that is….you don’t really have to do it you know」


un? Right now, what is Saya saying?

Saya’s words, one more time, I processed it in my mind.


「…..ha? Eh?」



I want to disappear.

Just why did I misunderstand it.

It’s too embarrassing that I want to log out and run away.


「Aaaaaah….so embarrassing….」


I buried my head on the bed and went wild. Saya who was looking at me can’t hold back her laughter. She was holding her stomach as she laughed.


「Pu, ahahah, Mari you sure are strange」




“If there is a hole I want to get in it” so it’s like this……I was too embarrassed that I couldn’t even look at Saya’s face.


「But still, I see. So Mari had that much resolved to make an NC with me」


I wonder if she feels disgusted by me? I wonder if she thinks that I’m a weird person? I’m starting to get worried.


「Mari, raise your face」






Saya unlike earlier had a really serious tone of voice that I unintentionally raised my face.


「It can’t really be a replacement but….」




Saya slowly brought her face near mine. Already, the distance is so close that if we move even a little bit we will touch each other. If the distance is this close, what was Saya doing was, even someone like me who was no experience knows it.


「Can I?」


Saya had a bit of a wet gaze towards me as she asked.

My chests hurts, it’s beating too rapidly, it might explode.

Not being able to refuse, I nodded my head silently.




Lips to Lips, only just a soft and tender kiss. If it was viewed by the others, It might be seen as something like just playing, but it’s so tender, so sweet. I had thought that I had no fate with this kind of thing, but to me, my first kiss came this way.


Tridente Chapter 36 end

9: phew, I worked hard…..I translated up to this chapter…I did it……they finally did it

9: but this is just the beginning, the budding stage is not yet done


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    1. Fear not brother, even if we loose you we will make sure Yuri lives on, yuri chibis are soft and cute, most protecc them all


  1. How i love this novel(Screaming internally like a mad man of yuri fan boy), this finaly happent i was weating for this(actually i spectte that maybi say gonna try to do more on mari).
    PD: Now they oficialy are a marry couple!


  2. They should get married like Asuna and kirito in SAO!! I wonder if there is a ring for yuri weddings? That would be soooooooo cute~!!!!


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