Tridente 37

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Tridente chapter 37

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0037


Our Connected Hands



This and that happened. After the kiss with Saya, I was in anguish for one whole night.


It may have been in a game, but I can’t help but feel like I have done something unbelievable.    There are often some people who had their tension rising and playfully kissed each other. But, the “that” from yesterday was not something that was done with such a carefree attitude, it was something lovers do, a romantic kiss…That’s why I don’t know what kind of face I should make when I see Saya.


「Morning, Mari」


Suddenly being called out I flinched. I was thinking while I was walking so I didn’t notice that I already arrived at our meeting point.




I can’t look at Saya’s face upfront……So I greeted without gazing towards her. My chest is beating so much……I can’t keep going on with just us two….! Pres come quickly!


「Then, let’s go」


「W-wait a minute? What about Pres?」


If it was the usual, it would be Me, Saya, and the Pres will be going to school together.


「Mari, did you not check it? there was a message that she has some student council jobs and she needs to arrive at school quickly so she can’t come you know」


Since I was told I checked it. Certainly last night a message arrived from Pres. I was anguishing about Saya so I didn’t take a look. That means it’s only just the two of us going to school together…..


「Mari, what’s the matter? You kinda look weird」


Rather, Saya is too normal about it, if she can at least be conscious about it. It feels las if I’m the only one being conscious about it.  Since its something that happened in a game, maybe she doesn’t really mind it that much…


「Saya do you really not mind it? About yesterday」


I resolved and asked her, and Saya 「About what」 leaned her head.  And I pouted a bit.


「I said! It’s that……」


「About the kiss?」


Saya whispered it in my ears.

It felt like electricity, and I took evasive steps as if I was NW and took distance, and then she narrowed her eyes and with a little devilish smile, looked at me. Since the beginning, She knew about it and teased me…


「Idiot Saya」


「Sorry, sorry. If you want more then let’s do it when we go home, I’ll do….lots」


「You’re wron-…I didn’t mean that okay!」



「The NC will be born next week right? It sure is long」


While I was panicking after that kiss, we were made an NC, but it seems that My and Saya’s NC will be born after 1 week. To the fast ones, it takes 1 day, but the slow ones take 3-4 days. Right now an NC that takes 1 week, there is still no data about it.


「The more the size of the Data, it seems that they are born more slowly but, maybe it’s because of Saya’s Nos. ?」


「I wonder? Maybe it’s because of Mari’s perverted soul datas」


「Mou! Sayaa!」


Saya joked about it,  removing the feeling of tension I had. I really love how Saya’s looking after me to even the smallest detail.


「Hey, we might get late. C’mon, Let’s go!」


Saya presented her hand.

Recently, I feel like I have been holding Saya’s hand many times lately. I naturally took Saya’s hand and we held each other as we walk, but…..I got curious and looked around us.


There are a lot of people who are friendly with each other that walk to school together but……is there no one holding hands together? From the surroundings, I was wondering about what they were thinking of me and Saya’s relationship as they see us. I’m the type that gets conscious of their surroundings, so I got curious as to their way if thinking.


「Hey, Saya」




「I wonder what is our relationship?」


Friend, Lovers, Family, Married couple.

Even I don’t clearly know what our relationship so I was conscious about it.


「I think that we are more than friends」


Saya who kept holding my hand with no hesitation answered me.

She is right, the words to describe our relationship is something that even I don’t know. That’s why the answer becomes vague.


「Saya you are an important person to me. It’s fine it stays like right?」


「Yeah. Are you conscious about your surroundings?」


「A little bit」


Regardless, our hands never separated from each other.

Because I forever want to feel the warmth of these hands.


Tridente Chapter 37 end

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