Tridente 38

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Tridente chapter 38

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0038


This Time, With a Smile




―September 2―


2 days since I last made an NC with Saya. We are at our home and are currently preparing things for the NC that will be born.


「Name, how should we name it?」


Regarding the NC, I decided that we should first determine how we will name it. We couldn’t give up on each other’s idea when we decided Voice’s name, so this time the two of use will properly consult with each other and decide upon it.


First is that we are a family in NW so we need to decide on a Family name. By Family name, it means that it’s your last name. Since my name is 「Mari」, my family name will be 「Kanzaki」so then it will become「Mari Kanzaki」. (9: honestly to english speakers this won’t need to be explained so, this part of the raws is mainly for jp)


「Saya, do you have any ideas?」


「N~, using our family name as is, Kanzaki, Himemiya. Or maybe we should mix them together」


That is the best example of the simplest idea.

For now, we are using that kind of thinking.


「Kanmiya, Himezaki…..doesn’t feel so right」


「And also, the fact that it’s our RL name….」


As expected, our usernames are similar to our RL names, so we don’t really have to even haveto use our family name into our RL name, so we approached it in a different way.


「Then, how about the things that you love?」


「eh, hmmmm…..Mari」


「Me too! Saya!」(9: this is too precious)


「ehehe」both of us had this embarrassed grin…..wait a sec no! It’s not that time for that!


I reflected on the life we had in NW thinking that there might be some good ideas. Starting NW, meeting Saya,  establishing a village with Seira-san, and experiencing various things in Tridente. That’s why I love Saya, and why I love everyone from Tridente.  Then…


「Is it a bad idea to have our Family Name as Tridente?」


Unlike the last time we thought of it there was no grief nor tears.

This time, with a smile I asked Saya.


「Let’s see. I think it’s good」


Saya tenderly smiled and nodded.


Our Family name is Tridente.

It’s not only Saya, The Pres, Hibiki, Voice, Hazuki-san, Eve-san, and then Seira-san. Since I consider everyone related to Tridente as family, I can continue living on together with this name.


Tridente Chapter 38 end

9: can’t wait for their NC


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