Tridente 39

three. nine.


Tridente chapter 39

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0039


This Name, For You



We have decided to use that family name, our next train of thought was obviously directed towards NC’s name.


Going with our simplistic way of approach earlier…


「How about Maya or Sari?」


「It’s pretty cute, the only problem is whether the NC likes it or not though」


What should I do if the child that was born gets suddenly in their rebellious phase? I wonder if they won’t say “I don’t like that name” and deny it?

No, since the NC inherited the general common sense from our memories, there is a high probability for the NC to accept the name she received from the two of us.


「Then, let’s summarize candidates」


First is taking up one syllable from our names.




Next is from the image of Tridente which is near the sea.




【Hanabi】 From our Memories. (9: note Hanabi means fireworks if you didn’t know)

there is also【Arietta】from what Hibiki suggested

【Yuuri】From Hazuki-san

【MS Jr】from Pres


「All of them are good」


「I wonder what MS Jr from Pres meant….」


「It seems that it is Mari and Saya’s child so MS Jr」


I see as we thought the Pres’s naming sense is peculiar, but it’s still better than Ultimate Cabbage Tarou…


「Then, Let’s choose the name we like the best at the same tme」


「Okay, 1, 2, 3…」



―September 7―


It’s been a week since we made an NC. We prepared its name, room, equipment and are impatiently waiting for the birth of our NC. The timer for the NC’s birth only had 5 minutes left, and from tension, I have become silent.


「Mari, your tension is leaking out from your whole body you know」




「I wonder if it’s alright. When the NC gets born don’t collapse from excitement okay」


I can’t promise that. After all, unlike from the kiss I had with Saya, my heart is pounding so hard it might explode.


「Your hand, should I hold it?」


「Eh, are you planning on killing me!?」


「How rude」


If I hold Saya’s hand right now in my state,  my heart’s beating will accelerate to the point where I might die. However, I made no objection when Saya tenderly grasped my hand tightly. If this goes on, I will die! Is what I thought, but somehow my heart is gradually starting to calm down.

I see. Recently, Saya has been making my heart race, but she was originally an existence that makes me feel calm and at ease.


「Thanks, Saya」




I calmed down, snuggled my way towards Saya, and waited for the birth of the NC.


「….Oi, you guys haven’t forgotten that we are here right?」


From behind us, Hibiki muttered with Voice sitting in her arms


「I thought about it when I first met them, but These 2 are amazing」


Hazuki-san logged in while she was busy, to get a look at our NC. She was currently blushing and having trouble thinking of where to look at.


「The usual scene. I have already gotten used to it 」


The Pres who was leaning against the wall, sighed as she said it.


Everyone from Tridente gathered here to see the moment that our NC will be born.


「I-I didn’t forget it okay!」


「Even though you didn’t forget about us. Showing us that display is somewhat amazing」


「M-more than that, It’s finally time! It’s about to be born!」


Looking at the timer, only 30 seconds remained.


On the bed for the NC system, blue butterflies gathered out of nowhere and formed the body of the NC. This is most likely, the special effects of the birth of the NC.


Looking at those butterflies, I think back about the event on August 30.


On that day, the emotions that Saya wanted to convey, became the trigger of your birth.


Inside my heart, this memory will forever resonate within me.


That’s why I will give you this name.


Good morning, Hanabi-chan.


Tridente Chapter 39 end

9: wohoooo, science daughteru is finally here


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