Tridente 40

Four. Tea.


Tridente chapter 40

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0040


I’m Someday



The Blue butterflies gathered together and shimmered, showing the outline of the NC’s figure.

Liking a flower blooming from its budding stage, Hanabi-chan slowly opened her eyes. I said the first words she will hear.


「Good morning, Hanabi-chan」


She has Saya’s gallant look and teal eyes similar to mine.

Long silver hair reaching up until her waist, and a two side-up bundled at the top part of her ears.

Her height is not that different from mine. (9: if you don’t know what two side up is, just google it, or she has similar hairstyle from Rin from fate/stay night)


Hanabi-chan looked around and afterward, rose up, bowed her head to me and Saya, and greeted us.


「Good morning, Mari-okaasama, Saya-okaasama」



No way, to think that I would be called okaa-sama at my age.

I kinda felt happy and somewhat complicated.


Saya petted Hanabi-chan’s head and said 「Good morning, Hanabi」, she immediately starting doing skinship.

Ah, that’s kinda cheating. I also need to do something mother-like.


「He~y, Hanabi-chan look! It’s a teddy bear you know~」


I waved the teddy bear around Hanabi-chan, similar to how you would comfort a baby.


「Mari-okaasama….Hanabi might still be an inexperienced person, but Hanabi is not a baby 」




No way…. I was lectured by my daughter that just got born.

Even though I already knew that she is not a baby, just what in the world am I doing.


「But…Hanabi does not hate teddy bears」


Having said that, Hanabi-chan received the Teddy bear from my hands and preciously embraced it.


「Thank you very much. Mari-okaasama」


「Y-yeah! Take care of it, okay?」


Looks like my daughter enjoyed the first gift she’s received.  I sighed in relief and pat Hanabi-chan’s head like Saya.


「She sure looks reliable」


Hibiki was looking at Hanabi-chan and leaked out a voice of admiration. Hibiki approached Hanabi-chan and introduced herself.


「I’m Hibiki, from now on we are comrades that will be living together in this village. Nice to meet ya」


「Please to meet you too. You are Voice’s foster mother and the only Nos. that has wings in NW. For a while, you were a delinquent that lost your way and sank ships, but now you have safely reformed your ways. The Hibiki who speaks roughly 」


Hanabi-chan used her inherent memories from us to its full capability to bring out Hibiki’s information and greet her.  Hibiki pouted a bit and correct a part of it.


「Oi, I didn’t lose my way you know!」


「However, delinquency is the antiquity of a student within their rebellious phase. In accordance with my memories 」


I think its a bit different from history…

It may be because of the systems that inherits 2 people’s memory at once that there was a more or less, noticeable confusion, but she was able to able to have a proper conversation to this point which is somewhat amazing…

While I was impressed, she approached the Pres. The Pres, having witnessed it, introduced herself.


「It is pleasure to meet you , Hanabi-san」


「Pleased to meet you too. In another world, you are the head of an organization known as the student council. You are the president who has control over a school with hundreds of subordinates. Rin-san with a hopeless naming sense」


Hanabi-chan said things that doesn’t need to be said…..I feel like I have seen this kind of personality before…..That’s right, it’s mine.

The Pres and Hibiki-chan who received unexpected attacks from Hanabi-chan, seemingly want to say something as they look towards us.


「Saya-san, Mari-san, It is a memory that she inherited from you two right?」


「Eh? D-don’t say that Pres. She is just a bit confused right now okay!」


I searched for an excuse, but Saya was not disturbed at all and said something back to the Pres.


「But still, it’s a fact that your naming sense is hopeless」


「Wha…! There’s no way that’s true!」


The usual dispute is about to start. When I thought of that, Hibiki entered the conversation.


「Well, its kinda true that Rincchi has no naming sense」


Being betrayed by Hibiki who she thought was a comrade from receiving damage from Hanabi-chan the Pres felt down「No way….」. Hanabi-chan gave the pres backward glance and this time she approached Hazuki-san.


「I-I wonder what she is going to say? It’s a bit scary」


Hazuki-san who saw the mysterious criticism towards the Pres and Hibiki, had an expression that is half expectant and half anxious as she introduced herself to Hanabi-chan.


「I’m Hazuki. I just recently moved to Tridente, but as newcomers lets get along, Hanabi-chan」


「Pleased to meet you too. As a senpai of Mari-okaasama and Saya-okaasama, your conduct is correlative to that of like a lady with elegance. While having the liveliness to jest around, Hazuki-san is an ideal Onee-sama. 」


「Just wait a minute! Isn’t Hazuki’s evaluation too high!」


Unlike Hibiki’s and the Pres’s she didn’t put in anything troublesome in her explanation. She did nothing but say praises, and so Hibiki retorted without delay. However, Hazuki-san shyly put a big smile on her face. She basically voiced my image of Hazuki-san.


「Since I have been a good girl!」Hazuki-san did a V-sign while Hibiki leaked out her dissatisfaction「Just why is Hazuki only one with a perfect evaluation」.

It’s true that Hazuki-san is an ideal senpai, but unlike Hibiki and the Pres, the reason that she didn’t say anything troublesome was most likely because we haven’t spent that much time together yet.


As time progresses, I think that you’ll start learning of each other’s merits and flaws.


「That’s why, I think that it will be great if I get to see Hazuki-san’s flaws」


「Eh, Mari-chan what are you saying….」


「Ah, nothing」


That was bad. I was able to conquer my unsociability, but my bad habit of saying troublesome things just can’t get cured. Muttering something bizarre, made Hazuki-san surprised and beside her Hibiki grumbled, 「As it thought it’s from Maricchi’s」, not being able to deny it, I received it with a bitter smile.


「Mari-okaasama, Saya-okaasama, What should Hanabi do?」


Hanabi-chan finished the introductions, turned around to me and sought for instructions.


「Albeit farming, material gathering, store tending, you can leave anything to Hanabi」


Hanabi-chan proudly stuck out her chest.

I heard it beforehand, but she is just like a maid.

I’m certainly happy that she can do the odd jobs, but it’s kinda boorish if I were to let her do that just when she just got born.


「Let’s talk a bit more? I still want to speak more with Hanabi-chan you know」


The things up until now, and the things that will happen from now on, I still want to talk about a lot of things.



Since then the 7 of us ( 1 dog) had a conversation weaving the topics around the events in NW and the real world, the girl’s talk is blooming.

We talked about who would you create as an NC, what kind of child do you want to be raised as, and how Hazuki and Hibiki met each other. Our talk with each other deepened our understanding of one another much more than before.


Hanabi-chan was disinterestedly joining in the conversation up until now. It’s if her emotions were blossoming, she smiled more often and I believe that she naturally opened her heart to us.

Like 「Saya-okaasama is someone who unexpectedly gets sad easily」

And also 「Saya-okaasama’s chest was too big for a middle schooler, and is troubled by the gazes」

The things that I didn’t notice about Saya, she listened with great interest in Saya’s sentiments. This too might be one of the 「Troublesome things」 to Saya, but from my perspective, this is one of the「Important things」


「And also, Mari-okaasama is a perverted offender」


「Hanabi-chan! Don’t say anything weird!」


When I lowered my guard, I also received some damage. I need to educate her from now on, I resolved that in my heart.

I wonder how what part of my memories Hanabi-chan knows? Even though the memories you don’t want to share is locked. You don’t know what memories are actually locked yourself.

Looking at how she can normally join in the conversation regarding the past matters, there is no mistake that she had inherited a large number of memories.

I was once again compelled by the amazingness of the NC, but for them to have a part of your memories, you’ll have to really trust them. Otherwise, you will hesitate to create and NC, it felt something like that.


「Let’s stop here for today」


Looking at the time it was already pretty late. We talked quite a lot.

It is convenient to not have to care for your child, but logging out and separate from Hanabi-chan makes me feel sad.

Still though, when we are logged out we can leave her to Hibiki, so its a relief.


「We prepared a room for Hanabi-chan, but if you feel lonely then go sleep with Hibiki okay」


「Yes, I will」


Even for an NC that just got born, I think that it’s lonely for them to be alone.


「It would be great if I could sleep together with you」


「Fufu, Even if Mari-okaasama starts her life with her NC,  Hanabi will not do something as discourteous as entering Mari-okaasama’s room」


Boorish? I think that it’s normal for her to come in her parent’s room though, I wonder what she meant by impolite?


「After all Mari-okaasama will be sleeping together with Saya-okaasaーーmuggu」


Before she gets to finish saying it I covered Hanabi-chan’s mouth.

Since she is going to say something that she doesn’t have to after all. It’s education.


「Hanabi-chan! You don’t need to say that much okay!」


Hanabi-chan probably knows the feelings that I have for Saya. I don’t really plan to hide it, so it technically shouldn’t be locked since I also wanted Hanabi-chan to know about it.


But, I want to convey that emotion to Saya myself.


I like you, I love you.

Someday I will say it.


Tridente Chapter 40 end



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