Tridente 41

Four. One.



Tridente chapter 41

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0041


Field Trip



The Middle of September


I really want to spend time together with the newborn Hanabi-chan, and study for the entrance exams, but my school’s biggest event is waiting for me.

That’s right, it’s the field trip.


The biggest event, even If I say that, it’s not really that enjoyable. After all, I don’t really have anyone to talk to in my class. Saya, the Pres, by a twist of fate they were splendidly separated in different classes, so our time together is very limited.


Though I said that I don’t have someone close to me, it’s not like I’m being bullied or isolated. I’m just shy. Therefore, I don’t really like naturally conversing with other people, and everyone normally talks to me.

Especially since I have been spending time with Saya they talk to me more often. They usually ask something like「How did you two get close?」or, 「What are you two usually doing?」

Even if I reply 「We got close through an online game, and we usually play online game」, they will say something like 「There is no way the princess is playing a online game」, I remember that they thought that it was a joke and laughed.

But, really it’s really true you know!


And with this it has become a rumor some people that I’m a mysterious girl who monopolizes the school princess all to herself.

We have been holding hands at the school path, so it’s impossible for it not to become a rumor. If it gets too bad I might get stabbed by one Saya’s fans that went crazy from jealousy, I guess I’m thinking too much about it.



「Okay, form a group of 3-4 people who you’d like to group up with~」


The destination of this field trip is at Okinawa. The first day will be with your class, the 2nd day will be with your group, the 3rd day completely free time, and the 4th and final day will be with the whole school.

Even though some may have already went to Tokyo, there aren’t very many chances to go to Okinawa, so there should be a lot of people who will be there for their first time.


The only chance that I can spend my time together with Saya, will most likely be the third day.

On the first day we will be completely separated, and fourth day will be spent with the whole school and we will likely be grouped by class. On the second day if our groups happen to meet each other I might be able to go with Saya, to do this it’s necessary to have everyone in your group help me out.


And so I really need to properly pick out who I will be going with.

Please someone who will listen to my request and would want to go together with Saya….


「Kanzaki-san, wanna join our group?」



To me, a random invitation arrived while I was being picky despite having enough friends to choose from.

Is this the school princess effect? I’m sure that they are people that have a reason of wanting to get closer to Saya and using me as the middleman to connect them.


「Ah, Yes. Please take care of me」


Not allowing this chance to slip, I replied without even considering who invited me.


「That’s great. Please to meet ya, Kanzaki-san」


The one who called out to me with a bursting smile was Futami Touko-san (双海 瞳子), and beside her the quiet girl Midorikawa Reina-san (緑川  麗奈) was watching over us.


(Wait a minute? If I remember correctly, these two are….)


I have never really talk to these two, but they both of left a strong impression on me. The reason was that, these are two of the three students who had memory loss during the Lost Memories event.

That means that they are also NW players as me….or maybe retired NW Players.

We’re not that close, so I don’t really know if they still continued playing NW after the Lost Memories Event. As I was looking back to such events, Futami-san seems like she wanted to ask me something. Is it about Saya just as I predicted? When I thought of that, unexpected words came at me.


「Kanazaki-san, you are an NW player right?」


「Eh? Ah, yes」


Listening to their conversation, it seems like they heard of me and Saya talking about NW, which made Futami-san got interested in me.

I kinda noticed that she was eavesdropping in our conversation with the famous Saya, but as someone who is not an NW player, they shouldn’t be able to understand what we are talking about. However, since Futami-san and Midorikawa-san are both NW players, they probably found out from our conversations.


「As I thought! Kanzaki-san what’s your playstyle?」


Futami-san sat in front of me, and asked with sparkling eyes.


「I’m playing as an Attacker. I use bow a lot」


「Hee~, When I think of Kanzaki-san, I have an image of you being a Healer, so you are an attacker」


The image of me being shy, frail ,and powerless makes me look like a healer.

I’m curious of their perception of others, so while we are on the occasion I also asked about the Saya’s and Pres’s Image.


「Suzu(pres) is a magic swordsman. I don’t really have any image for the princess」


I see. It seems like they can’t imagine Saya playing a game in the first place.

If the princess is Saya, then is Suzu the Pres? The Pres might certainly main magic in the rear ,but in NW the pres is really different from the general image of Suzukawa Saya. I believe that your role doesn’t really have to be like your image.


「We are currently traveling around. We haven’t made a bse yet, but What about Kanzaki-san?」


「I’m living in a village near my starting point」


We are exploring the surrounding area with Tridente as the base, it’s a slow lifestyle.

Unlike us,the two of them walked for a long distance, and stop by a village for a breather, they do nothing but go around adventuring, Travel Style.

Well, Even if you have a base its not like you can’t go Travel Style, If you use the skill 【Teleportation】,you can warp to a checkpoint you have already visited. Even if you travel really far, 【Teleportation】allows you to go to the checkpoint in an instant.

Checkpoint is a place similar to an authorized village or a place that the NW corporation set themselves. Tridente and Cyberfish have a checkpoint, so the people who have stopped by Tridente once should be able to warp to it.


「Futami-san, Midorikawa-san, are the both of you traveling together alone?」


If remember correctly, there should be 3 people who went to the hospital during the Lost Memories event. Since I’m curious, I asked about it.


「There are 3 of us you know. You see, Okazaki over there」


Looking at the direction I was told to, Okazaki-kun was in a group of 4 a fair distance away from us. Glasses with long ruffled hair. He the appearance of an otaku, but his personality is really bright. When I met him in the morning at the entrance, he would always greet me with 「morning」, a good guy. (9: its another guy feel free to trash talk him, he won’t really have too much screen time)


「Even though I invited him to come together with us to the field trip, that jerk said that he doesn’t want to join up with girls because it’s embarrassing so no」


Futami-san crossed her arms while saying it with dissatisfaction.


「It can’t be help you know. Okazaki-kun is a boy after all」


Midorikawa-san stayed silent up till now was covering up for him.

Surely an adolescent guy wouldn’t really want to enter a group of girls alone, at least that’s what I think. So I agree with Midorikawa-san.


「Even though he is such a maiden in NW, he fusses over being a guy in RL. So I don’t really understand」


「Maiden? You mean his character is a girl?」


「That’s right, There are quite a lot of them who play as a girl despite being a guy right?」


If you were to take a boy and girl ratio of online gamers, there are overwhelmingly more guys. However, if you factor in with the characters they make, there are more female characters than male characters.

There are a lot of reasons, but maybe it’s largely because you can experience a woman’s fashion. (ED: Or experience Yuri)


「We might have separated groups, but should I ask him to come along with us? Midori you want to make memories with him right?」


Midori is mostly likely Midorikawa-san. I probably don’t even need to ask, but what she means by making memories is… that?.

I too want to make memories with Saya, so I’m sure we feel the same.


「It’s fine. Since I’ll also be going with other people, and being together with a guy you don’t know might be troublesome for Kanzaki-san」


「I don’t really mind……but when we are going as a group, can we go together with Saya from the other class?」


「By Saya, do you mean the princess? Of course we are OK with it」


It was a chance to talk about Saya, I joined the conversation and conveyed my desire, and the both of them gladly agreed.


「For now, I try asking Oka to come with us. Midori do you wanna come too?」


「I’m fine Touko, go ahead and ask him」


Midorikawa-san really isn’t an active type, it felt like she left everything to Futami-san, like she made her do it.

I don’t really know, but I wonder if Futami-san is acting as a cupid between these two?


As she trotted towards the group of guys Futami-san said 「I’m goi~ng (ittekima~su)」and started attacking them.

Me and Midorikawa-san who were left behind, did nothing but stayed silent.






The silence continued, but it’s more pleasant rather than awkward. Midorikawa-san is as timid as me, so we understood each other and stayed silent. If Hibiki were here, she wouldn’t be able to bear the silence and would start shouting.


「He said that he also doesn’t want to meet up, that dense prince」


It was Futami-san who came back and broke the silent atmosphere. It’s not like Okazaki-kun at fault, but her insult may be head by the person himself.


「That’s why already I said it’s fine」


Midorikawa-san had a face as if she had already understood that conclusion right from the beginning. Rather than feeling down from hearing the conclusion, she already knew of the results.


「Sorry Sorry. Let’s just go and enjoy things by ourselves」


Seeing Midorikawa-san, Futami-san gave her a positive cheer that I also agree with.



When it was break time, I peeked into the neighboring classroom to see if I can tell Saya about getting the permission to join our group.


(hmmm? there are no crowds)


Whenever there’s a crowd of people = where Saya is, but there is nothing like that.

I wonder if she is here? I looked at the Saya’s seat to see if she was there, and she was.


Sitting at a window seat, resting her chin on her hand, staring outside the window.

I can’t see it all perfectly from here, but she had a sad face wiped with reverie.

My heart skipped from seeing Saya’s unusual expression. Maybe no one is talking to Saya because her mood is unusually different.


(is she worried about something…..?)


I unintentionally called out to Saya from the entrance of the classroom.




The class’s attention gathered on me 「Oh no」, I regretted it.

However, Saya who was having a sad face, reacted to my voice, turned away, stood from her seat, and answered with her usual smile and waved her hands.「So in the end what was it?」I was not the only one thinking about that. Everyone in the class reacted that way.


「I got an OK about the group meeting up during the 2nd day. How about Saya?」


「I’m also good. though rather than meeting up, It  became with only just me going though」


「Only you?」


Saya entered a 3 person group with a male and female couple, but the couple would naturally want to to enjoy the field trip themselves, so the 3rd person will be in the way. As they were worrying Saya offered them a suggestion it seems.


「I want to go together with someone from the other class so why don’t we make a deal? Is what I offered」


So there was that move. I was impressed, but I don’t really know much about my classmates’ romantic matters in the first place , so I can’t imitate her. I just recently found out about Midorikawa-san’s feelings just earlier. Though she said that she is the only one going it’s not like they are going different places, they’ll go to the same places, but they won’t interfere with each other.


「Ah, about the room assignments」


During the field trip the hotel rooms are mostly for 2 people so, It seems that there is 1 extra from B and C class so the teacher said, 「If you are fine with someone from the different class please tell me」and I immediately raised my hand. Futami-san and Midorikawa-san should probably be in the same room, I believed that if they asked the same question in the B class, Saya would also come to it.


「I’m also an extra」


「That’s great, so we are going to be together」


Saya will be with me. It proved that I was not being conceited by making such assumptions, so I’m thankful to Saya. I simply explained to her about Futami-san and Midorikawa-san in my group.


「I see, So Futami-chan is it」


「Yeah, they were the absentees during the Lost Memories Event」


It’s an event that occurred months ago, but Saya also hardly remembers that event「Now that I think about it, it there was that」For now we would match our sightseeing routes and checked it so that we would be going together, then we separated.


With this, I can go together with Saya and be in the same Hotel room.

Wait a minute? Even though I thought that I won’t be enjoying it that much. If you think about it, everything went well I’m now really looking forward to it.

In the end the important thing is “who you will be going with” Is what I think.


Tridente Chapter 41 end
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