Tridente 42

Two. Tea. Four.


Tridente chapter 42

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0042


Machine Gun Talking Cupid



「W-what do you think?」


「Even if you ask me that」


Since we are in the same group, I get to talk to Futami-san more often. I’m currently talking to Futami-san, but the topic is about what I think about Midorikawa-san and Okazaki-kun.


「Well, I kinda want to make those two get together, but It does not really go well」




I understand why she wants me to cooperate in helping Midorikawa-san get closer to Okazaki-kun, but I wonder why Futami-san is going this far to play cupid between thoee two? Is she nosy? or maybe a saint?


「Why do you want to help out them get closer?」


「So that it will become easier for me」


「n? nn?」


I’ve been in questions since earlier, but now I’m currently confused.「please explain it in more detail so that it’s easier for me to understand」, I bowed my head to Futami-san as I asked her.

「Sorry Sorry」When Futami-san saw me, she laughed then apologized, and began to explain it.


Futami-san, Midorikawa-san, and Okazaki-kun are childhood friends that have been together since kindergarten. It seems as if they were raised too close to each other to the point where they forgot that they are of the opposite sex.

Still, this relationship only continued until 5th year of elementary school.

The trigger was a reason without any deep meaning. Midorikawa-san injured her leg, and Okazaki-kun got worried and carried her on his back. Since then she has always been conscious of it.


「It’s that kind of thing that can cause a little bit of love you know」


Futami-san raised her index finger as she talked about love to me.


「Kanzaki-san are you in love?」


「….yes, I am」


I wonder what triggered my love for Saya?

The moment we met? The moment she protected me? Or maybe was it during that Fireworks Festival?

I don’t really know, butI feel like the time we have spent together made my feelings gradually change to love.


「So, you are in love」


So, what do you mean by so.

Futami-san said it as if I have no fate with love.


「I too can fall in love you know」


If Futami-san heard it she would probably be surprised.

Who would think that, I would fall in love with the school princess.


「Who is it? Is it by any means, the princess?」


「whae?」(9: not a typo)


Why did she suddenly bring up Saya? Being taken by surprise I said 「what?」and 「eh?」at the same time.


「After watching you guys, you two seem to be too close to each other」


Always being together during breaks, going to school while holding hands. In addition to the decision for the “extras” room assignment for the field trip, Kanzaki Mari who doesn’t usually act by herself raised her candidacy for it with a speed of light.


「I won’t say that you two are in love, but you’re two are flirting too much to the point where people are taken aback」


I have no objections. Though Futami-san sure says things so bluntly.


「Up until now how far did you go? Did you confess already? Did you kiss?」


Even though I haven’t said that the person I’m in love with is Saya, she continued talking as if its already decided.


「Futami-san you sure do talk like a machine gun」


「Machine gun talk? What’s that」


It means that you never stop talking like a machine gun. When I explained that to Futami-san she said「That’s clever」and laughed out loud.


「Futami-san, you’re derailing from the topic you know. So what happened next?」


「Where was I again?」




While Futami-san was surprised, I said with great emphasis 「The point where Midorikwa-san fell in love with Okazaki-kun!」I said it with great emphasis.


「Right right, and then Midori consulted me you know」


Back then, Midori-san fell in love with Okazaki-kun, and Midorikawa-san consulted Futami-san. Futami-san said that she stepped back so that she wouldn’t bother the two. Well the feeling of grade schooler´s love life only goes up to 「like」 most of their love doesn’t even advance past that point. In the end, nothing has progressed until 2nd year of Middle school. A change occurred between the 3 right there.This time Okazaki-kun who fell in love with Futami-san.

Okazaki-kun couldn’t hold back his feelings towards Futami-san and confessed, but the ship sunk.


「Did you reject him? For the sake of Midorikawa-san?」


「Not really. It has no relation to Midori, it’s simply just me not having any romantic feelings for him, so I declined. 」


It’s Futami-san-like to state it blatantly.

She said that, My feelings haven’t and will not change from this point, so give up. Regularly, if you were told that, your heart would break, but it seems that Okazaki-kun was different.

He continued to confess to her each month.


「Even though I pushed him away way to make it easy for him to give up, it produced the opposite effec.t For some reason Oka was getting high all by himself you know」


「I see I see, that’s why with Midorikiwa-san?」


So, having Midorikawa-san and Okazaki-kun become lovers would release herself from the burden known as Okazaki-kun. I see, my impressions of Futami-san being a meddlesome person, a nosy person or a saint went away, and it seems like she is being a cupid of love for herself 100%.


「And so, let’s think together」


It’s as if I am a childhood friend that grew up together with her, she demanded it with no hesitation.


「Why are you involving me」


「When this battle ends, I will be living in Kanzaki-san’s village」




She says random stuff naturally, so I reflexively replied like Hibiki.


「If those two become lovers, I will leave the fixed PT and live in Kanzaki-san’s village」


If those 2 becomes lovers, then it’s natural for Futami-san to become a hindrance. That’s why Futami-san will leave them and stay in Tridente, it’s something like that/


「I’m fine with you living in our Village, but are you fine with leaving them?」


She is going so far to the point of leaving them and playing the Cupid of love. I think that it’s far better for her to continue enjoying their leisure relationship.


「It’s fine」


「Is that so?」


Well, If Futami-san is fine with it then, I won’t say anything about it.


「In exchange, I will let you consult with me regarding the romance between the princess and Kanzaki-san」


「No need, Its going good, I don’t really need any consultation」


Futami-san who has been talking like a machine gun, hardened up as she heard my words.

After a few seconds of petrification, she raised a voice「Ha…!?」 and returned to her usual self and came crying at me「you Don’t have to say that!」



Don’t forget to notify the residents okay. Saying something like that Futami-san picked up her bag and went home.

Get permission she says….When she had talked to me she said it as if its already decided that she will live in Tridente.

She is just like a typhoon.  She will likely become a Mood maker.


「Mari, let’s go!」


At the classroom door, Saya was standing there, ready to go home.


「When Futami-san saw me she said 『Good luck to you』, what were you guys talking about?」


Hearing Saya’s words, I reflexively cover my face with  both of my hands. Really just what are you saying Futami-san.


「You don’t have to mind what Futami-san said」


「nn~? I’m a bit curious though」


Saya looked closer into my face and asked me about it.

Saya’s close face made me remember the time we kissed.


「Mari, your face is red」


「….Its Saya’s fault」




Saya smiled as she poked my squishy red cheeks, I kept on receiving that until we reached the entrance.



「Saya, did you bring your swimsuit?」


I returned home, and prepared for the incoming field trip.

I used the live chat in my laptop to chat with Saya as I continued my travel preparations.

I also invited Pres, but she said that「You two are such lovebirds」and declined.

It means that she couldn’t believe the fact that we used live chat just to prepare for the field trip.


「I only have the school swimsuit, but I wonder if that’s okay」


She waved her school swimsuit around facing the camera as she said it.

It’s kinda unexpected. After all I had an image of Saya wearing sexy bikini to play at the beach every year.

When I said that to her 「I don’t like showing of my skin」Saya replied.

Now that I think about it I remember Hanabi-chan saying that Saya’s breast is big, and that she is conscious about the gazes.


「Then, should I not bring one?」


「Nope. I want to go swimming to Mari in the beach after all」


Hearing those words unintentionally made me smile. Since we are in different swimming classes, we can’t just have our memories of the sea this year to be only in NW where we are chased around by 100 sharks.


It might be September but its still swimming season in  Okinawa so we should be able to go to the beach or the pool. If you are to say Okinawa the first thing that comes to mind is the white sand and the transparent sea.

The sea in the area of Tridente is pretty, but in the real world the waters are not. I still want to experience it since we are going to Okinawa.


「then, let’s check to make sure that we didn’t forget anything」


「Pocket money」




「Change of clothes」




「Travel Guide book」




「NW’s exclusive VR set」



NW’s exclusive VR set? I thought that it was Saya’s joke, but when I looked at the screen, she really had the VR in her luggage.


「Are we logging in there?」


「That’s weird? I was told by Futami-san when we passed each other though」


No way, when I leaned my head, a message arrived on my phone.




I forgot to say it, but bring your NW’s exclusive VR set okay~



Eh! Why!? (;>_<;)



Since we are going to do it together in the Evening!



Why!!? (つд⊂)



Don’t you feel excited to play in the nights during the field trip?



Is pillow fighting no good?



It’s too noisy so no



Certainly, If Futami-san does pillow fighting we might get thrown out of the hotel.






But is NW fine?



I already asked permission from Kunieda-sensei so its alright!



It’s because Kunieda-sensei is famous that she is kind towards the students…..

Giving permission to NW that once gave trouble. As a teacher is that okay?


「Is it from Futami-san? what does it say?」


Saya asked me from the other side of the screen.


「I don’t really know, but she said that she wants to play together during the night」


「We were in the same class before, same as always, Futami-chan」


Saya, the pres, and Futami-san used to be in the same class in the past. It seems like a was a sun who is friendly with everyone.


「Well, we can meet with Hanabi-chan, so it might not bad to bring it?」


「Since it’s sad to not see each other for 4 days. I will log in for a bit to say it to Hanabi-chan okay」


「ah, I’m going too!」


We stopped our preparation for the field trip midway and logged in NW in its exclusive VR.



「I’m back (Tadaima), Hanabi-chan」


When I log in NW I have began saying 「I’m back (Tadaima)」. Since Hanabi-chan was born, it had become a home for me to return to after all .


「Weclome back(okaerinasai). Mari-okaasama, Saaya Okaa-sama」


Hanabi-chan greeted us politely just like a well raised young lady and said that,「I thought that I wouldn’t meet you today」, and embraced us with a smile.

Ah, so cute. My child being this cute. Maybe I have awakened my motherly instincts in my age.


「Ehehe, We will be bringing our VR to our field trip, so after tomorrow too we would be able to log in」


「Is that true!?」


Hanabi-chan who had a bit of a sad face when she heard that we won’t be able to log in for 3-4 days became really happy when hearing the good news.

She might be a good kid, butshe obviously gets lonely. We decided to do our best to spend a long time together with Hanabi-chan.


「oh, Maricchi and Sayacchi aren’t you guys preparing for your field trip today?」


Hibiki entered Hanabi-chan’s room, and raised a voice in surprised as she saw us, so we explained the same thing to Hanabi-chan.

Hibiki has her own house, but we made the setting where she can freely enter our house so that she could watch over Hanabi-chan when we can’t log in.

It seems that when they sleep at the night, Hanabi-chan, Hibiki and Voice sleep together.


「I see~. Ah, that’s right. I’m counting on you to get us picture souvenirs 」


Since we can’t bring in food souvenirs to give to them in NW so, it inevitably become pictures that can become data. If we take pictures that it would be possible for it to be viewed in NW, we can show Hanabi-chan and Hibiki that sceneries of Okinawa.


「I also regularly receive daily sceneries from Hazuki, but,Hazuki is busy and she can’t really travel very far after all」


Since Hibiki can’t travel in the real world anymore, it seems like she would at least like see a picture of it, so she asked Hazuki-san.


「Is it the rumored selfie? Hanabi is interested about it」


「eh, selfie? just scenery is no good?」

I added 「Since it’s embarrassing」and even if I decline it, 「It’s for your cute daughter so」I was persuaded by Saya, so I was trapped into taking a selfie.


「Then, we are about to go now. After all we are in the middle of preparing for the field trip」


「Though you guys should have finished it first then logged in」


「But we are going to stuff the VR in the luggage after all」


I see, Hibiki and Hanabi-chan consented to it 「See you tomorrow」we said that and we logged out.

Thinking about it 【Field Trip】 are words that has excellent part in playing a role of cupid to connect me and Saya.

Please let this field trip become a happy thing for us, while praying for something like that, I slept for that day.


Tridente Chapter 42 end

9: I wonder what’s the real relationship between the love triangle trio? kkukuku




  1. Ohhh useless princesses is the picture this timeeee! I ship them so much that I keep getting impatient for the two to just get together already🤣


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