Tridente 43… I think


Tridente chapter 43

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0043


【Day 1】In-flight



On the day of the Field trip


I rode the train to the airport and will be riding on an airplane for the first time in my life.

There might be people who won’t ride it because they think that it’s impossible for a lump of metal to fly in the sky, but there are also people who are able to ride it in high spirits saying「I must get a window seat!」.

The seats are basically the same as the room assignment, so Saya and I get to sit together in the rear. I’m by the window while Saya is on the passage seat, and we put on our seat belt and ready for take-off. And the ones sitting before us were Futami-san and Midorikawa-san.


「Princess, I look forward to tonight~!!」


Futami-san sat in the seat in front of me and popped her face out like a rabbit as she told us about tonight, it’s probably about NW.


「Okay~! Take care of me okay~☆」


Saya replied in princess mode. It somewhat feels like its been a while since I’ve seen Saya in her princess mode.

Saya is always different when she is talking to me, so the surrounding has gradually recognized her as the normal Saya, but she couldn’t simply stop her persona that has developed for a long time. In the end, her princess modes come out it seems.


「Futami-san, it’s about to take off so put on your seat belt!」


Even if we have boarded on the airplane her livliness hasn’t changed at all, so before the CA-san comes to check for the seat belt I cautioned her to put on her seat belt.

It’s not my forte to become a class rep character, but looking at Futami-san makes me have no other choice but to be the class rep character.


When we finished our preparations.Your body can feel the immense levels of G’s as the airplane starts moving on the runway. In the mixture of screams or awe from the students who had their first experience, the plane softly took off.


「Woah~, It really flew」


From my idiotic utterance 「Of course it flies, it needs to」Saya had a wry smile, though she also seems to enjoy it.

For a while, the seat belt light turned off, while saying 「okay!」Futami-san immediately stood up.


「It’s not okay you know. Unless you have something to do keep sitting down」


This time it was Midorikawa-san Futami-san who cautioned her.

Won’t it be more convenient for Futami-san to sit in the passageway seat? It might be to control Futami-san by locking her down at the window seat.

Futami-san reluctantly sat and started talking like a machine gun towards Midorikawa-san.


In my position, Saya is beside me so I don’t have any reason to stand up.

「Its pretty」Looking at the view outside of the window, we had a common conversation.


「Kanzaki-sa~n, Princess~. Midori fell asleep」


Futami-san poked her head out again while muttering in low spirits.

There are some students who woke up early and used the flight time to sleep, it seems like Midorikawa-san is one of those students.

To have Futami-san’s machine gun talk as her lullaby is possibly a skill you learn from being childhood friends.


「Futami-san aren’t you going to sleep?」


「Even though we are finally on an airplane its kinda a waste to sleep. Sleeping on an airplane is the same as sleeping in a roller coaster you know」


The airplane is a roller coaster to Futami-san. I retorted in my mind, bu it’s not like I don’t understand what she feels.

It’s also my first time riding on an airplane, I want to experience more of this sensation.


「Now that I think about it, when you think about Okinawa, it’s the Arena right? 」


Futami-san sure does say some crazing things.

Me and Saya who didn’t know how to react asked 「eh?」in return.

If you say Okinawa, there is totally no signs of the Arena at all. If it was Rome’s Colosseum, I could understand


「Come on~, I’m talking about NW you know. there is no way that there is an arena in the real world side」


She giggled in a low volume so that she wouldn’t wake up the sleeping Midorikawa-san

I see, so it’s about NW. I can agree, but there is no image of an  Arena in Okinawa to me in the NW world.


When I listen to her story, the Users in Okinawa immediately made an Arena right after the start of NW. It is known to be the battleground to test one’s skill as one of the strong players.

At the very start they were doing it for fun, but rumors or the board, its existence started to spread. The participants increased in explosive numbers and right now there are even high-class rewards for the champion, and there are also announcers that do live reports of the match. The scale had enlarged and become famous as a sort of entertainment it seems.


「I didn’t know that」


I and Saya don’t have the habit of looking through the boards, we would only peek at it when we have something we want to research, so we are not too updated in regards to things outside of the surroundings of Tridente.


「And among them, King is special. Ever since the start of the Arena, he has been the reigning champion without any loses」




「King of Nos. 2, didn’t you know?」


「I didn’t know」


King is not his character name, the board started calling him King because he kept winning in the Arena. I see, after the Account Break event the character name of the people who manifested Nos. are announced to the public so, I might have at least seen it once.


「And also, there is close existence to that King which is the Queen」




「Queen of Nos. 3, didn’t you know?」


「I didn’t know」


King and Queen who is the Nos. 2 and Nos. 3 are they competing against each other?

surely it sounds like it will really heat up.


「I’m a firm fan of the Queen.  She looks so gallant as she challenges the King after all !」


Futami-san said it while her eyes are sparkling. With King as the Queen’s opponent it’s a 10:10 win/loss ratio. With The Queen’s skill level being the 2nd best, the King who should really be that strong if he overwhelms her that much


「By the way the Nos. users who challenged The King up until now is up to 10 people, and all of them lost」


「I see~…」


「Well, Me, Midori and Oka might have gone to the Okinawa area, but we are not Nos. users, so we could only watch the match between the King and the Queen you know」


The unstoppable machine gun talk, she talks about nothing other than the area or Nos. I looked outside the window as I listened, it’s about time for the landing.


「Now that I think about it, where is your base point?」


I remembered that I only told her that it’s near the area where I first logged in. So I decided to tell Futami-san the name of our village.






「It’s our village Tridente you know」




Futami-san shouting inside the plane is really troubling.

Even the usually kind Kunieda-sensei told Futami-san to quiet down. I and Saya acted as if we don’t wanna get involved as we looked outside the window.


「Wait, wait a minute! Aren’t the both of you trash!」


「Put on your seat belt, and look forward」


Saya who doesn’t want to get involved gets in mother mode and scolded her.


「But still, I can’t just shut up! To think that the two…no, three of you are the citizens of Tridente」


She is going wild, so I asked what’s the matter. And then Futami-san said it with a serious face.


「Suzu(the pres) is being targeted by the King」


Futami-san became serious as she did her machine gun talk.


「The pres is? why?」


I can’t think of any reason for the Kingto have any relation to the Pres, so I asked Futami-san honestly.


「You see, the board kind of made a big fuss over Tridente you know? That’s why it’s famous you know」


I heard that because of the Account break event, Tridente has become quite a topic, but I don’t know how that connects to King.


「 There is one thing the king who reigns with complete victory in all his matches, can’t forgive. What do you think it is?」


Something that person who had the power and the honor can’t forgive. And morever, the target is the Pres……


「Hmmm, hmmm….ah, I know! He wanted to become the student council president?」


「There is no way it’s that. I said it’s about NW okay」


「It can’t be helped. If thou does not know, then I shall tell you」Futami-san said it like a sage and once again started talking. The truth is probably that she is itching to tell us, but I’ll kinda feel bad if I interrupt her from happily talking about it, so I should stay silent.


「The thing that the King can’t forgive is. Is being in 2nd place」


「 2nd place? Then, are you saying that the Pres is in the 1st place?」


「You are correct!」


The Pres is the in 1st place…..? Is it about the naming sense?


「The King can’t accept that he himself is the Nos. 2. That means Suzu(the pres) who manifested before him is the Nos. 1 【Saaya of Aegis】he has his full hostility to her」


Saya and I were petrified when we heard those words until「aah!」we got it, looked at each other and laughed.


「That is me」


「nn? who?」


Saya is saying that she is the Nos. 1, but Futami-san still doesn’t understand.


「The Saaya of Tridente is not Suzukawa Saya, but Himemiya Saya, It is me」


This time it was Futami-san that was petrified. The instant that Futami-san entered her next motion, Me and Saya immediately stretched out our hands towards Futami-san.




I could see her shout out 「eeeeeeh~~!?」so before she gives us trouble we shut her mouth up.


「…..Puhaa! wait, wait a sec! it hurーー」


「No shouting!」


Me and Saya entered mother mode and scolded a child that wouldn’t learn her lesson.

But still, who is Saya or the Pres doesn’t matter since they are comrades of Tridente, it won’t change the fact that they are being targeted.


「Full hostilities, what does it mean by that?」


「He tried provoking you in the interview in the live relay of being the victor of the match」


King said 「I will show you that I am the strongest by destroying Nos. 1」or 「No matter how long I wait, the reason that Nos. 1 is not appearing is because they are scared of losing against me」something like that.  He kept repeating that provocation, but sadly Saaya herself is not watching the interview.


「It sure is quite a childish provocation」


Saya was taken aback while uninterestedly saying it.


「Well, his actions might not be smart, but he is strong though」


That’s why Futami-san became a fan of Queen instead of King it seems.


「Its too bad, but I’m going to ignore it. Rather than meeting a weird player I’d want to play with everyone in Tridente. In the first place, the Okina area is too far and we can’t simply go there you know」


While we are talking about it the announcement inside the plane started streaming, We put on our seat belt and ready for the landing.


Tridente Chapter 43 end

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