Tridente 44

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Tridente chapter 44

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0044


【Day 1】Sightseeing



After getting off the airplane, we were separated by class.

It’s saddening to know that I will be away from Saya until we reach the hotel.


「Then I’ll see you later tonight」


「Yeah, Saya have fun too okay」


After putting our luggage on the bus, we were told that we will be arriving at the hotel in the evening..

Now that I think about it, unlike the seating arrangements on the plane they aren’t pre determined here. I wonder who will sit beside me?While pondering this, I took a seat at the back of the bus by the window. For some reason I’ve always felt calm while sitting in the back so, I mostly end up choosing the rear.

As students filed onto the bus, Futami-san, Midorikawa-san, and Okazaki-kun ended up at the farthest rear seats with me.


As Futami-san was mainly talking with me It resulted in Midorikawa-san and Okazaki-kun beginning to talk with each other.


The first destination was a place that was registered as a world heritage, it was the standard amongst standards. A really pretty castle site In a bright vermillion color, a. (9: Probably Shuri Castle, go google it)

Since this place is near the airport, most of the sightseeing in Okinawa starts from here.


「Kanzaki-san. Its right here you know, right here! This is where the Arena was built in NW!」




The Arena was modeled after this place, so it’s an arena that is dyed with Vermilion. It seems that its redness also has the effect of heating up ones competitiveness.


「Now that I think about it, don’t bulls also react to red? I wonder why?」


While we are talking with Futami-san, the conversation flew to a totally unrelated territory, it once again become an out of topic conversation.


「W-who knows? I also heard that cows can’t differentiate between colors, so it’s probably not that they react to color red」


「I see~」


While I was trapped in Futami-san’s hell of a conversation, the queue for our class gradually advanced. We’re at the end of the class, at a road surrounded by stone walls. We talked about NW as we walk.


We talked about how the Shisa decoration beside the gates was also placed in the NW arena, how there is also a stealth battle using stone walls to make a maze, and how there is also a team battle, but the the king is a Solo specialist. (9: Shisa is like lion dog statue google it)


「They also do a 100 vs 100 you know」


「Is that alright? Won’t it lag?」


If there are 200 PC’s, then there should be a big impact. However, since when we encountered 100 bubble hammers there was no problem, therefore there might not be a problem with 200 PC’s either.


「They said it’s alright even with 50,000」




I immediately replied 「There is no way that it can handle 50,000!」I reacted like that, but the arena architect would get anxious if the audience influences the ongoing matches, so when they inquired to NW, that was their answer.

Someday, this world will be independent from the real world, so it should be natural for it to do something like this.

I was once again given the impression that common sense doesn’t really work on NW.


「Futami-san what do you think about the NW migration project?」


Does Futami-san have any plans to live in NW? I was curious about so I tried asking her.

As there are people who aim to migrate to it, and there are also a lot of people who are just want to enjoy the game. People’s memories of the Lost Memories event it are slowly starting to be forgotten, and at the same time there are those that didn’t return to NW.


「Of course I’m aiming to migrate you know. Cause NW just might save me after all」


「Save you?」


There were some people who are heavily ill saying that 「Right now I want to migrate to NW」 but from what I see, Futami-san is like a human that has no relation with illness. Maybe she doesn’t even have the thing called period?  It makes me to think to that extent at how she goes all out everyday so it’s probably not along the line of diseases.


「Well, I also have some  S-e-c-r-e-t-s you know.」


I didn’t ask any further than that, thinking of Futami-san having something like a secret.


After that, we rode the bus and went on route to the hotel while having a little detour for a sightseeing spot on the way. As time has passed, and we managed arrive at the hotel in the evening.


「ah, Mari」


Class B arrived at the lobby earlier, and after us was C class where Saya found me and rushed over.


「Ah, Saya~! Let’s go together to our room」


「Sure why not. Since we have until dinner for some free time, we can leisurely take our time you know」


Futami-san and Midorikawa-san are in the neighboring room from ours, so the four of us lined up as we walked towards our room at 6th floor.

If we spread out too much we will be troubling the others so get behind me okay. Futami-san who was warned was displeased, but there are also visitors beside us so we can’t cause trouble to them.

On the way, we stopped Futami-san who wanted to take a detour while as we went on, and separated from the both of them at before we entered our rooms.


「Ooh, its surprisingly clean」


Since its a room for two, I imagined that this place as a crappy and small hotel, but that expectation was betrayed in a good way.

Small things may be small, but the inside was considerably pretty and stylish, it gives you the feeling of the southern part of the world.

And moreover, from the room’s large window you can see a superb view of the blue sea,  it makes you think that it is good at stay at this place only for that.

Maybe Okinawa is a place that is on equal ground to Hawaii? Just kidding, it’s too cheeky to compare this place to it when I haven’t even gone to Hawaii.


While I was looking outside the window Saya suddenly cuddled me. Our faces got closer to the point where our cheeks are almost touching,I ended up panicking after receiving such a surprise attack.


「eh! what what is it!?」


When are alone Saya suddenly got bold!!


「It’s for a picture you know. C’mon, we got requested by Hanabi and Hibiki-senpai right?」


「ah….yeah. You’re totally right」


Looking properly, There was a camera properly held in Saya’s hands.

I want to praise myself who got excited and didn’t do anything weird.  It was dangerously about to become a second night when we created an NC.


「Then, I’ll take it okay~」


Our cheeks touched and Saya took a picture with the sea behind us.


「hmmm, It’s a bit dark. should we take another one tomorrow morning」


It’s evening right now; if we take it in the a brighter time, it would become a picture with a different atmosphere, I think. I want to show Hanabi-chan and the others various Photos, so let’s take a lot of photos of this world’s scenery.


There is about a free hour before dinner, so  we lightly checked the room’s bathroom and walked around the hotel afterwards.

The room’s bathroom is quite spacious, it has a really luxurious bath that windows so you can take a bath while viewing the beautiful scenery. There are a lot of business hotels that only have showers, but this place has a proper bath that you can bathe in hot water. The bath provided in the rooms and the open air bath are both perfect. The people who are conscious of others bath in their room, while those who want to enjoy the hot springs do it in the open air bath. It makes you have the freedom to choose.


「Saya, which bath are you entering?」


「For now probably the room’s bath. And I’ll decide depending on the state of the open air bath」


「the state?」


by state, what does she mean by state? and I was thinking that question as I asked back.


「at an open air bath depending on the place you might become a prey for peeping, so I will be checking for that」


Ah, I see! Now I get why.

I totally didn’t think about that, but for a beautiful girl like Saya, its natural right.


It seems like Saya wears spats under her skirt. When she stoops down, she carefully does it so that no one can peek on her, and when she changes clothes at school it will be at the toilet. She does it really thoroughly, and obviously doesn’t lower her guard to guys and those of the same sex too.


「As what you’d expect from the absolute defense」


「That was to protect Mari!」


Certainly if it was an emotion that manifested, an absolute defense for wanting to protect her skirt there wouldn’t have any dreams in it. While laughing about it we arrived at the first floor’s souvenir shop.


We don’t plan to buy anything, but for now we are just checking things out.

The souvenirs you see in the hotel, and the souvenirs we will get to see from tomorrow’s sightseeing, it should be fine if I compare those.


「For some reason you can calm down to the usual cliches」


「like the wooden sword?」


Bringing up the name of the wooden sword that connected us, we giggled.

You can’t make a fool out of it since it has the charm of being the first present that I ever received from Saya in NW.

That wooden sword is my most important treasure that I would even line it up together with the Tridente at the center of the village.


「nn~~, mine is probably just Mom, Yuki-chan, and Hazuki-san」


「Me too, not but that much. My mother, onee-chan, and Hazuki-senpai」


I 「wait a minute?」I was about to leak out those words as I brought them back in . I had just learned that The fact that Saya’s family only has one parent.

She told me that she has a sister, but I still haven’t asked about her parents.


「But I wonder what Hazuki-senpai wants? If we are going to play it safe, then buying food is the best option」


It makes you want a souvenir that will remain for a long time, but when received, you would question what you should do with it and giving you trouble. As Saya said earlier, it calms you down with the usual cliches.


「Would they be troubled if they got a bitter melon key holder 」


「Though, If it’s something I got from Mari then I will gladly use it 」


Those words makes me happy, but I already presented her with a key holder.

The key holder we got from the festival is attached to both of our school bags making us match.


「Then, I should also buy Saya a souvenir」


「You don’t really have to. Being together with Mari for 4 days is the best present for me」


「Ah, that’s cheating! I also wanted to say that!」


While we were playing around with each other, we were suddenly called out from behind.


「oh  how passionate~, you two」


Futami-san was standing there when we turned around.

Looking properly at her face, it was a bit red and was wet. There was a faint smell of shampoo.


「ah, Futami-san. Did you already take a bath?」


「Well~, The best view and the best bath! Thine is satisfied」


Just from what period of history did you come from. While retorting that I asked 「Are you not going to enter the open air bath?」


「Of course I’m going! The bath in the room is just the opening you know, the opening!」


It’s quite a luxurious opening, but I can’t really say that she can’t bathe a second time.  Futami-san sure is enjoying things with all her might, I was a bit impressed.


「But before that, it’s about time for dinner」


「Oh! that’s right. then shall we go?」


After that, we met up with the Pres and went to the restaurant where our dinner is waiting.


Dinner was like a buffet where we surrounded a round table, and eat as much as we want. It’s a good school trip since they don’t forcing them to eat things they don’t want, but rather let them make good memories.

Our school gives students some degree of freedom rather than it being forced. Clubs are not mandatory so and you’re free to enter and leave clubs, so I took advantage of that system by entering the go home club.

There aren’t very many delinquent students, but when you actually do bad things, they would kindly talk with you rather than scold you. There a lot of teachers like that employed, and luckily this objective worked well, it made the school have this calm atmosphere with rather good reputation.

The principal said that it would be better to change is so that it would be more fun to go to school rather than depressing. Just like Futami-san there are a lot of students who are having their fun with their school life, so their objective may not be necessarily be wrong.


「I want Okinawa-like food」


Futami-san said it even though she already has a lot of food in her plate.


「How about Goya Chanpuru?」(9: its basically something like a stir fry veggie, or just google it)


「Hmmm….that feels so bitter, but since we are here might as well」


While thinking about it, Futami-san also got a Goya Chanpuru, Saya got a meal with vegetables as the main dish with a very good balance, whereas my main food is seafood.


「By the way where is Midorikawa-san?」


It was only Midorikawa-san who we met at the souvenir shop, so I wonder where she went?


「Right there with Oka just the 2 of them」


Looking at the direction Futami-san pointed out, they were sitting in front of each other like lovers, eating their meals with a smile. Now that I think about it, It might be my first time seeing Midorikawa-san’s smile.


「they look like they are already lovers」


「You can see them that way, but it’s because those two think that I will eat at that table.  After all I was the only that told them we should eat together」


「Ah, I see. Then, see you later」


If that was the case then it’s a goodbye for now.  As I was about to head for the table where Saya and the Pres were seated, Futami-san followed me to the same table.




Why? Seeing my face, Futami-san sait to me 「yeah?」as she arrives at the same table.


「I baited them so that they could eat their meal together you know」


「Are you sure? But they are waiting though」


「By coincidence, I met up with Kanzaki-san and the others and they asked me, Futami Touko, 『I really want to eat dinner together with Touko-chan』I wasn’t able to refuse Kanzaki-san’s invitation so I am right here together with you」


Just like an actor in a stage Futami-san said it with exaggerated gestures.


「I didn’t invite you though…」


「Is that so? well, just help me out you know」


Can’t she do it better as the cupid? With this it would be too obvious for those two to get flustered.


「Suzu(pres) to be able to talk like this, it was during your first year wasn’t it. Have you already gotten used to your school life?」


「I transferred here since the first year for your information. It is obvious that I would have already gotten used to it after 3 years. 」


「Ooh~, I see I see. It looks like you are enjoying school so Touko-chan is Happy you know. By the way did you bring the NW exclusive VR set?」


I asked the pres before if she will bring her NW exclusive VR set, but 「I want to avoid diving in while there is a classmate beside me」so it was NG for her. If my roommate was not Saya then I would have absolutely refused, so I think that the Pres’s opinion is valid.


「Well that’s too bad. Now that I think about it I heard that there are 3 Nos. in Tridente but, Suzu(pres) are your a Nos. too?」


「Yes, Nos. 7 【Fast Aria】is me 」


Futami-san who was enviously listening to the explanation of the effect of Pres’s Nos. there was a voice calling out for her. It was Okazaki-kun.


「Oh man, did they already run out of things to talk about. Even though I thought that they can last more longer」


Okazaki-kun was calling our for her but, Midorikawa-san’s expression was looking really complex.


「It can’t be helped. Touko-chan will be doing her machine gun talk to them」


「Did you like it? Machine gun talk」


「It’s a really good nickname for me after all」


Giving a thumbs up, Futami-san moved to their table.


「Just the same as always. That girl」


The pres said it as she was looking with nostalgia at Futami-san running energetically.


「So she also used to be with the same class as Pres right」


「Yes, when I just moved here and didn’t have any close friends, I remember her talking to me a lot」


Now that I think about it  the time when she called me out, it was during the time when I was worrying over the groupings….Is she surprisingly looking at her surroundings and thinking before she acts? While thinking of such things we finished eating dinner, and returned to our own rooms.


「Saya, you can go ahead and take a bath first」


For now I have decided that I would use the bath in the room first so I let Saya go ahead first in the bath, and while she is doing that I plan to check the plans for tomorrow.


「Since we are finally here wanna take it together? It looks like it wouldn’t have any trouble fitting two people you know」


Saya who should have absolute defense stripped her clothes and asked me out while she was  in her underwear. Light blue laced underwear. Now that I think about it during the summer festival her Yukata too was also blue themed, maybe Saya liked blue themed colors.


「Mari, if you look that hard, it’s really embarrassing….」


「S-sorry!….wait a sec, go wear something okay!」


Though we might be both girls, If someone you love is in their undies you can’t help but get curious about it.


「Well, I took it off so that I could enter the bath you know」


「T-then hurry up and take it off!」


「I don’t really know about that too…」


In the end, I will also be entering together with Saya.

Was she paying me back from earlier, while I was changing Saya was staring at me.


「Saya, why are you staring like that」


「I’m interested in what kind of underwear Mari wears」


Are you a perverted old man! Even though Saya said it while playing innocent, being stared at like this is really embarrassing. In the first place, Saya said that she is conscious of gazes and that she doesn’t want to show her skin, just why did she invite me to go together to her at the bath?


「I see~, what  cute underwear」


I am wearing a pink flower patterned underwear. Usually I wear a more simple underwear, but I purposely bought new ones so that I wouldn’t get embarrassed when Saya sees it.  Now it was just the right time, I was a bit relieved.


「But flower patterned gets easily transparent so be careful okay」


「eh! really!?」


「yeah, But I like it you know」


Thin print and floral pattern in the summer. Isn’t the condition properly lined up for it to be properly get easily seen through?  I need to be careful tomorrow.

Well, Since I bought this for Saya and she said that it cute so let’s just be satisfied with that.


Well, but still it’s normal for us to be entering the bath together though. There are cases where two close female friends entered the bath together (false), but I am in love with Saya, so even though we might be the same sex, I’m still conscious about it….no no I still want to avoid saying that I can’t enter the bath with her because I love her! If I get to say then I want to say it in a more romantic situation!


「Are you not taking if off?」


Beside me, Saya already was covered with her bath towel and was peeking at me from the door.

Bath towel….that’s right, It would be fine right I use it to cover my important places. Though the fact that Saya is wearing a towel means that she is at least conscious of me right?


「Wait a bit~」


I also took off my clothes and fling away my underwear and equipped the towel, and assaulted the bathroom where Saya is waiting.


「wait a sec, why did you remove your towel!」


When I entered, the bath towel that she should have been wearing is not there.  I unconsciously cover my face with my hands so that I don’t see Saya’s immodest figure.


「Fufu. Mari you are panicking too much. I would obviously take it off when I wash my body you know」


Seeing Saya’s little devilish smile, I could tell that she knows that I’m conscious about it and is making fun of me.

No, I’m absolutely sure that she is.


「Though it sure is a good scenery. Hurry up and wash yourself so that we can look at it together okay」

I also agree with that. Since you can’t really experience taking a bath while having a superb view.

I quickly washed my body and finished shampooing, and sank my body in the bathtub.


「fua….It feels good~」


The warm hot water that blows away the tiredness of one day went through all my body.

This level makes me want to sleep in it.


「Sometimes this is good. Doing something like this」


「Yeah. It’s too bad that I can’t convey how wonderful this bath is to Hanabi-chan」


「Obviously we can’t take a photo of us taking a bath after all~. Should we make a hot spring at Tridente?」


To make a hot spring we would need a magma stone, but, it’s a really rare item. There are only 3 villages in that world that has a hot springs it seems.


「We might not be able to create it right away, but I want to make one someday」


Since you can see the sea from Tridente, if we make a hot spring we might be able to taste this resort-like feeling all the time. Since the residents have increased I want the place to have completed its facilities.

As we are talking about the coming future, we went back to our room warmed up with relaxation.


Tridente Chapter 44 end

9: it was fun translating the last part

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