Tridente 45

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Tridente chapter 45

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0045


【Day 2】NW



After dinner, there will be an hour of free time. After that, we’ll be doing the event prepared by the school. After that, there are about 2 hours remaining, meaning that you can do whatever you want with that time before the light turn off.

As there are some people that are playing table tennis, there are also people who are also swimming at the pool.

But for us, we are in the middle of preparing to log in for NW.


「Mari, did you lock the door?」


「Yeah. All done」


When we are logged in we are defenseless, so we need to properly check our security. If someone in the real world gets close to you an alarm will turn on, there are no reports regarding crimes such as theft, but there is nothing wrong with being careful.


「Then, let’s go」



When I logged in, it was the usual Tridente.

Even when we logged on in Okinawa, it’s a bit disappointing to be unable to log into the Okinawa area in NW. Obviously if you do your character creation in Okinawa you would start in Okinawa, but in our case we didn’t.


「Now then, Futami-san said that she is going to TP somewhere near here but」


Futami-san is doing the travel style where she travels here and there, but she logged in her house just like us. So she should’ve already gotten through a checkpoint near this area.


「She said that her chara name is Aquani right? I’ll trying putting it in the search」


【Search】is a skill that all players can use, it’s a convenient system that allows you to search for a player near you and specify their place.


「A-q-u-a-n-i there you go」


When we searched for her name, she was already in the area of Tridente so we all went out to meet her.


「It looks like, Dear mother’s friend is at the direction of the forest」


If it’s this area’s forest then it’s probably the forest where Voice was. Futami-san already traveled to other areas before villages like Tridente and Cyber Fish were made, so I think that the checkpoints from when the game just started are dungeons.


(No way…!)


This forest is place where a raging wolf once spawned. If it spawned again, and Futami-san was attacked when she’s alone then…


「Saya, Hanabi-chan, let’s hurry!」


We quickly ran aiming for the forest depths. And right there was…


「What are you doing. Futami-san」


What we saw at the deepest part of the forest was a girl with green one-side hair tail who is raging around with a whip flail on both her hands against an army of crickets. (9: I have no idea what the weapon is called but its the kanji is this 蛇流棍, if you have any idea PLEASE tell me)

A whip flail is a whip that has a blunt weapon attached to its extending rope, it’s a heavy weight that excels in attack power and area attack.

Looking at her name there was 【Aquani】written there. There is no mistake it’s Futami-san.

As Futami-chan notices us she stops attacking and waves her hand.


「Hey hey, don’t call by my real name okay. After all I’m Aquani right now」


「Sorry sorry, so, material hunting?」


「No, just letting out stress…I think」


She is probably not the type to keep her stress. While thinking such things, I looked at the weapon Futami-san, or Aquani-san is holding.


「This? this weapon is called 【Wild Snake】, I got it when I defeated a rare snake type monster you know」


Futami-san traveled a lot so it seems like she has a large variety of weapons.

Her armor is a robe with a really high class embroidery sewed into it, and on her head there were silver hair ornaments. Despite having a heavy weight weapon it looks like she sticks to light armors.


「Fumu. Kanzaki-san’s character is a character that is a bit similar to the RL Kanzaki-san」


「the name the name」


「Oh, my mistake! then, Mari-san….no, Mari-chan it is」


Futami-san pointed raised her index finger near her face, and said is as she winked.


「The princess looks so chivalrous, gives you THE female knight feeling, and the one over there is?」


Futami-san put down her raised index finger and brought it towards Hanabi-chan, this time it became a pointing finger.

Hanabi-chan, as usual, politely bowed her head and introduced herself.


「It is pleasure to meet you. My name is Hanabi」


「Oh? Yo! name’s Aquani. Happy happy to meet chuu~」


Seeing Hanabi-chan’s formal greeting, Futami-san(aquani) greeted her differently giving a really playful greeting.

Maybe if she joins a stray PT and greets a person she met for the first time like this there would probably be people who would immediately put her in their blacklist. Another case would be that she’d easily be able to easily friend up with people who can keep up with her and might easily increase her friends.


「Understood, please take care of me. Mari-okaasama and Saya-okaasama I have been in their care」




Futami-san had a surprised expression, and with her mouth open wide, the finger she pointed at Hanabi-chan, this time she pointed it to the  ones called “okaa-sama” which is us. Now that I think about it we still haven’t told her that me and Saya made an NC. As an apology, this is not inside the plane or the hotel. Let’s allow her to shout as much as she wants, I thought of that.




A really loud shout had echoed throughout the forest. The raging wolf won’t probably be able to raise a  large voice like this.


「So the two of you had already advance up until this stage….」


I don’t really know at what “level” she meant by “stage” but, since its true that we made an NC so, for now I nodded.


「Fumu, but this is an NC…」


Futami-san stared at Hanabi-chan in the various angles. She probably hasn’t seen one since it was just implemented.


「Being stared at like this, somehow feels ticklish」


Even Hanabi-chan was overwhelmed by Futami-san. “For now let’s go to Tridente” with Saya’s words, Hanabi-chan who was released from Futami-san’s staring attack had an expression that is slightly relieved.


It’s a distance that wouldn’t even take 5 minutes but, every time Futami-san sees a monster she would jump at them so it took us around 10 minutes to arrive.


「Welcome back~ (okaeri)」


When we arrived at Tridente, Hibiki who was relaxing at the roof spread her wings and slowly descended.


「W-waa! what is it? A monster?」

Having seen a PC with wings for the first time, she once again raised a voice of surprise.


「Who the heck are you calling monster? Man you sure are rude」


When she landed on the ground, Futami-san who was surprised pointed her finger to Hibiki.

Though, if someone were to meet her for the first time, it can’t be helped. A PC that has wings even if you look around the whole NW you would think that it’s only Hibiki that has it. That’s why, is she a monster or is she a special NC, is she a normal player, there wouldn’t be anyone that would guess it right away.


「The name is Hibiki. Nice to meet ya」


「I-It is a pleasure to meet you」


Unlike from the playful greeting from earlier she greeted politely.


「Ah, Hibiki-san, are you possibly the Hibiki-san the Nos.?」


「Well, I guess」


「To think that you are a Nos. and on top of that you have wings. Is it some kind of event item?」


「No its not」


「Did it grow naturally?」


「it didn’t」


「I know! It’s a cheat!!」


「If I talk it will take time so next time」


Futami-san was confused at first against Hibiki, but she quickly started her machine gun talk overwhelming Hibiki.

And this time it was Voice that ambushed Futami-san.


「uwaaa! this time it a real monster!!」


A monster that has a trait of jumping , Futami-san (Aquani) readied her whip flail and was preparing to attack Voice.


「Futami-san(Aquani), stop stop! that child too is a resident  of Tridente」


Hearing my words she stopped her attack, and had a face 「that just no way」as she looked at Voice.


「Tridente sure is a Village with abundant variety」


「I think I can’t really deny that」


A village that has a PC that has wings, a raging wolf’s child, and 3 people with Nos. It’s not impossible for Futami-san to be surprised.


「By the way, what are you planning today?」


We have went far enough to play NW in the previous night of the field trip. So are we doing something special?


「No way. Did you forget? We are holding the Project Midori and Oka’s Cupid strategy meeting」


When I thought of what we are going to do, so it’s that.

She also explained to Saya, the details of the Project Cupid and asked her for cooperation.


「Are you playing the Cupid? Rather than other people’s love life what about your love life」


I know that Saya’s words are aimed  at Futami-san, but it also resounded in my chest. She may be right about it’s not time to do something about other people’s love life.


「Princess has a point, but I also have my own circumstances. I won’t force you, but please help me out」


「That circumstance you mean is about being release from Okazaki-kun?」


「nn, well yea….」


Hmm? Futami-san seems to be really evasive. Even though she declared it strongly. Maybe she has another reason?


「Even though he was already reject, Okazaki-kun still likes Futami-chan(Aquani) right?」


「I get confessed to every month, so probably」


Once a month, I might get Futami-san’s feeling about wanting to be released. In a way you could call him a stalker.


「I sympathize with you, but isn’t it too pitiful to deny Okazaki-kun’s feelings? That’s why I won’t be bothering on that side 」


「Then princess are you not going to help out?」


「I will help with giving the push」


「Which means?」


「It means that I will help Midorikiwa-san confess her feelings to Okazaki-kun」


I see. Rather than forcing Okazaki-kun’s feeling to face Midorikawa-san, so it means to give a push to Midorikawa-san’s feelings.


「I don’t really understand but you’re still helping our right. As expected of the Princess」


For now let’s help out so that Midorikawa-san can have confidence in her feelings. Thus the Not-so-strategy meeting has ended, and when we were about to log out ending our day. A woman visited Tridente.


「Excuse me. Is Saaya-san and Rin-san here?」


Black short hair and a sharp look, and she has a  headband like iron armor on her forehead. She wears a Japanese style clothing, and she has a huge katana on her back.


「I’m Saaya, but what business do you have here?」


Saya, having her name called took a step forward as she replied.

Seeing Saya’s reaction, it looks like she is not an acquaintance.

However, the state of Futami-san from behind us says differently.

Having her mouth open wide, she is in her usual stance to shout in a loud voice, but stayed petrified.


「W-wh-why are you here…」


Futami-san asked in a squeezed out shivering voice rather than in a large voice. Why are you here? Hearing her words, it seems like she knows her.


「Futami-san(Aquani), how are you acquainted?」


「Yis is absurd for this lowly me to be acquaintance with her. This Lady is the Arena’s No. 2 That lady is the Queen you know!」(9: she speaks like a samurai in this line)


The Arena’s Queen….If I remember it right Futami-san talked about her at the plane. While being a female, she had an exceptional battle technique to win every single match except for the king, a really popular player.


Now that I think about it I heard that the King’s name is not actually king, but I wonder about the Queen, so I tried checking her name.


【Queen】 Lv 75

HP 5150

MP 541

Attack Power       318

Defense Power    225

Magic Power         119

Magic Defense    452

Agility                     877


It seems that her nickname being the Queen is not a nickname but rather her chara name. So it means that, she is strong enough not to embarrass her name.

Though her agility sure is overwhelming. Since the weapon is a huge katana usually it would raise her attack power.


「Are you done with your analysis?」


Me who was staring at her, Queen said it as she smiled.

Was it rude for me to do to someone I met first?


「I-I’m sorry」


「Oh my, it is not like I meant it in a bad way. You can look as much as you want. Are you Rin-san?」


「ah, No I’m not. I’m Mari. The pres(Rin), she can’t log in right now….」


Queen put her hand in her chin and pondered a bit 「Then, only Saaya should be fine」and started talking about her her reasoning.


「Getting straight to the point. Saaya-san, do you have any plans to appear at the Arena?」


「Not at all」


Saya probably knew what Queen was going to say, and when Queen finished saying it, She immediately replied as if this was a speed quiz show.


「That sure is a provocative reply. Maybe you knew that I was going to come here?」


「Nope. Just that, I just recently heard things regarding the king from Futami-chan(Aquani) right there. And at that moment I knew that you were the Queen, I somewhat had a prediction that I would be invited to the Arena…..」


Well obviously the only reason for the Queen to purposely visit Tridente will only about the Arena. However, The one fussing over Saya should be the King not the Queen. I wonder why the Queen was the one that came?


「So you knew about that Idiot(king)」


「I only knew about it this morning you know. I totally didn’t know about it till yesterday」


「So you didn’t know about the badness of the King’s personality, that idiot said that if the Nos. 1 won’t appear in the Arena then, he plans to crush Nos. 1 outside of the Arena. Along with this village, Tridente」


Just what in the world, the conversation just suddenly got dangerous.

The King will crush Tridente? This small village that was just quietly living on, does the Arena’s king really that obsessed?


「You’re joking right? With just me getting Nos. faster than the King, there is no way that he is going that far」


Up until that point she was showing respect to her title the “Queen” ,but Saya who was speaking in a polite tone suddenly changed to a rough one.


「The one who will likely do it is the King. That idiot only has strength as his proof」


「…..I get the situation, but Even if I go to the Arena I don’t think I can win though」


Saya’s Nos. is a skill to protect her Allies. If you are to ask if it can show its full potential solo then the answer is 『No』.

There is also a group battle by forming PTs, but the king is on the solo matches. That means if you are going to fight the king then she would have to enter the 1 vs 1.


「That’s why I’m here. To tell you counter plans against the King」


「Even though I heard that you were completely defeated though…」


「Oh, you sure touched a sore spot. Well, it’s better than nothing right? So, what will you do? Of course you can decline. If the king attacks Tridente then I will also help out the defending 」


I wonder why she is supporting Tridente that much unconditionally? It kinda makes me have doubts with her. Did that thought appear on my face, the Queen seeing it explained why.


「It’s not like its unconditional. If you say there is something behind it there is」


First thing is that she had challenged the king many times, to me who hasn’t won once against the king she wants us to win instead of her. A wish that she wants other for help.

The second thing is atonement for her being not being able to raise enough excitement in the Arena. It does not feel good to agree with the King’s idea, but the condition where the King just keeps winning, if this go on the Arena will start losing its charm, So to bring up the excitement it seems that she is inviting Nos. to the Arena.

Futami-san said 「As expected from the Queen to think about the Arena’s Future」, she is getting excited by the Queen, but Saya has a difficult face.


「I know what you basically want. But, Are you telling us to travel to Okinawa just to go to the Arena?」


From our Area to the Arena the places are so far apart that you wouldn’t want to think about it. We don’t know just how many days it will take.


「There are no problems regarding that. I have a High speed Ship after all」


「High speed ship?」


「Its a ship that can take the distance from here to the Arena to only 5 hours」


「You sure are prepared」


When you are the Queen you would hunt various rare monsters, moreover in the Okinawa area there are a lot of rare monsters with relation to the sea it seems. And among those is materials that strengthens the ships, so as she kept on hunting she completed the high speed ship it seems.


However, it will still take at least 5 hours. If there was a flying ship then she could probably lower the time by about 2 hours but, sadly there is still no vehicles that allows you to travel in air. According to the NW corporation they are still developing a flying ship, but the difficulty for obtaining it will be the high. hey announced that only a handful of players will be able to get it.


「Then, should we go right away」


「Please wait a bit」


When Queen was about to go to the shoal in Tridente to her ship, I flustered as I stopped her.


「Right now it’s obviously impossible to go for 5 hours」


After all, right now we are currently on a field trip, after all, so a 5-hour long trip is impossible.


「then, how about tomorrow?」


「Ah, about that Right now, we are currently in our field trip, and we are currently in Okinawa」


Hey hey, Futami-san. Please don’t say any RL info to other people just like that. I muttered it in my mind, but this time the Queen’s eyes sparkled.


「Eh, really? Then, we can meet in RL right」


We can meet in RL, she says…I see, so Queen is an Okinawan resident.

So that means that the Arena is in her home area.


「I-It would be a pleasure to meet with the Queen! I’m your Fan」


Futami-san seems to excited about it, but I’m not really that into it. That too is the same for Saya, so we said words of rejection.


「Even though we hardly know each other. Suddenly, we are meeting in RL, I kinda want to refrain from it. And also Queen too have work or school right?」


「Ah, about that it’s alright. After all I’m a neet」


I nearly fell down on my feet.

The Queen, someone who is admired by many just declared that she is a neet with no hesitation. She’s strong because she had the time, there was a part that I strangely consented to.


「Though she says she is a Neet, Queen uploads her play time and gets income as a “Nextuber” you know. And also she is really pretty」


Futami-san did a follow up for her.

Ah, I’ve heard of it. Doing interesting things, uploading a game and getting income from the advertisement, that’s what they are called.  Though there are only just a few people who can live with just being a Nextuber and it’s not easy to become one. As someone who has gotten the title of the Queen, she should be able to gather a lot of viewers.


「ahaha, Though recently I lost to the king too much that the provocative comments have increased 」


That means that the Queen has already exposed herself in the RL from her uploads so she doesn’t have any problem in meeting up directly.


「What will we do?」


I entrusted the decision to Saya.

In the end it was Saya that was requested to go to the Arena. I felt that there is no gap for me to enter after all. At least, this time I was under the impression that I would have no fate with Arena.


「Princess, plea~~se」


Futami-san held both her hands in her chest and pleaded to Saya as if she was praying.

Seeing Futami-san like that 「It can’t be helped」she gave up, and so tomorrow during the group activity we will meet up at the aquarium.


Tridente Chapter 45 end

9: I can’t wait for the Arena arc but at the same time I want more yuri flirting from this arc.





  1. Woah i was only joking a bit but after this cap i really star to think that the winner on the arena gonna be mari


  2. Mari beat the account breaker alone if I recall b4 karma revived and healed him. Although I don’t know Mari’s stats I want her to beat King without awakening a Nos.
    Maris Nos should be endgame tier shit


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