Tridente 46

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Tridente chapter 46

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0046


Ring and Feelings



Taking a look at the time after logging out it was already 22:00(10pm).


「Looks like it’s already night time. We need to prepare for bed」


Brushing your teeth, checking if the door is lock. When I entered the bed for the first time I noticed it. Rather than saying it, I’ve become conscious about it.


( I’m going to be sleeping the same room as Saya right…)


Even though I haven’t been conscious about it until now,I can’t stop thinking about it.


「Well then, Mari, good night」


「Y-yes! Good night, Saya」


Saya is not particularly conscious about it, she’s just the same as usual. When I thought of that, Saya turned around, and looked at me. Our eyes met.


「Want to sleep together?」




Correction. It’s the usual teasing Saya.


「Actually there is something that I want to give Mari in Nw, but I didn’t have the right timing」


The sudden advance in the conversation made me confused. She wanted to give something to me, but because The Queen came she wasn’t able to. So it means that right?


「What is it?」


「My feelings」


Feelings? I wonder if feelings are something that you can give away, but Saya’s is staring at me without looking away. If she looks at me that way when we are alone in this room, I would naturally end up panicking. If Saya wanted to make my heart go doki-doki, then she had already accomplished it. I panicked out of embarrassment as I turned my back against her and said「We are going to log in again tomorrow, so wait until then okay」as I entered a sleeping posture, but Saya pushed aside her blanket, rose and said「As I thought I can’t hold it back」.




「Won’t you log in in NW again?」


I thought that Saya was the usual Saya earlier, but I could see her being unusually excited.

Since the time for lights out has already passed and we already locked the door, the teachers shouldn’t be able to notice it, unless we are noisy. So we then logged in in NW.



We logged in and Saya pulled me by my hands to the edge of Tridente, to the bench that is placed where you can properly see the sea.

We sat there and faced each other.


「I’ve been worrying for a long time, but I decided to stop」


I wonder what she stopped? She was troubled but was not showing it….No, it might have happened once. When I peeked at her classroom, she was resting her chin on her hands as she looked outside the window with a melancholic face. At that time, she immediately went back to the usual Saya which made me I stop thinking about it, but maybe if she really had a worry then, I’d regret it.


「Before,  the answer I gave you regarding our relationship, do you remember it?」




Of course, I remember it.


「Saya without any hesitation answered 『More than friends』 right?」


I don’t know if I feel happy or disappointed by that answer.


「It’s not like I didn’t hesitate as I answered it…..I was lost in whether I should honestly convey my feelings. That’s why I answered instantly as if running away from it. Earlier I said to Futami-chan, 『Rather than another person’s love, what about your own』I said something so personal, but I should really be clear about it, right? The current situation of our vague relationship, our future, and our feelings too」


Saya took out an item an sai, 「Give me your hand」I followed what she said and presented my hand.


「I was really happy about the key holder you gave to me at the festival. So this time, it’s from me」


The item that Saya took out passed tenderly through my ring finger. A really pretty silver ring with a shining diamond.


「This is, a ring….」


「This represents my feelings. Will you accept it?」


Saya’s brave and clear eyes are so beautiful that you would hesitate to look directly at it. Right now, I must not turn away out of embarrassment. I must properly accept the meaning of the ring inserted on my ring finger and answer her.




Just how should I answer her? The answer is, of course, 『yes』 but should I say 『yeah』or 『sure』or 『Gladly』, there are a lot of ways, but the words that I should think of conveying must have feelings in it.

Right now, I must convey it.


「Saya, I love you. There is no one in the whole world who loves you as much asI do.」


It budded in my heart, the words that I have always wanted to say have been finally been conveyed.

Saya’s face was unusually really red when she heard my words, and she shyly smiled back.

Saya put her hand around my back and brought her face near me, and our lips connected. Our second kiss was, was slow and as if confirming both of our feelings.


「I love you too, Mari」


Tridente Chapter 46 end

9: after 45 episodes, they have finally become official lovers, i’m really deeply touched





  1. woah, woah, wait a second, guys… I’m starting to pick up on something here. I think that, uh, hmmm… these two girls, just might be gay



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