Tridente 47

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Tridente chapter 47

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0047


Diamond Heart



Saya POV


It was a bit before the Field Trip.

I Logged in NW in secret, and consulted with Hibiki-senpai.


「Diamond? You sure want such a rare Material. Sayacchi」


I asked her whether she knows where I could find a place to get a diamond, and Hibiki-senpai said it with a slightly surprised look.

I don’t usually ask for such a rare item, so she was probably surprised.


「I want to make a ring as a present」


「A ring? I’m sure that ring that needs a diamond is…」


「Ah, I get it」Hibiki-sempai guessed what it was about.

A ring made with a diamond is an 【Engagement Ring】, it’s an item that only raises your defense and doesn’t really have any special effects.

But still, the reason that I want a diamond is for none other than Mari, or you could also say that it’s for myself too.


「Depending on the location, you can mine for it, but there aren’t any reports about diamonds  around this area」


「I see….」


If possible I wanted to get it myself. I have no other choice but to buy one with a large amount of money from a Travel merchant.


「Ah, But if its a monster that might drop a gem. I found one just a few days ago」


「Is that true!? What kind of monster is it?」


「Jewel Turtle. A mid sized rare monster」


If its a mid-size, then it could be subjugated without needing a lot of people.

The Jewel Turtle’s habitat is deep within the Inoshishi mountains. Hibiki-senpai found it when she was having was flying around. (9: Inoshishi means wild boar, I went with Inoshishi Mountain because the game is based on the real world and they are in the japan area which there might be similar name in the western part of the game world)


「But there is a high chance that it was already hunted though」


「Well, we should check it out」


「Hanabi will also help」


Hibiki-senpai said that she wanted to help out, with Hanabi, Voice, and after that Rin and Hazuki-san who logged in happily lent out a hand, and as a 6 person PT we departed.



「So this is the Inoshishi Mountain」


Hanabi doesn’t really leave the village that much, so she muttered it as she curiously looked up the Inoshishi Mountain.

Occasionally we would go to the nearby Forest to level up with Mari, but we still haven’t traveled this far yet.


「Make sure that you don’t get lost okay, Hanabi」


「It is alright. I have a secret countermeasure for that」


Hanabi took out a really long rope and tied it around her hip. Its length was around 10…no around 20 meters is it? Though it sure is really long, but I can kinda guess what Hanabi was planning.


「If I tie this lifeline to everyone then no one would get lost」


「Hanabi, That is for the danger of falling, or when you fall in crevice, Using it for this mountain is a bit wrong you know」


「Is that so?」


Inoshishi Mountain is not snowy one and we are not climbing a cliff. So of course it’s not a difficult mountain that you would need a lifeline.

Hanabi is usually reliable, but sometimes she has this bit of airheadedness that is cute yet worrying.


「I will hold your hand instead. C’mon」


Hanabi happily held out her hand.

I don’t really know how to be mother-like, but when I log in I at least want to be beside Hanabi.


「Seeing Saaya-chan and Hanabi-chan makes me want to make an NC」


Hazuki-san was looking at us from behind, she was organizing photos to show Hibiki-senpai as she said it.

Since She had become a resident of NW, Hibiki-senpai couldn’t no longer see the sceneries of the real world so it seems that she receives those regularly.


「Though, it’s kinda shameful that it makes me look like I have lingering affection to the real world」 I don’t really particularly mind it. In the Real world and NW too, you should enjoy them while you still can.  Since there isn’t really any need to separate from any of those right now .


「Then want to make one with me?」


「I want to make one, but I’ll refrain since I’m busy in the real world, I would have leave it all to Hibiki」


「Its annoying that they keep asking me for NW, soI want to hurry up and find a partner.」


She said that because she’s the only PC that has wings in NW.

Won’t the NC be amazing if they have the gene data of those wings, so she is really famous because of that.


「Wait until things in RL have calmed down okay. Also Hibikin right now you are the one in charge of Hanabi-chan’s education right?」


They usually allude from our flirtations, but I wonder if those 2 had noticed that we are having conversations like lovers who are going out with each other with a goal of marrying one another in the future? It also looks like that Rin thought of it too, so we looked at each other and smiled wryly.



「If I’m right it should be around an open space in the mountain side….」


Along the way, we defeated the boar type monsters that attacked us as we ascended for an hour, and Hibiki-senpai was flying in the skies looking around the area.


「Found it! It’s right there, a little bit at the east side」


Listening from Hibiki-senpai’s instructions; I checked the map, advanced through the east side, and through the thickly growing trees, there was an open space. At the middle of it, there was a heavy looking large-ish turtle that was standing by. From its shell were gems that were shining brightly. It sluggishly took out its limbs and head, and looked towards us.

Its as if taking its time, it’s so slow.  That thought was easily betrayed the instant our eyes met, it opened its mouth and released a breath of water putting itself on guard against us.


I Immediately reacted and became Voice’s shield.

The reason I prioritized Voice over my daughter Hanabi was because that Voice can’t be revived.

There was a notice that they will officially implement a skill that will make you their ally and will make them possible to revive, but it was planned to be patched during October, so we can’t have Voice be incapacitated right now.


It damaged the whole party, but it didn’t annihilate us with Rin and Hazuki-san’s recovery magic  we were put back on track.


「The breath is only released in front of it so, don’t gather in one place, scatter!」


I ordered everyone and used the skill【Provoke】towards the Jewel Turtle.

Having provoked the Jewel Turtle, it faced it’s body towards me, and the head part that was stretched from its shell attacked.

Hazuki-san and Rin were at the the right side, Hanabi and Voice are on the left side, and Hibiki-senpai is using her flying ability to be endlessly be in the skies, I had her play it by ear. In a Pinch she can carry one of us and do a quick escape to the skies, she had that underhanded trick so it really helps. A different way of protection from the way I protect as the tank, a cheat character.


「Okay, Attack start!」


With my signal, Hanabi and Voice attacked the Jewel Turtle.

Hanabi’s weapon is a one-edged ninja sword. Unlike a long katana that a samurai uses, it has a similar image to a dagger or a kunai, a short sized katana. Hanabi isn’t used to battles, so she used various weapons to decide which one she would use, and it seems like she is still searching for it.





Hanabi’s katana was repelled by the shell not really damaging it, and Voice’s attack hit the Jewel Turtle’s foot, it might be small, but it damaged it.


「The limbs, head or tail, please aim for those!」


The shell probably has a damage cut effect.

And its Limbs didn’t receive much damage so, it should have a really high defensive strength.

A magic attack should work against an enemy with a high physical defense power, so Rin decided to attack next.


「Magic, incoming!」




Rin fired her Ice magic, but it unexpectedly did little damage.

It most likely has resistance against water or ice attribute.


「Rin, did you learn any thunder or fire type magic?」


「Its disappointing, but I haven’t learned any of those. My magic attacks are only advancing through the Ice attribute route 」


If she was an offensive-based magical attacker then she would’ve learned magic from every attribute, but Rin is learning attacking, recovering, support which is a good balance. If she were to learn all of the attack magic, her skill points would be lacking. So she is only focusing on one attribute.


「Eat my attack!」




Hibiki-senpai activated her skill from the skies aiming around its tail, it deals the highest damage up until now, but it’s still very little with around 60 damage dealt.

I also tried stabbing the head of the Jewel Turtle, but its as if the damage didn’t go through.

Using 【Clairvoyance】to check, the Jewel Turtle’s HP is around 300,000


「I give up. This will really be a long battle」





Fortunately, the recovery magic from Rin and Hazuki arrives when the Jewel Turtle Attacks, so you could say that the possibility of our PT being annihilated is low.

After 30 minutes, we piled up our attacks and shaved of the Jewel Turtle’s HP little by little damaging 10% of its HP.


「Is there really no other way?」


We couldn’t see the end of the situation it, so Rin shouted without being able to hold back.

She’s right, if we keep up with this pace it will take too much time. Is there any way to break through this situation?

During times like this Mari always uses her quick judgement to turn the tables. However Mari isn’t here today, so we need to do this by ourselves.

Until now, I finally felt how much we were saved by Mari.


The carapace that doesn’t really receive too much damage, so aiming at it is too pointless. It’s head and limbs too seem to have some resistance so you can’t damage it that much. If we have a hammer type weapon or a thunder attribute magic then it might be easier, but even if I ask for something we don’t have, the situation won’t change for the better.

the only part that is left is….


「the breastplate part is it…」


Or you could say its abdomen.  Unlike from the shell on it’s back, the stomach part is hidden below it, so even if we try attacking it we couldn’t. If we can flip itover then we could attack it but….


「Saaya-okaasama. Please leave it to Hanabi」


Hanabi heard my words, and started crafting something just like Mari.

That’s right. Mari always used crafting to make a strategy that’ll break through the situation.

As you’d expect from a parent and child. Hanabi properly inheriting Mari’s genes, she used lumber and smoothly made a slope, it was piled up until 10 meters, and there was a wooden board attached to it like jumping stand.


「Hanabi, thanks! Leave the luring to me」




I used 【Provoke】and lured the Jewel Turtle through the crafted slope until it reached the jumping stand. Just like earlier I kept enduring it by receiving its attack from the front.


「Hibiki-senpai! Please!」


From my signal, Me and the Jewel Turtle moved towards the Jumping stand, and Hibiki-senpai’s skill activated.

A wall and floor was crafted with wood that has low endurance, so if it’s hit by an attack it would easily be destroyed. That’s why, the board receiving Hibiki-senpai’s attack got destroyed, and both me and the turtle fell 10 meters down.

The damage from the fall damaged half of my HP, but it seems like the Jewel Turtle was in a state that can’t move around.


「Okay, All attack!」






Unlike the past, a lot of damage got through it. As I thought, its weakness is around its breastplate.

I usually just focus on being the tank, but the Jewel Turtle  can’t really move so, I had my HP healed from the fall damage from Hazuki-san, and also joined in the Attack.




Showing damage more than I thought, made me unintentionally mutter 「feels so good….」.

Before, Mari go excited when she gave a really big damage to the golden bat, so I kind of understand how she felt. Though the numbers are obviously different so I didn’t become as excited as Mari, but I can’t usually bring out such a big damage as a tank. At least let me go on a rampage. Thinking that, I used an unusual skill which is the only attack skill that I learned.






【Killing Step】is a one hand sword exclusive skill.

Rotating your sword as if dancing as you attack, and at the same time it has an effect giving you a status increase buff.

I wonder how much the damage has increased, so I kept attacking again, and once again used 【Killing Step】with the attack power buff to check the damage.




The damage amount increased to the point where it can obviously be seen.

Basically tanks have low attack power, this increased rate helps a lot.

It’s priceless when you hunt monster solo, so you could say that it’s a right thing to learn this skill.

Giving the Jewel Turtle damage to a certain degree caused it to rotate its shell and once again entered the damage cut mode, so we used craft to down it again and again,until its remaining HP was only 5000.


「Looks like it’s finally about to end」


「Oka~y, I’ll have the last blow!」


Hibiki-senpai descended quickly from the skies and used【Sky Kick】however the instant it was about to hit, The Jewel Turtle withdrew its head and limbs back to its shell,  and was in a state were it locked itself in its shell.




「Saaya-okaasama, Please look! The Jewel Turtle’s HP bar is healing」


Taking a look at it, the Jewel Turtle’s HP bar that only had a few millimeters left was  quickly recovering.

Hibiki-senpai who was planning to deal the killing blow with her 【Sky kick】dealt more damage than the recovering amount, but it seems like the Jewel Turtle’s gradual healing effect overwhelmingly exceeded it.


「Y-you’re kidding right……」


Hibiki-senpai leaked a voice of despair.

This time, I finally knew the reason why a rare monster such as the Jewel Turtle was left alone for a long time.

No matter how much you damage it, this overwhelming healing amount makes you start again from the beginning, and everyone gave up from subjugating it.

It’s a monster where there are no worries regarding annihilation, but there is also no hope in subjugating it.  To think that there was this type of monster.


「Not yet, this pattern might only work once. Let us try damaging it again」


Do not give up, one more time! Hanabi cheered up everyone in the PT, and once again e we shaved down the Jewel Turtle’s HP in the same strategy as before.

There was no problem with the damaging so we were able to reduced its HP to 10% in a short time, but the Jewel Turtle hid in its shell once again, and had its HP fully recovered.


「Man, will this pattern keep repeating…」


「It’s a bit difficult isn’t it」


Everyone from the PT had a grim feeling on their expressions. It’s not a battle that will Annihilate the whole PT, but the mental damage from a long term battle will start piling up. Just because of my selfishness, I don’t want to cause trouble to anyone from Tridente, so  maybe I should just find another way to get a diamond. As I was about to give up, Hanabi was the only one who still didn’t plan on giving up.


「Just one more time, would you please try it again?」


This is my first time seeing Hanabi this desperate. Usually she has a bit of a docile image, she has a personality that wouldn’t say anything reckless to everyone who is currently exhausted.


「But, it looks like everyone is already tired」


「That is, that might be true but……I don’t want Saaya-okaasama’s to give up on what she started for Mari-okaasama」




I thought that Hanabi was really fired up today, so that was her reason.

Even though my daughter is doing her best with those emotions, If I give up now then I would be too ashamed to face Mari.

Hanabi is already a splendid warrior. There is no mistake Hanabi’s heart is shining like a diamond.

Therefore, I also shouldn’t lose my own radiance.


「Everyone, Sorry! Please just one more time!」


With Hanabi’s emotions and my voice, everyone reassuringly smiled  without showing any complaints in their face as they nodded.

However if we have no countermeasure against it, then we will just end up repeating it.

While we were damaging it, I think up of a way to defeat it. As i thought the key to it would probably be a Nos. is it? Even though we had 3 Nos. here it would be a waste not to use them.


The possible Nos. we can use are Mine 【Aegis】, Rin’s 【Fast Aria】and Hibiki-senpai’s 【Bel canto Time】

Aegis is a defense type skill so it would be excluded, so it should be the fast aria and bel canto time…


「It’s about time you guys!」


I was still thinking, but with this being our 3rd time, we were able to smoothly able to advance through, the Jewel Turtle’s HP. There is a bit left, and Hibiki-senpai shouted.

But it’s alright. If we use a Nos., then we should be able to break through this situation easily.


「Hibiki-senpai, Bel canto time please!」


「Leave it to me!」


The moment the Jewel Turtle was about to draw its head back in, Hibiki-senpai immediately activated 【Bel Canto time】, and the Jewel Turtle’s movement completely stopped.

Naturally, the Jewel Turtle’s healing effect didn’t activate, and it was perfectly defenseless.


「Rin, please!」


「You can leave it to me!」


As if she was just waiting exactly for this time, Rin activated Nos. 7 【Fast Aria】.

The Jewel Turtle’s movement will only stop around tens of seconds. Using that opening we would strike it with our greatest fire power which would be Rin’s consecutive Magic attacks as the final stage. To increase the damage even a little bit, both me and Hanabi also attacked. We were able to splendidly damage the Jewel Turtle… what we thought, but with 1 remaining HP, no matter how much we damage it, it wouldn’t decrease.


「W-wha? bug?」


Getting anxious, I poked the Jewel Turtle with my sword as I said it.


「There is no way that is true is what I think but…」


Rin fired magic until she ran out of MP, and went into meditation just in case.

The effect of the Bel Canto time had also ran out, so the Jewel Turtle who is still not moving is make me feel really anxious.

I felt that it was already too late. In the Battle log there was a really ridiculous sentence written.



COUNT 3, 2, ―――


I regretted our inability to escape. This game’s self destruct depends on their max HP. When I took a self destruct from a monster with 300 HP I received 300 Damage. That means, that the Jewel Turtle’s max HP being 300,000 we will received 300,000 Damage.

The delay from its remaining HP was probably a time given to you so that you could take your distance. This is the first time this has happened and there was no way we could know. Why in the world does start at 3. I at least wanted the kindness of it starting at 10. There wasn’t any time to think about anything, and the Timing for the self destruct had come.

Hibiki-senpai held voice and tried to escape to the skies, but because of the short countdown time she probably wouldn’t have make it in time to get out of the blast area. That’s why, I will protect them. They have cooperated for my sake, and had even worked hard when it became a long battle. I didn’t want to make my important comrades to be sad.


「Protect us, Aegis!!」


When the count entered 1 second, without any hesitation I activated 【Aegis】. If we don’t defend against this self destruct we would be annihilated. We would lose our items, and our experience will be greatly decrease, and lastly Voice will lose its life.










Looking at the log, the surroundings, and the remaining HP of Voice.

The Aegis that was able to defend from the abnormal status effect of Hibiki-senpai’s song in the past,  seems to have had had no problem with protecting us from the self destruct this time. I have so much words of thanks, that I can’t convey enough to the Aegis that didn’t shame its name of Absolute Defense.


「I-…I’m glad」


as expected it really scared us.

We nearly lost Voice’s life.  Even though I planned to prepare a surprise, I’d refrain from making a funeral as the surprise.

The dog itself waved its tail「haa haa」as it said that, and its round eyes looked towards me.

Disregarding the results, it’s good that Voice is safe. Until the update where its possible to revive Voice, I made a vow in my heart to hold back on brining voice to a battle. After that, we checked the loot.


Emerald x 2

Sapphire x 1

Aquamarin x 1

Ruby x 2

Diamond x3


「We did it! It’s a diamond!」


I was nervous about whether it would actually drop one, but as we expected it dropped some.

Fitting the name Jewel Turtle it dropped various gems in abundance, and among them Diamond is the most superior Material. If you make a weapon or armor from it, then it should be able to create a rather good item. First I took 1 diamond to give to Mari, and after that we divided it among everyone in the PT.


「I’ll take the emerald. If I’m correct I should be able to make a pair of earrings that can increase my magic power.」


「Ah, then Me too, I’ll also go with that.」


Rin and Hazuki-san who main Magic chose emerald to craft a earring that can increase their magic power.

Hibiki-senpai chose ruby that can raise attack power for herself, and took an additional one for equipment for Voice.

All that’s left is for Hanabi to pick which she wants, so for now we gave all members 1 of each gem.




「Hanabi, what gem do you want?」


Hanabi had been silently staring at the gem since earlier, so I asked her what she wanted.


「Hanabi wonders what gem suits Hanabi.」


When she says suits her, does she means something that suits her image, or suits her ability wise. When I asked her 「I meant image wise」, she gave me an unexpected answer. So Hanabi is the type that chooses appearance over performance.


「Then, how about Sapphire?」


I pointed towards the shining blue gem. Sapphire is also the birthstone of September, so you could say that it’s a gem that’s connected to Hanabi.

Its Mohs hardness is not as much as much as diamond which is 10, but sapphire still has a high Mohs hardness of 9. This gem is lining up with Ruby whose hardness is second to diamond. (9: too many 9’s I’ve decided Sapphire will be my favorite gem)


That means that with ruby or sapphire, you can craft equipment that won’t lose to a diamond. And moreover, it being a blue gem charms me. I don’t know if Hanabi likes blue, but it’s the color of the skies or seas which gives a refreshing image, so when I choose a color it will always be a shade of blue.


「Sapphire… it sure is a lovely gem」


「Then, are you going with it?」




I’m glad. It looks like Hanabi is happy with it.

With this the 6 of us had gotten 1 gem each, the remaining gems are 2 diamonds and 1 aquamarine.


「Then the remaining will be divided among everyone.」


Since I already gotten a diamond to give Mari as a present, with my feeling of thanks to everyone who helped, I said this.


「What the hell are you saying? Sayacchi, you still don’t have your share right?」


「Well, making a ring for Mari means that it’s also for me, So I’m saying that I don’t really need a share.」


「Can you not bring out your love vibes during this time? Then, it will be our present to you, we will do it that way 」(Bambi thinks you should always bring out the love vibes. Especially yuri love vibes.)


Saying that, Rin presented a diamond.

Since she says it’s a present I can’t really decline. I honestly accepted everyone’s feelings.


「Thanks everyone!」


But still there is still a diamond and aquamarine left, so we decided these are to be used by Hazuki-san and Hanabi who are still low leveled.

Comparing to the two of them the other’s level are high. Mine, Mari’s, Hibiki-senpai’s, Rin’s and Voice’s levels are 75 which is the level cap we can reach right now. We’ve played much longer than them so that’s part of the reason, but when we defeated 100 Bubble Hammers which are rare monsters we got an enormous amount of experience, and our levels just instantly rose.

Hazuki-san said 「I didn’t really help out that much, so are you sure that I should receive one?」She was holding back but, Hibiki-senpai 「If you think that way then upgrade your equipment and pay us back」said that, and in the end Hazuki-san accepted them with a wry smile.



For now we descended the mountain and returned to Tridente, and each of us used the gem we just got to make equipment.

What I made was an 【Engage ring】, It’s effect is raising one’s defense power. It’s basically a fashion item, so it might not really help with battles.

But still I want to treasure its form, so I decided to give an engage ring.


「Hanabi. The diamond’s manufacturing, should I do it for you?」


Hanabi only learned the construction part of the craft skill, so I thought that she might not be able to craft it and I called out to her. However, Hanabi refused my proposal.


「Thanks, but Hanabi wants to try crafting Hanabi’s own equipment… And also, can I give Mari-okaasama a present as well?」


It seems like the reason that she refused my suggestion was because Hanabi too wants to create her own item and make present for Mari. Hearing that makes me happy, and I was about to unconsciously hug Hanabi.

It’s the extra diamond that we gave Hanabi to upgrade her equipment, but if that was her reason then I want her to make it a present. Mari will absolutely be happy about it.

We’re blessed to be able to have such a lovely daughter. This girl is Mine and Mari’s daughter! It gave me a proud feeling.


「Then, should we give it to her together?」


「No, I’d like to refrain from doing that.」


Since we felt the same then I thought we should also give it to her at the same time, but this suggestion too was declined.




「Hanabi does not want to disturb Saaya-okaasama’s proposal. When you two are alone, and the mood is good please give it to her.」




The engage ring that I’m going to give to Mari is what you would call an engagement ring, so certainly what I’m going to do is like I’m proposing to her, but that being pointed out bluntly just filled me with embarrassment. And moreover my own daughter is helping out my romance, in the real world it might be an impossible experience.


「I wonder if she will accept it…」


「I believe that it’ll be alright.」


Unlike the nervous me, Hanabi said it full of confidence.

It’s a mystery where she gets that confidence from, but seeing Hanabi like that softened my anxious feelings were somewhat.



―A few days later―


When should I give it to her, in what situation should I give it to her, what words should I convey to her, were the thoughts going through my head as I rested my chin on my hand while gazing out the window. It seems that I gave off an unapproachable atmosphere, so the classmates that would usually gathered around me were looking at me from a distance.

Usually I wouldn’t have any leisure to think during break times, so I thought that the current situation was a bit relaxing for me, and on the other hand, they wouldn’t even talk to me even when I’m not pretending to be the “princess”, so I also a felt a bit lonely. I sure do have quite an annoying personality.

But still, whether I am the “princess” or “Saaya”, finding the real me, there was someone who would call me out.




There was a voice calling out for me, I stopped looking out the windows and turned around.

It felt that same when she called out to me for the first time. I saw her many times when I went back and forth from school, but she was timid, when she couldn’t pass through the crowd that surrounding me, rather than having the way opened for her, she would purposely try to avoid me and make u-turn for a detour. She was that kind of girl.

I met that kind of girl in NW, and she found me, searched for me, and called out for me.


Mari said that I’m her prince, but to me the prince was Mari. That voice, it would always find me, and guide me.

I stood from my seat and waved my hand, and slowly walked towards the direction of the voice.

Slowly, to the place of the person I love.


Tridente Chapter 47 end

9: translating the 2nd half was more fun, and the last part was just sweet.



  1. 「Then want to make one with me?」 (Hibiki)
    「I want to make one, but I’ll refrain since I’m busy in the real world, I would have leave it all to Hibiki」 (Hazuki)


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