Tridente 48

At this point im posting as they finish editing. Editors have grown extremely lazy as of lately and they can’t be depended on anymore. Typical.

Tridente chapter 48

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0048


【Day 2】Ace



2nd day of the field trip.

Our group met up at the aquarium as planned.

The A-san and B-san couple in Saya’s group didn’t interfere with us and entered their own world. I didn’t even get to know their names, but there is probably no need to so A-san and B-san should be enough.

There was a contact that Queen is waiting near the entrance, but she doesn’t know what we look like, so we left Futami-san in charge of searching for Queen.


「She is a beauty so, we should be able to quickly know. where are you where are you~」


Futami-san put her hand over her eyebrows, and made an over looking pose as she waved her face left and right searching for Queen. She declared that she is going to get her autograph, so she is most likely quite an obsessed fan.

Midorikawa-san didn’t really show any interest, she didn’t have her heart in this place, and is spacing out.

Me and Saya too, we aren’t really that fired up. Well, it’s not like we hate the aquarium or that we don’t want to see Queen, there is no way that is the reason that we are not that up for it.


「 sleepy」


「Me too…..」


Last night, things got excited after I received the ring, Saya and I talked about each other until late night.

We talked about things like, our impressions of each other before we got close, what we love about each other,  or that she secretly hunted for the materials for the ring with everyone.

Because of this and that we didn’t properly become the sleeping beauty, and gave birth to the lack of sleep princess.


「But it sure was fun」


Saya rubbed her sleepy eyes as she said it.

Certainly, talking late at night during the field trip is kinda like something you shouldn’t do which excites you.  When I was still in my elementary years I didn’t really have any close friends so I just slept early.




Remembering last night, made me unintentionally smile. Ignoring the public gaze, I clung on Saya’s arm. Saya didn’t show any complaints and accepted it.


「You two, can’t you hold back」


「Might you be Saaya-chan and Mari-chan? Thanks for yesterday」


Before we knew it, a Queen-like person was brought by Futami-san who looked stunned by us In panic, I let go of Saya’s arm, and bowed together with Saya as we greeted her.


「N-Nice to meet you! I’m Kanzaki Mari」


「I’m Himemiya Saya. I heard from Futami-chan, but you really are pretty」


I stared hard at Queen’s face in reaction to Saya’s words.

A bright chestnut colored short cut hair, properly arranged long eyelashes, and lip gloss giving a glossy impression.  Neither heavy or light make up was shown which her much more beautiful.

Certainly out of all the woman I met, she might be the most beautiful next so Saya.

If this beauty is the Arena’s no. 2 ,then I can get how she can work as a Nextuber.


「You might not know it ,but I’m Hayami Iroha(速水彩華). Nice meeting you」


Futami-san was 「Of course I knew it!」 she shouted it, but I didn’t totally know, so I did my best to etch Hayami Iroha(Queen) in my memories.


「By the way, where’s Rin-chan?」


「Rin is somewhere else. Though tomorrow we will be going together」


「Oh my, is that so?」


Now that I think about it, Queen came yesterday to ask about Saya and the Pres.


「Are you inviting Rin to the Arena?」


「I am, Isn’t Rin-chan the  one that defeated the rumored PK Nos. 4. If she is that strong, then I want her to join the Arena by all means.  Since I also heard that Rin-chan too is the same grade, so I thought that she would be together with you」


The pres’s 【Fast Aria】might certainly be peerless in strength in duels. There is no need for control, so if she goes full power right at the beginning by firing consecutive magic, then it’s possible to defeat the opponent in less than 30 seconds.


I also want to see it.

I wonder how far the Pres can go against the the absolute champion called King.


「The one that defeated Tsurugi’s Nos. 4 in 1 vs 1 is Mari you know」




I got surprised because of Saya the topic changed from the pres to me. Saying that the one that defeated Nos. 4 was me(Mari) ,Queen and Futami-san were surprised and raised a voice at the same time.


「Its true that Rin won against Nos. 4, but that is during the 2 vs 2. in a 1 vs 1 the one who won is unmistakably Mari you know」


「Hee…So Mari-chan was…」


Yesterday and today it was staring hard at Queen, but for some reason Right now it’s Queen who is looking all over my body.


「how about that?」


Saya asked Queen while having a really proud look.

how about that, you say….. is she trying to  recommend me?


「an unnamed PC that defeated a Nos. ….that’s seems interesting. Mari-chan, can you show up in the Arena too?」




Because of my large voice, the surrounding people wonder what happened and looked at us.  Futami-san was laughing as she watched it.

That’s obvious though. Yesterday, the person who warned them, this time that person was the one being warned.




Why are you saying such troublesome things! I was saying that with my eyes pointed towards Saya.


「Sorry Sorry. But still, I believe that Mari is Tridente’s Ace, so I can’t accept me or Rin getting more attention than you」


Ace? Me?

I didn’t have that impression so, I was silently spacing out for a little while. I don’t have Nos., and I’m also not that good in battles.

In Tridente I might be the one who gets carelessly incapacitated the most.

And saying that I’m the ace, that’s praising me too much.


「Saaya-chan you sure have a high opinion of Mari-chan」


「There is no mistake you know. It’s because I’m  the one who is closest to her, and the one who watches her the most」


「Hee. Mari-chan your partner is saying this much you know.  Why don’t you try it out? An individual match is short, and will end before you even get the time to get nervous you know」


If possible I wanted to cheer Saya on the audience seat, but since Saya said this much for me, I nodded my head in agreement.  Before, I decided to do my best so that I could stand beside her. So let’s try challenging it.


「But is that fine? the candidate spots are…」


「It’s rather welcomed. There would be 15 participants if Saaya-chan and Rin-chan were included, so if it became 16, you could make a tournament with a the best numbers. If Rin-chan refused, it would become 15 in the end 」


The tournament that will be held next time is a tournament where the King and Queen recommend the participants who will fight. It seems like it was planned for each of them to gather Nos. users so that it will become a tournament with just Nos. . If a player that doesn’t have a Nos. challenges the king they would be instantly killed. The king can’t experience satisfaction from battling normal players, so they planned this contest.


「wait, if that’s the reason won’t I get mad at for not having a Nos. !」


「Well, let’s just deceive with a simple reason that that its only to match the numbers so, its alright its alright」


Honestly I’m getting really nervous, but I can’t think up of any other excuses, so for now I can only nod.  If they started booing because a nameless player participated what will I do? I have already had such a negative thoughts run in my head.



We pretty much talked a lot about NW, but what’s waiting for us is the Aquarium date…err sightseeing.

It’s not like it’s just the two of us, but being together with Saya at the Aquarium is really exciting.

We looked around the aquarium and saw a jellyfish that floats around, and a huge crab that hardly moves. At first glance, there wasn’t any fish swimming in the water tank, but from the sand, there was a creature that looks like a moving tentacle.  It’s the rumored spotted garden eel.

The several tens of spotted garden eels gave an impression of it lining up in a row looking at the same direction.

It seems like they were waiting to ambush plankton that was riding on the water current, so it seems like they were looking at the same direction for their meals.

It might be a small fish but it had an abundant expression that’s cute.

It’s OK for photos in the Aquarium, as long as you don’t turn on the flash, so we took photos with cute fishes together with Saya.


「ah, look look! Penguins! there are Penguins」


I pulled Saya’s arm, towards the Penguins exhibit.




「It really is. It totters around as it walks」


Saya was also in a daze right before the Penguins.

As there were some that were floating around, others were swimming quickly. A penguin that was swimming underwater, came towards us showing its interest. The penguin moved around when we move our hands. It’s as if it was being led by it.


「Fufu, maybe they came to us because of Mari cuteness」


「Mou~, Saya flatter me~」


We took a photo of the Penguin that came to us to show Hanabi-chan while emitting a love-bird aura strong enough for me to notice.


「Since Hanabi-chan likes cute things,  she’ll like the photos at the Aquarium 」


Saya took photos in succession with a good tempo that released shutter sounds. I’m bad with Photos, but taking photos with Saya might be not too bad. Before I knew It I lost my resistance to the camera.


「O~i! Princess~, Kanzaki-sa~n」


When we are in a daze with the Penguins, Futami-san was calling out to us from a distance. I want to say ” don’t shout”, but I also did it earlier so I can’t really say it.


「What’s the matter?」


A masterpiece of scenery appeared as we walked towards Futami-san.

Its height was around 8 meters high, and the length was more than 20 meters. Beyond the really huge acrylic panel, a huge whale shark with manta rays and various other fishes were elegantly swimming around.

This only the size of the acrylic panel, the water tank itself, is probably much larger.


「It sure is amazing…」


Saya forgetting to take a photo, looked up to the slowly moving Whale shark. I too was speechless before this scenery, and deliberately observed the fishes.

The water tank’s huge scale gives you the illusion of being in the middle of the sea. When we dived underwater in NW, I thought that we couldn’t experience this in the real world, but I might be wrong. After all, the current scenery is overwhelming me.


「Saya, let’s take a photo」


I finally squeezed out the words, and Saya came back to her senses. With a camera on her hand and the huge water tank behind us we took our pose and clicked the shutter button.

We rested at a cafe adjoining the huge water tank while looking at the fishes. I regret leaving the place, but Futami-san said that 「we should be going to the next one」



We went around from the start to end in the building, and we chose souvenirs at the shop in the end. Before I knew it, Futami-san was beside me looking at the whale shark stuff toy asking me a mysterious question.


「Kanzaki-san, what color do think is the color of love?」




Those words definitely do not fit the situation. I was a bit surprised, but I immediately derived an answer to reply to her.


「Color of love….Blue I think」


「eh? why blue!?」


She probably thought that I would say pink or red, but if it was the past me, I might have given here that answer.

The Me right now associates what you call love to the person I love, after all, it’s not pink or red.


「To me the color of love is the color of Saya so, it’s the blue that Saya likes」


「………I see. that helps a lot」


I thought that she would make fun of it, but Futami-san is listening to my words. After thinking for a bit, she got the green whale shark stuff toy and brought it to the register. (9: note Midori means green if you didn’t know)

In the end, I couldn’t understand the intention behind Futami-san’s question, but the whale shark was cute, so I bought a blue whale shark. (9: I love the meaning the author put within the whale shark)


We separated from Queen at the Aquarium, and went around the sightseeing spots. When we returned to the hotel, it was evening.



After the meal, there was free time for recreation. The Pres was in charge of the recreation, but in the end, it became a pillow fighting contest between classes.

Accomplishing its duty as a recreation,  and satisfying the desire to pillow fight in your room was an idea of hitting 2 birds with one stone.

Well, it’s something like a dodgeball where you use a pillow, but unlike a ball that hurts when you get hit,  it is a safe, soft pillow. It became a lovely recreation where everyone can relaxingly enjoy themselves.



Our bodies that were dripping in sweat when we returned to the room, so both I and Saya took a shower together to purify it.


「This is kinda embarrassing…」


Even though we entered the bath together yesterday,  we are tenser today than yesterday.


「Then, let’s do it so we can’t see our faces」




Saya went around me and put me in a position where I am sitting on Saya.


「With this we won’t see each other’s faces, and it won’t be embarrassing」


「It’s more embarrassing this way though…. oh well」


With, 2 soft sensations on my back, Saya’s sigh reaching my ears, and a sweet aroma that tickles my nose.

I probably won’t be able to leave this bathtub alive. My heart was just screaming that much.

But I feel really happy, so I’m fine dying like this. Let’s entrust my body to her.


「Today, do you want to sleep together?」


While Saya was hugging me from behind, She questions me the same thing as yesterday.

Yesterday I thought it was just a joke to tease me, but maybe it wasn’t?

That’s why I agreed to those words.


Tridente Chapter 48 end

9: what’s the color of your whaleshark.



  1. More mari X saya and now this part of bathud remember me a my cat girlfriend only lefs the abundance of kisses


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