Tridente 49

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Small Village Tridente – Chapter 49



【Day 3】Sea


The morning of the 3rd day, I woke up to the sounds of knocking from the door.

The alarm that I set hadn’t gone off yet. In front me, was Saya’s sleeping face, and besides the pillow, the whale shark stuffed toy that I bought yesterday.

From the unusual scenery right in my vision, I slowly raised my body, and I approached the door where the knocking sound was.

(I wonder who it is at this time…)

Looking at the time it’s 5 in the morning. It might be dangerous to open the door right away.  There’s a chance that it’s a pervert…..

I gulped and then peeked into the door’s peephole, and just as I thought, there was a pervert right there.

「What are you doing, Futami-san?」

Opening the door I asked the pervert before me.

She was wearing short pants and a camisole, a really unladylike appearance, and her face has a sheet pack for make-up.


「It’s not the time for “ufu”…….It’s not good to roam around with that appearance you know. You’re a girl after all.」

「There isn’t anyone awake at this time so it’s alright.」

「And why are you waking me up at a time where there aren’t any people awake?」

Since we went to sleep early yesterday, it’s not like it’s a pain to wake up early, but I totally didn’t think that someone would visit at 5.

「I’m thinking of dressing up Midori.」

「Dressing up?」

「Correct! Like do her makeup or change her clothes! Or hair style!!」

「And what’s that on your face?」

「A bit of a research on makeup.」

Right before Futami-san’s face that was white from being covered with a sheet pack, she did a thumbs up pose.

Today is a free day so we could do whatever we want, but I wonder if makeup is allowed?

There wasn’t anything written about it at the travel booklet, and as I was pondering, our voices had woken up Saya.

「Uuwwnn… what is it…?」

With unkempt hair, a languid face, and her disheveled sleepwear she gave off a sexy atmosphere.

「Good morning, Saya.」

「Morning, Mari.」

「Morning~, Princess.」

「Morning… nn? why is Futami-chan here?」

Fixing her clothes, and combing her hair with her fingers, she temporarily prettied herself up.

「Princess, each of your actions sure has elegance in it.」

「I know right!」

I immediately replied to Futami-san.

Something like getting up would usually have an image of sloppiness, but the impression I felt from Saya was different.

「To you Princess, I have wish for you to grant.」

「A wish?」

「I want you to dress up Midori to become a beauty of the same level of Princess.」

Futami-san bowed her head with her hands brought together in front of her head as she pleaded for her wish.

To give Midorikawa-san confidence towards herself, it seems that she thought that first is to have her dress and see herself which could raise her self confidence.

「If Midori becomes as pretty as the princess then she might have some confidence in herself.」

「Okazaki-kun likes Futami-chan right? Then won’t it be better if Futami-chan just gives advice to Midorikawa-san?」

Futami-san that was told that by Saya said 「Fumu」, and she put her hand below her chin, taking a pose as if she was a detective coming up with her reasoning.

「However, I’m a novice when it comes to makeup, you know.」

「Just what’s with that sheet pack on your face? And also, today we are going to the sea so something like makeup will immediately be removed」


She totally forgot that we are going to the sea, she held her head and crouched. She threw the sheet pack on her face into the trash can, and exclaimed “then how about her hairdo and swimsuit!” and advanced with her next plan.



「Why is everyone gathered up?」

Midorikawa-san muttered it with a suspicious face.

The number of people gathered in the room is 5.

Say and I who were led by Futami-san along with the President who had been taken captive in Midorikawa-san’s room upon being discovered on her early morning walk.

「Since we are going to the beach today, we need to dress you up Midori.」

「I’m alright. I’m bad with that after all.」

From Midorikawa-san’s words I muttered in my mind 『I know right!』.

Before I was conscious about Saya, for some reason it embarrassing and I was unconcerned about fashion. For someone like me to wear cute clothes, or having my hair prettily set up, I thought people might laugh at me, and I became a coward like that.

But now I’ve become a person concerned about my hair and clothes obviously, and even my underwear.

There is a saying that you’ll become pretty when you fall in love, but that might be not wrong at all. At least you would become conscious about your appearance.

「Then, first let’s try changing the hair style.」

Saying that, Futami-san combed Midorikawa-san’s semi-long kinky hair with a hair brush, and in her hand she put an appropriate amount of styling gel, and mixed up her hand through her hair.

「Is there an itchy spot~」

「That’s when you’re shampooing you know」

The President burst into laughter from the exchange between Futami-san and Midorikawa-san, but the two of them ignored her and continued with their work.

「Suzu (President), get that curly curly thingy~」

「Curly curly? What is it?」

The curly curly thingy, is it the magic curler that coils in your hair? I also use it when I want to change the shape of my bangs a bit.

「Okay, is this the one?」

「It’s that! It’s that! Thanks, Kanzaki-san.」

I took the magic curler that was on top of the desk and passed it over to Futami-san.

This magic curler, when you coil it around your hair and leave it like that it looks really stupid, and you don’t really want anyone to see it.

And it seems to be the same for Midorikawa-san, she looks really uncomfortable and lowered her face.

「In the end you would look cute so Its alright I said」

「Touko, why are you going that far to help me out?」

「…I’ll be happy if it went well with you two. That’s why, I want to help you out.」

「I see…」

Midorikawa-san didn’t ask anymore than that and only the sound of the blowing wind from the dryer could be heard.

For some reason I looked around and I noticed the green whale shark stuffed toy on the bed.

(That’s the stuffed toy she bought yesterday at the aquarium, right? …Did she give it as a present to Midorikawa-san?)

Futami-san took out some hair spray and sprayed Midorikawa-san’s hair, and then the hairstyle of soft looking curls was completed.

「This is me…」

Futami-san carried a mirror before her, having an adult atmosphere, she looked at herself that was a bit different from usual.

「And from here, should I arrange it more?」

「Eh? Hmmm….」

The ruffled hair was finished and pretty, and Midorikawa-san already felt satisfied, but since she had went this far she wants to feel anew it seems.

「Princess, what kind of hairstyle is good do you think?」

「Eh, me? If i want to put the effort then I usually wear a ponytail」

「Fumu. Midori, how about it?」

Midorkawa-san said 「please」, and with just one word she entrusted her hair to Futami-san. Her hair is semi-long, so it won’t be that long, but a lovely floaty tail was waving on the back of her head.

「As expected of me giving out the perfect results. So the girl power hidden inside me has finally been released…」

Just like a cool character from a game 「fufu」 Futami-san laughed trying to look cool was actually far away from girl power, but in reality, before she set Midorikawa-san’s hairdo from a gloomy atmosphere to an shining girl, she had a complete change in image.

「Midori, why not give up thinking and try to invite Oka out? Today is a free day, so it’s a chance that you can spend it with just the two of you, you know」

「But, maybe he already has plans.」

「Midori, you are too understanding, so can’t you at least during this field trip be a bit forceful?」

In the end, from Futami-san’s forceful proposal, Midorikawa-san will be asking Okazaki-kun out.

But still. Was there any need for her to wake us up early in the morning and kidnap us? Even though she said something like she is a novice regarding make up she is expertly doing it, and in the end, Futami-san did it all by herself.



「Then, Midori. We will be watching from afar, so do your best.」

Looking at the time it was 6:30.

Everyone is starting to wake up, and students from our school are scattered around the hotel hallways. People who went to buy drinks from a vending machine, or people who are taking a walk.

The people who passed by and saw us are getting startled.

4 people who are watching over Midorikawa-san, Himemiya Saya who is the school princess, Suzukawa Saya who is the President, and Kanzaki Mari who is a timid girl.

『What are these girls doing』for a moment they give us that look but, at the instant they saw the saw the energetic and naive girl Futami-san, they strangely had a face that understood and passed on without saying anything.

「Oh, she knocked. It’s about time」

Futami-san moved in front of all of us, and stared at Midorikawa-san who knocked at Okazaki-kun’s door.

「Um, I can’t see you know」

Futami-san who was standing in front had completely shut out Pres’s vision.

I lowered my posture, and as I squatted to have a look, Saya’s bountiful breasts suddenly rested on my head with its weight.

「W-wait Saya! They’re touching.」

「Fufu, it’s fine to enjoy it as much as you want, you know.」

I’m happy with those words, but yesterday, I already enjoyed it enough, so I want to refrain from it.

And in the first place I want to enjoy things like these when we are alone, so doing this in public is…

「He’s out! It’s Oka!」

The door opened and the one who appeared was Okazaki-kun.

If it was another boy in Okazaki-kun’s room then, I think that Midorikawa-san would harden up. Since I haven’t seen Midorikawa-san talk to any other boy except Okazaki-kun, as the same kind of person I can somewhat understand.

「I can’t hear.」

Futami-san was straining her ears but, because of the distance she couldn’t her Midorikawa-san’s quiet voice.

While blushing she was bashfully saying something.

And in opposite we could hear a little from Okazaki-kun.

We could hear「you feel different today」and 「is she not coming」.

In the end Midorikawa-san smiled, and when they separated they waved their hands to each other, taking a deep breath and was relieved she trotted towards us.

「He said that he will be going together.」

When she returned to Futami-san looking really happy, she reservedly said it.

「That’s great. It’s a success.」

「Yeah… Thanks, everyone.」

Futami-san said her words of blessing towards Midorikawa-san.

Looking at Futami-san’s face, it was not the usual smile from the energetic girl.

Even though you could that the cupid of love plan she is doing is going well, Futami-san was not smiling from the bottom of her heart, it was a forceful smile with signs of sadness.



「Saya, what are going to do about your swimsuit? It seems that there is a rental too.」

「Rental… I think I’m fine with the school designated swimsuit.」

Those of us who watched Futami-san’s cupid project returned to our room, and we prepared to go to the beach. It seems that the swimsuit at the rental didn’t tickle her fancy, so Saya took out her own swimsuit.

「Though I think with Saya’s style is too criminal for the school swimsuit…」

「C’mon, there’s no way it’s like that.」

She said that she doesn’t want to wear a showy swimsuit, but won’t that make her stand out more? I’m getting anxious.

「If we’re talking about style… Mari, hasn’t your chest been getting bigger lately?」


When Saya said it I immediately covered my chest with my hands.

Surely it was bigger than when it was spring, but I wonder why it feels really embarrassing when other people point it out?

「Saya, sexaul harrassment.」

「Even though it’s Mari who brought up the topic.」


If she said that to me I can’t say anything back.

Rather the one who started with the sexual harassment is me?

「Then if Saya won’t rent one then I also won’t.」

「Are you sure? You don’t really have to match with me, you know.」

「But I want to match with you.」

In the end we didn’t rent any swimsuit and chose the school’s designated.



We put up the parasol at the beach nearby the hotel, and set up the beach chair. We didn’t rent swimsuits, but we rented out a parasol and a beach chair for the atmosphere it gives.

Futami-san sprawled over the beach chair and she was enjoying the feeling of a rich girl enjoying their vacation.

「President, you sure have quite a bold swimsuit.」

The pres and Futami-san were wearing bikini type swimsuits.

It might be rude to say it’s unexpected, but I didn’t really have an image of these two to wear a bikini.

「Is it fine for you two not to rent one? You are woman that have grown plenty, and the school swimsuit you are wearing is out of place, you know.」

Saya’s swimsuit figure was getting everyone’s attention.

「Surely Princess’s body with a school swimsuit… well, it’s rather erotic. Is it Kanzaki’s hobby?」

「It’s not…」

For some reason I’m being treated as a perverted character. It’s a grave situation.

I explained to resolve the misunderstanding, but in the end the result was it being my hobby.





「Now that I think about did you guys already put on your sunblock lotion?」

「Yeah. I had Mari spread it all over me.」

Me too. Before we left I had it put on me on the bed, but because I was touched as if my whole body was being brushed, for some reason I started to feel really weird. Even though I thought that I was watching out to not make the same mistake as when the night when we made an NC… Well, rather with mine and Saya’s current relationship, it might be fine to do that mistake. No no but still… In the first place what do I mean by mistake. What was I about to do?

「Then let’s go swimming!」

While I was thinking stupid things Futami-san ran off.

Our valuables and change of clothes were already at the locker, so it’s fine to have no one look over our stuff. We could play as much as we want.

Futami-san went ahead and dashed to the sea, and timidly soaked her foot in the water.  White sandy beach, a cobalt blue sea, and the shining reflections of the sun. It was a lovely scenery.

「It sure is pretty… uwaaa!」

Me who was being moved by the superb view as if it was painting, a forceful splash of water flew towards me.  I didn’t even need to check who the offender was.


「ufufu, it’s a duel」

Seeing this superb view the first you do is that.

No matter what situation it is Futami-san is Futami-san, it even made me remember a feeling of relief.

「muー, ei!」

Trying to pay her back, I scooped water with lots of strength but, my weak splash of water didn’t reach Futami-san.

「Kanzaki-san, you sure a maiden.」

「Even though I could easily do it in NW…」

As I thought the real world and NW are different.

In the end until Saya became my shield, I kept being splashed with water and my hair too got really wet.

Because Saya became an ally on my side, This time it was the Pres who joined Futami-san’s side and for a while the fierce splashes of water continued.

After that we did beach volleyball, observed the fish, rode on a huge swimming ring, quietly drifting, having my fun on the beach.

「I’m going to the shop, is there something you want to eat?」

「Yakisoba! Shaved ice! Tropical juice!」

When the Pres asked, Futami-san said her menu without any hesitation.

「I’ll go too. You can’t carry it all alone right?」

Wearing a parker on her swimsuit, Saya stood up, and followed her and I said 「Me too」, about to follow them, but I was told to remain to watch over Futami-san, and was left on standby.



While the two of us were left on standby, I will probably become full of holes from her machine gun talk. I thought of something like that but, that expectation was splendidly betrayed . It might not be the first time to have my expectations betrayed by the predictable Futami-san.

Futami-san was just like a cat staring only at one place and sitting obediently.

Wondering what she was looking at, I followed her gaze.


What I saw was a girl and boy playing around harmoniously like a couple.

The male leads the female by pulling her hand, the woman’s tied hair was shaking while she blushed. That floaty ponytail, earlier, it’s most likely what Futami-san set on her.

When Futami-san talked about her cupid of love project, I thought that if those two became lovers Futami-san would be smiling. However it was different. It seems like she had a totally different thoughts from me. That’s why from the face I see right now on Futami-san, I unintentionally muttered it.

「Are you fine with it? Not saying what you feel.」

Futami-san who was silently looking at one point reacted from my words and her body stiffened up, and awkwardly faced my way.

「Saying… what?」

「You love her right?」

Hearing my words, Futami-san was seemly about to say something back but she swallowed those words. That machine gun talk Futami-san was having this reaction, I now believed it, those next words continued.

「―――about Midorikawa-san」

「…Well you’re right. How did you notice it?」


In the beginning, isn’t Futami-san in love too? I felt it when the topic was about the 3 childhood friends. 「Something like love, it gets triggered by things like that you know」she said that as if she had experience it herself, so I got a bit curious.

The 2nd feeling was that, when she knew that I was in love, she immediately brought up Saya’s name. No matter how good my relation with Saya is, I totally didn’t think she would bring out a name of the same sex.

The 3rd was, 「what is the color of the color of love?」 when I answered that question she immediately took the green stuff toy. Associating green(midori) would be Midorikawa Reina. I don’t know whether she was conscious about it but, Futami-san’s hair color in NW was also green.


「Aren’t you forcing it too much with just the color?」

「It might be, but connecting them one by one in then end it arrived at Midorikawa-san.」

In the first place even without this reasoning, the usual energetic Futami-san was losing heart so much when she looks at those to that you could guess various things.

If she was going to have sad face, I wonder why she was playing the cupid? That’s why I asked her whether she wants to convey her feelings.

「…Conveying your feelings…」

Did an entire minute of silence already pass?

The expression she had up until now, changed to an expression as if she had decided something, and she stood up.


She shouted.

With a loud voice, the name of the person far away whom she had feelings for.

Midorikawa-san and Okazaki-kun turned this way.

Futami-san breathe deeply, and furthermore continued her words.

I might have probably not properly understand Futami-san, and right when I thought that, the words that Futami-san released were not the words I expected.


『Please be happy, okay?』


Futami-san shouted that lastly, cutting off her feelings regarding Midorikawa-san.

(Bambi cries. Yuri should always win.)


Chapter 49 END

9: The final part was sad. I knew it would happen but sad things are sad…


  1. I was going to say Futami-san was so selfish to wake everyone up at 5 AM, but after the last part… can’t say it anymore.


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