Tridente 51

Since 50 was short, I’m gonna post this one too. I think it should be okay. Enjoy.

Small Village Tridente

Chapter 51

The Roar Resounding from the Contract



In October, the number of cold days has increased. While the news was talking about the abnormal weather in Tokyo, we were focused on studying and being tutored by Hibiki in NW when a message from Queen arrived.



About the case with the Arena

Is it fine to bring the high speed ship next Saturday?


It’s fine.

Because that day everyone will be at Tridente.



On the way, if there is a place you want to visit we can also visit, so what do you think?



「Hey, focus on studying.」

When I opened the menu and put in my message, the home tutor Hibiki-sensei scold me.

「I’m sorry. Its because Queen’s message arrived」

「Ah, about the arena. I was also invited, but I refused.」

「You should’ve accepted it. As a PC that has something like wings then there’s no mistake you will get famous you know.」

「That’s why I didn’t. If I get more chased around then there’s no way I want that」

I see, I get it.

From what I heard from Saya, against the people who visit her to make an NC with her, Hibiki said that she wanted to make an NC with Hazaki-san as a countermeasure.

「I also don’t really want to go there…」

If Saya, the President, and Hibiki will be there, then it should probably be flashy enough.

But if I were to appear at the Arena then just what should I show them?

Thinking back, the battle against Tsurugi-san the enforcer.

Just as Saya said, I defeated Tsurugi-san but, that is probably because of the influence that he is using a spear that he isn’t used to. And when I exchanged blows with Tsurugi-san with his true style, I easily got incapacitated, In the end what defeated Tsurugi-san was the Pres’s Nos.

Angel Care which is Hibiki’s dad, during the battle at that time, I was just in a cage for the whole time, I didn’t really do anything.

While I was groaning as I was thinking about this, The door to my room was being knocked on, and Hanabi-chan came in.

「Mari-okaasama, may Hanabi have a bit of your time?」

「Right now? let’s see…」

Is it fine for me to stop studying? and I give Hibiki a sidelong glance.

「Let’s stop here for today. So go.」

When I thought it was because of NG we are currently studying, opposite from my expectations Hibiki saw us off with a warm gaze, and Hanabi-chan and I went outside of our home.



「Hanabi is happy that it went well with Mari-okaasama and Saya-okaasama.」

Hanabi-chan said it to me while she was looking at the engagement ring on the ring finger of my left hand.

「Hanabi-chan also helped out right? Thank you.」

「Not really, for my mothers Hanabi will do anything after all.」

「I too will do anything for Hanabi-chan you know. If something happened then say it to me right away, okay?」

「Yes. Then…」

Hanabi-chan took something out and presented it to me.

A silver chain with a gem on its end, it’s a diamond necklace.

「It’s a present from Hanabi. Will you accept it?」

「Wah, so pretty! Hanabi-chan, did you make it?」

「Yes. Hanabi too wanted to give Mari-okaasama a present… a thank you from Mister bear.」

Mister bear, was the stuffed toy that I gave as a present to Hanabi right after she was born. It is always placed near Hanabi-chan’s pillow.

I equipped the necklace I received from Hanabi-chan.

Having defense power and thunder resistance, and also shortening the cool down time, it’s a really good item.

「How is it, does it suit me?」

「Yes, it really suits you.」

「Ehehe, thanks Hanabi-chan.」

I hugged Hanabi-chan showing my thanks with my whole body.

After that I invited Hibiki and we started leveling up together with Hanabi-chan.

Hanabi-chan was still Lv 20, so it seems that she was worried that when hunting for rare monsters she wouldn’t do much damage.

「Have you found a weapon of your liking?」

「Yes. It’s this.」

Hanabi-chan saying that took out a rather short katana that ninjas use.

Hanabi-chan had done trial and error with various weapons, it seems like she had decided on using a ninjatou.

Doing fast consecutive attacks, a style where you win with the number of your moves, because of the small reach it demands the players skill, a technical weapon.

And right now it’s the only weapon that allows dual wielding.

「Then, let’s aim for NW’s number one kunoichi.」

「Kunoichi… ninja costumes. Hanabi admires it. Someday Hanabi wants to try wearing one.」

It seems like Hanabi-chan is attracted to a Japanese theme, and she wants things like Katanas or kimonos.

Hanabi-chan’s current equipment is Saya’s hand me down western type armor, so someday I want to hunt for materials for Japanese themed equipment.

Though I’m saying western armor, I’m not talking about the noisy full armor, it’s the “will this armor really protect?” something that received retorts, an armor that prioritizes on lady-ness.

It’s a tendency you see a lot in Japanese games, in a way you can say that this might be a Japanese themed equipment.

Of course it’s a game so, as long as the equipment does its part on increasing the stats, no matter how revealing it is, there is no problem.





「Now that I think about it…」

While in the middle of hunting, Hibiki opened her mouth as if she remembered something.

「The skill that allows you to make a monster into an ally will be patched tomorrow right?」

「Yeah, that’s right. It’s a relief that we will be able to guarantee Voice’s safety~」

It’s been months since Voice has become a resident of Tridente, and I’m impressed that we had protected Voice up until this point. It’s mostly because everyone from Tridente combined their strength to do so.

And finally with tomorrow’s update, a skill that allows you to make a monster you ally will be patched.

「It’s about the topic of who will be Voice’s tamer…」

「That of course will be Hibiki you know.」

「Are you sure? Even though in the first place it was Maricchi that brought Voice here in the first place.」

She’s right that because of my selfishness we took in Voice, but Hibiki too is Voice’s godparent, and she is also the one who became voice’s mother. It’s too late for me to intrude in the scene right now.

「Okay. Then, I will become Voice’s master.」



The next day, as planned the 【Contract】skill was implemented. Hibiki used her free skill points to learn the skill, and she became the official master of Voice.

「Then it’s good with this. Voice, you can die as much as you want with this.」


While being told dangerous things Voice cried with a bit of a scared expression.

「Haha, I’m just kidding. I will protect you as much as possible from being incapacitated, okay?」


With the【Contract】skill you use it on a monster, and the monster can accept it, and then the monster will become the player’s guardian beast that they can employ.

Players can only have one guardian beast. Once you have made the contract it’s impossible to cancel it, so you will always be together forever.

Will I too meet my own guardian beast one day, and make a contract with it?

Thinking about this for a while, we prepared for the departure on Saturday.


Tridente Chapter 51 end

9: Did it just say something ominous about the weather? Was that a sign?



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