Tridente 52

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Small Village Tridente

Chapter 52

The Setting Sails of the Warriors




Saya and I logged in at the same time, and Queen who used her high speed ship last time to get to Tridente was already here.

「Long time no see. Mari-chan, Saaya-chan.」

「Long time no see to you as well.」

Though saying that it’s not actually been a long time since we saw each other, but for now I replied to match with her.

「Kanza… Mari-chan. Morning.」

「Aqua-san(Futami), morning.」

Futami-san was still about to call me 『Kanzaki-san』.

Futami-san at the start put great effort in calling the President Rin, and Saya Saaya but after 2 days she gave up, and went with calling them Suzu and Hime.

Now that I think about it in our grade I feel like I’m the only one that is not called by nickname by Futami-san.

Himemiya is Hime, Suzukawa is Suzu, Midorikawa is Midori, and Okazaki is Oka.

Then will Kanzaki become Kan… nope, I don’t want that. It’s not Mahjong after all. I thought of wanting myself to be called by nickname for a moment but, It seems like it won’t be a proper nickname.

「Queen, aren’t you tired? You’re going to have a round trip and it takes 5 hours each trip.」(9: so in total its 10 hours)

Futami-san waved her one-side tail which is her charm point like a rabbit as she approached Queen.

「Thanks for worrying. But I’m alright.」

But still, 5 hours is long.

Time wasters like the fishing gear and playing cards are mostly likely need. Though, if it was Futami-san it seems like she can really talk for 5 hours straight.

After a little while, Hazuki-san logged in, and with everyone from Tridente present, we boarded Queen’s high speed ship.

As we are going to leave Tridente alone we have the people from Cyber Fish informing us. Alliances sure are helpful.



「Finally… Finally this moment has come.」

「W-what’s the matter President?」

The president stood at the stern of the ship, and pointed at the huge ocean as she shouted.

Did she really want to ride a high speed ship? Or is she fired up because she is appearing at the Arena?

As I was thinking that the Pres set up her fishing rod and stylishly threw her lure far away.

「Today I will surely get that Tuna.」

…That’s right. Whenever the Pres is out on the sea she always declares she’ll catch a tuna, but in the end she never is able to get anything.

「Now, Mari let us do it!」

「Ah, okay.」

I also brought a fishing rod to kill time, so following the President I dribbled the fishing line at the stern of the ship.

The lure and the rod too are handmade with my own craft.

The problem is about this lure or rod catching a tuna though. I might have made it myself, but the fishing rod I’m equipping is rank C. And Tuna among the prey is quite a high rank, so even if I was able to get a bite it would lack the specs and would possibly break.

「So you’re fishing Suzu(pres) and Mari-chan. Okay, I’m joining in too! 」

Futami-san sat beside me and dribbled her fishing line.

「Aquani-san’s(Futami) fishing rod is… a carbon rod?」

「That’s right, Since I fish a lot at my destination I bought a good fishing rod from merchants, you know.」

Carbon rod is a rank A fishing Rod.

The highest rank Fishing rod is Rank S, but it’s being called as the phantom fishing rod so it’s likely that the Carbon rod is the best fishing rod that normal players can get.

「I will show you that I will fish Tuna with this clothesline 」

The Pres’s rod is a clothesline. Rank E. Even if she got a bite from a Tuna her rod will most likely break.

「It seems like everyone brought a fishing rod. Then, let’s make it a match.」

The Queen said it while she took out a Carbon rod like Futami-san.

Since she even had a high speed ship I thought maybe she has the phantom fishing rod, but it looks no matter if she is the Queen she doesn’t have it.

「A match? In what way?」

Saya’s rod is the same as mine, Standard Rod Rank C.

「Let’s see… let’s make it a points type. The rare the fish the higher the points, and let’s the decide the match with the total points from your team.」



We separated the team by with balancing the rank of the rods in mind.

A Team

Queen 【Carbon Rod】

Rin 【Chlothesline】

B Team

Aquani 【Carbon Rod】

Hazuki 【Clothesline】

C Team

Mari 【Standard Rod】

Saaya 【Standard Rod】

D Team

Hibiki 【Standard Rod】

Hanabi 【Standard Rod】


The rankings of the Fish are decided by Queen and Futami-san san who are knowledgeable about fishing.

S Rank 10 points

A Rank 5 points

B Rank 3 points

C Rank 1 point

「Now then, start!」

With the Queen’s signal everyone simultaneously cast their fishing line.

I used a lure and Saaya used a fly for the match.

NW’s rod unlike the real world doesn’t have a reel. It has a system where you need to match your movement against the rampaging fish in left, right, up, down or hold, and reduce the fish’s stamina gauge to catch it.

「It is here!」

The first bite was the President.

However, the Pres’s rod is Rank E. If she too strong of a fish bit then her rod will most likely break.

Actually, I saw a lot scenes where the Pres’s clothesline got broken.

It seems like the fish she hit right now wasn’t a fish that could break her rod. She skillfully reduced the stamina of the fish, and the Pres was the first one to raise her prey.

The Fish she fished is 【Bora(striped mullet)】the Rank is C so it was worth 1 point.

「I did it… As I thought I have the talent for fishing.」

「Not bad, Rin-chan! Then I will go next.」

Next to her the Queen also got a bite, and fished a Rank B【Aoriika (Bigfin Reef Squid)】

As expected from the Queen, it seems like her fishing skills are first class too.

Rather, It might be the first time I saw the President catching a fish, since up until now her rods keeps breaking.

「The President always repairs her rod whenever they break right?」

「Yeah. Rin has an image that she gets attached to the things she uses.」

Saya caught a 【Bora(striped mullet)】while replying.

For example, about the tree branch she used when she was still a beginner.

She decorated it in her room as an object of memories.

「Ah, I also got a bit too!」

Matching the strong pull I felt, I got a bite from a fish.

Right, right, left, right. Since its movements are simple it’s probably an easily caught fish.

Nicely reducing its stamina I caught it. The fish I got was 【Iwashi(Pilchard】a C Rank.

「It seems like you can’t easily get a big shot… Should we change the place for a bit? I wonder how’s Hanabi-chan doing? I wonder if she’s doing well?

I got curious about Hanabi-chan, and looked at the Hibiki team at the starboard.

「Hanabi-chan, have you caught anything yet?」

「Ah, Mari-okaasama, Saaya-Okaasama.」

Hibiki and Hanabi-chan fished 3 rank C, so it looks like 3 points total.

「So just like the port and the starboard there are lot of small fries.」

「What, so it’s the same there too?」

Hibiki fished their 4th Rank C, 4 points in total.

It looks like they’re doing better than us.

「You sure are working hard, Hanabi-chan.」

「No, it’s not enough. Hanabi’s goal is to fish a whale.」

「…The ship will sink you know」

After that, for a little while I fished together with Hanabi-chan, and the Mari Team is 7 pointts, Hibiki Team is 8 pointts. When it reached that I moved to the stern of the ship.

「Okaaaa~y! It’s my 30th point!」

「So what! This is my 31st point you know!」

When I went to the stern of the ship, I heard the roars of Futami-san and the President.

The time limit is 10 minutes. It seems like the struggle for the champion is pressed on by the Queen Team and the Aquani Team.

「That’s amazing. What did you guys fish?」

I had Futami-san and Hazuki-san show me what they fished.

The fish they caught had a big shot like 【Suzuki (Japanese Sea Bass】. As expected as they have a good fishing rod.

The Queen team fought back with determination, and it became a close match. Most likely, whoever fishes a big shot first will win.

After that not losing to each other 5 minutes has passed, the President got a bite with an abnormal pull.

「I-It is finally here!」

The moment the bite came, the fish violently rampaged and it was about to pull the Pres’s body with it. From the strength of its pull, it’s most likely an A rank Fish.

Looking at the fish the Pres had caught, all of them are C Rank. If the clothesline fished a higher rank than that then it would need quite the technique. The President broke her rods all the time, so this time might be no good too. The moment when I thought of that, the Queen’s voice resounded.

「Concentrate! Right, left, hold!」

The Queen quickly and precisely looked a the fish’s movement and gave out instructions. The President matched her, and smoothly reduced the gauge.

After a struggle of 2 minutes following instructions, the Pres splendidly caught her prey.


Over-all 3 meter long body, its upper jaw feature a long sharp rapier like point, it was a 【Kajikimaguro(Marlin)】.

「I-I did it! I really did it!!」

「Uwaa, fishing a Kajikimaguro(Marlin) with a Clothesline! President you’re too dangerous」

The President who had caught a super big shot was hopping around showing her expression of joy.

That is obvious of course. It might be different from the Tuna she aimed for, but it’s on the same level or higher.

「You did it! President! Finally your goal… your big shot goal.」

「…Maricchi why are you crying?」

In the end, with the President fishing the Kajikimaguro(Marlin) brought the end of the match, and the sea fishing contest closed its curtain with the winners being the Queen & Rin Team.

「Thank you very much.」

After the contest, The President stated her words of thanks to the Queen who supported her by giving the President precise instructions.

「That was a good team play. I thought that I would give some kind of present to the champions, but If its Rin-chan then… let’s see, how about this?」

The Queen took out equipment from her item storage and passed it over to President.

「This is… the Sage’s Robe!」

The Sage’s Robe effects greatly raises magic attack while also reducing the MC consumption. For players who are on the rear, at this point of time it’s a the best class of equipment.

「I can’t receive such a valuable object!」

「Its fine. I’m a vanguard so there is no meaning for me to have it. I’ll be happy if Rin-chan uses it. 」


The Pres equipped the 【Sage’s Robe】, and at her hand the 【Light Cane, Illuminal】, on her back was 【Golden Mantle】, and on her ears was 【Emerald Earrings】.

With such considerable equipment, I think the President has a top class battle ability.

Queen and the President exchanged handshakes and praised each other.

But, these two who showed an extraordinary combination will be fighting each other in the first match at the Arena. Though, we had no way of knowing that.


Tridente Chapter 52 end

9: Spoilers Queen and the President will be fighting


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