Tridente 53

Isn’t it annoying when you’re playing a game with other people and someone forcefully prevents you from playing how you want to play, even if what you’re doing is completely within the rules? Completely spoils the fun.

Anyway, here. Chapter. Enjoy.

Small Village Tridente

Chapter 53




After we landed at the Okinawa area, we went straight to the Arena.

There is a raffle of who will be fighting who from the 16 participants of the tournament at the arena.

The arena is a huge circular stadium it is proud of the fact that it can accommodate about 20,000 people.

The tournament participant registration had already been finished, so all that’s left is to wait for the raffle.


Rank 1 the King and Rank 2 the Queen are separated to different brackets, these 2 won’t battle against each other until the finals.

The schedule is on the first day will be all 8 matches, 2nd day is 4 matches, the 3rd day is the semi-finals and the last day will be the finals.

「My ranking is… 100,000th place.」

It’s what you’d call the lowest rank. The President is 99,999th place, and Saya is 99,998 place.

However, this Arena’s system is pretty clear and simple. It’s not a point system but a replacing System.

For example, If the 100th place won against 50th place, the person at the 100th place will be at 50th place, and the opposite for the 50th place will become the 100th place. That means right now even if you are at the lowest rank if you defeat even one high ranking person your rankings will soar.

For now my aim is to win at least once. Unlike the Pres and Saya who’s a Nos., there shouldn’t be much expectations on me.

『It’s time for the awaited Nos. Tournament! We will now begin the Raffle!』

The owner of the Voice resounded around the Arena, it seems like it’s the Arena’s live reporter.

「Queen, that live reporter, is that person a pro announcer or something?」

Futami-san who was right beside the Queen said it.

「That person is the Arena’s creator, Mr. Scylla. At the beginning he participated as a participant, but recently he’s been doing a lot live reports.」

「I see, I see. Is the King already here?」

「That guy is always putting his butt on his exclusive seat. Look, it’s right there.」

She was pointing at the Arena’s highest place where an exclusive seat was prepared, and he sat there with his legs crossed.

Golden armor, golden helmet, golden shield, and golden mantle.

「…Doesn’t he love gold too much?」

Seeing a gold filled eye hurting equipment, Saya muttered.

「From the King himself, he said that gold is the proof of the king.」

「Gold… Certainly it is as he says.」

Only the President got it, but that’s natural. After all the golden mantle the King equipped is the same golden mantle that the President is equipping.

『Now then, Let’s first decide the curtain raising by deciding on the Queen’s opponent.』

They first started filling the left bracket with the Queen, and then the left bracket with the King.

And from right there will be a raffle method where depending on the raffle of the 14 participants will be applied in order.

First the curtain raising who will be the Queen’s opponent, the live reporter and owner drew the raffle.

「The Queen’s opponent is… Nos. 7 【Fast Aria】Rin!」


「No way…!」

The Queen smiled fiercely thinking how interesting it is.

The President had a troubled face about not wanting to fight her.

Their opposites reactions, surrounding them we were also bewildered.

「When you’re participating in the Arena it’s something possible to happen. Rin-chan, without any hesitations let’s fight against each other with all our strength.」

The Queen held out her hand, the President with a bitter expression slowly took the hand as if it was slow motion.

It’s not like they are fighting for real, it’s a fight as a sport. There was no reason to be bewildered that much, but the team during the fishing contest, and Queen who gave her the Sage’s robe, she might have some complaints about it.

「So I’m on the Queen’s Bracket.」

When I was in daze with the exchange between the Pres and the Queen, Saya’s raffle was decided, It seems like she entered the the most right side of the Queen’s bracket. If she does well she would meet the Queen or the President at the semi-finals.

My name is not yet called… if its like that, then it means that I’m on the King’s bracket.

『Now then, we will start deciding the King’s opponents.』

Mr. Scylla started the King’s first opponent raffle.

The King’s opponent will basically be unable do anything as it ends right away, and online they say that the King’s matches are public executions.

And right now, the criminal for that public execution will be decided…


『B block, first match. The King’s opponent is… A nameless new face from a small village, 【Number-cruncher】Mari Tridente!』(9: number-cruncher, I meant it as someone who is there just to balance up the numbers)


That’s right, the one who will be happily publicly executed is… Me.


Tridente Chapter 53 end

9: lol, I can’t wait for it


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